I’ve never anticipated that I’d see the day when we prefer Russian broadcast commentators more than those in US or EU, but they are getting mainstream. Thanks to Google’s CC translation button on YouTube, we get to understand them, too.
No holds barred, there’s no double-talking here.

For those who don’t have the bandwidth, just read the subtitles below…
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VS: Thank you colleages. As always “Vesti” makes essential viewing. This is particularly true now, when we live in a period when politics has become such a critical factor in our everyday lives.
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It has now become impossible to ignore geopolitics and the fate which is being prepared for our country. Sergei, what can we expect?
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SM: We expect a difficult struggle, because Barak Obama, in the course of his speech in New York, speaking as the president of the world or even world overlord effectively declared war on us [Russia].
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The Ukraine is currently the battlefield in a hybrid war conducted by the United States against Russia.
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This war has a clear theoretical basis. It comprises of the following parts: Guerrilla, Military, Information and Diplomatic elements and finally Sanctions.
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Just witness the utter lack of restraint shown by the endless war crimes. They must understand that we can never put up with a Russophobic regime in Ukraine which kills our countrymen.
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Obama’s advisors clearly have not explained to Obama Russia’s historical mission – To put a halt to those who attempt to establish hegemony over the world. We have put an end to Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte and Charles the 12th of Sweden.
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VS: The heraldry of Charles the 12th does remind us of that of the Ukraine
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SM: They all attacked through Ukraine. One would not want to see large amounts of victims, however Washington clearly doesn’t consider this.
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Quite apart from the latest speech by Barak Obama in New York, his previous speech in, I think, Estonia was also astonishing
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He said there that people are abandoning Russia and nobody wants to go there. This is ridiculous. We all know that millions of people are coming to Russia.
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VS: In terms of the numbers of migrants we rank 2nd globally.
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SM: Moreover, this friction between the native population and incoming migrants causes us enormous political issues
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It does look like Barak Obama doesn’t understand the fundamental issues facing Russia but still presumes to judge our country.
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There are many respects in which his speech was inaccurate. He comes across as a puppet whose strings are being pulled by his advisors. He should assert his will over them but I am not sure that he has the strength.
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AI: Well it seems to me that we should thank Mr Obama because he has, although not displaying the artistry of Pushkin, been able to, albeit cynically and in a confused manner, unmask the true ideology which drives the ruling class of the United States
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Recently, we have been taught that this ideology is not even the struggle for democracy rather the struggle for human rights across the whole world. Why do the Americans no longer struggle for democracy.
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This is because, in a struggle for democracy, it appears a bit strange to remove democratically elected heads of state.
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And of course we can find, in any country, some group of people who will claim that there human rights have been violated.
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This allows the United States to operate unhindered around the globe. However in fact there is no struggle for democracy whatsoever embedded in the ideology of the American ruling class.
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The, in fact, struggle only for their rights and those of their only strategic ally, the UK, with whom they maintain their economic, political and military monopoly.
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This monopoly is mainly guaranteed by finance capital which has been amassed over a long period.
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The main export of the United States has been money and money derived from money
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In this way they have enjoyed a fantastic advantage, when they had the possibility to exchange paper and virtual electronic money for real natural resources.
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VS: Is that really true.
AI: I think so, yes.
VS: And do you have a mobile phone? Wasn’t that developed in the United States?
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AI: It was, albeit made by expertise which had been bought and imported from different countries.
VS: Not only the financial systems, as you have so rightly said, are created there but also the intellectual products which are used the world over are designed there.
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Let’s not underestimate our enemy. All the different types of weaponry are also developed there.
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AI: Nonetheless, in 2008, this system fell into crisis. Now conflict is necessary in order to stabilise the system,
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They have unleashed conflicts in the Middle East, supporting all revolutionaries, even those with seemingly anti-western slogans.
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And in exactly the same way they are trying to open a new from in Ukraine against Russia.
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SM: We should not underestimate the enemy. They are clearly not stupid.
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I am unable to say what Obama’s personal views are but his speech, more than anything else seemed to be written with the aim of diverting world attention from the fact that the United States is the greatest threat to world stability.
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The United States is experimenting geopolitically using people like guinea pigs, and they treat us all in the same way, threatening not only world stability but the existence of every human being on the planet.
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The Americans even appear to be intent on telling the penguins in the arctic how to live, how to vote and whether or not to discriminate against seals.
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They come and say “You’ve voted in the wrong Penguin, and so we have come to the Antarctic to restore order”
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VS: Moreover there are insufficient homosexuals amongst you penguins. The rights of the homosexual penguins are being violated.
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AI: It is because of this that Obama treats us all like 2nd rate human beings. Just look at that list of threats that he enumerated at the UN. Pure rubbish.
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The Ebola Virus. Common flu kills more people globally.
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He further states that Russia has invaded and carried out aggressive acts against the whole of Europe.
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Even according to NATO there are allegedly 1000 Russian Service men in the Ukraine. 1000 Soldiers - is that an invasion of Europe? It’s plainly ridiculous.
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VS: Besides, it’s less than the amount of American servicemen currently stationed in Ukraine.
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And just look at this ‘Islamic State’ that the Americans themselves have nurtured. They take the whole world for idiots. It is plainly absurd.
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Ukraine, on their urging, have created an absurd view of the world where everything is upside down and back-to-front.
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But they are not as simple as we would like, I would think. I am not speaking about Obama personally.
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We say: “Well the West is cutting off its nose to spite its face.” It’s not like that.
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Obama could say to himself “Well we didn’t quite get what we wanted in Ukraine. Yeah, we fell out with Russia, but as a result we have re-oriented Europe in our direction and this will give us the opportunity and the stimulus to develop our economy.
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We have been successful. Someone died. Maybe a few thousand. Who cares?
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VS: They didn’t care about a million dead in Iraq.
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SM: We are deluded. We think we are somehow special. Does it really seem that they don’t care about Iraqis but that they do about Ukrainians, It’s just not like that.
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NS: I think that it’s time that we moved our discussion on in a different direction. We have discussed what Obama has said, but we need to discuss what Russia can do as events develop.
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In order to understand what needs to be done, we need to understand what is happening. I am very much in agreement with the majority of what my colleague has said.
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In fact the actions of the United States may seem absurd to us as the think not one but maybe 3 or four moves ahead.
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They have quarrelled with all of their allies, with Russia. They have strained relationships with Europe, which is already groaning from its subordination to the US. They have fallen out with the Arab Street and with everyone else. Why?
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They want to foment revolution and chaos everywhere. How does it help them?
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Their economic system has run out of steam. It is mathematically impossible for them to settle their debts.
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Therefore it is necessary for them to destroy every other economic system so that their miserable system when set against the others resembles manna from heaven.
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They must destroy any alternative system. In that sense their actions are thought out.
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Let’s take a concrete example. Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. The actions of the US are completely absurd. They broke the unfortunate Gaddafi.
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He tried to prove to them that he would do whatever he was told. They demanded that he quit all political posts. Gaddafi stated that he held no political post and therefore couldn’t resign.
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This statement led to his murder.
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VS: This reminds me of the command “Russians – Withdraw your armed forces from Ukraine”.
We tell them that we have not deployed them there. They say that this is irrelevant. Withdraw your forces. We say again they are not deployed.
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Eventually some unknown, drunken, retired Colonel writes: Well it looks like the Russian troops have withdrawn.
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And our guys said, “Maybe the next statement from NATO will be written by the cleaner. Prove that our troops were there.” However no-one in NATO cares.
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NS: They lay down impossible demands. It’s simply impossible to win this game if it is played by their rules.
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Thus, once we understand that their target is economic advantage, then we must move onto the offensive targeting in the economics arena.
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I completely agree.
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ET: I am in complete agreement with my colleagues that the international legal system is in ruins.
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The American president, declaring himself world president, says that there is no need for America to seek permission from anyone for acting to its advantage.
00:09:58,000 --> 00:10:02,000
I think that in this situation we have to do only what is profitable and is in our interests.
00:10:03,000 --> 00:10:11,000
We have to protect our interests in Russia and around the world, without having to ask for permission from Mr Obama and the Washington.
00:10:12,000 --> 00:10:22,000
We have our own interests, brotherly nations, economic interests and human rights  that we must protect.
00:10:23,000 --> 00:10:37,000
Starting from about 1989, we have been completely re-oriented to the West. We looked at them as at our future paradise.
00:10:38,000 --> 00:10:47,000
We expected that once we have done all that they demand, we’d dance for them and they would finally hug and kiss us and we would merge in ecstasy.
00:10:48,000 --> 00:10:51,000
But this is not happening. We perform duly what is asked, but they are demanding the impossible.
00:10:52,000 --> 00:11:00,000
Withdraw troops - which are not even there; do something, and then maybe, someday, they will gradually lift the sanctions.
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We have to understand that they have declared an economic, political, and information war on us. They will not start a real war, because they’re scared of us.
00:11:11,000 --> 00:11:20,000
They realise, that we can do irreparable damage that will affect everyone. We must go on, relying solely on our own resources and on our new world partners.
00:11:21,000 --> 00:11:31,000
We must now urgently establish a friendly alliance with China, Brazil, Argentina, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.
00:11:32,000 --> 00:11:37,000
There’re plenty of countries that are willing to trade with us, I can’t understand why we stopped trading with them in the first place.
00:11:38,000 --> 00:11:46,000
We can supply them not only oil and gas, but also engineering products. We can also buy from them.
00:11:47,000 --> 00:11:56,000
We need to promote the development of our science and industry, which we’ve completely destroyed in the 90‘s.
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VN: Of course, what Obama has said, that is unprecedented.
00:12:02,000 --> 00:12:22,000
The President of the United States at the UN has devoted approximately one sixth of his speech (and exhausted the time limit twice) to Russia - as the chief destroyer of the system of international law that was established after WWII.
00:12:23,000 --> 00:12:52,000
It really is unprecedented and can be regarded as an official declaration of war, because Russia has been announced enemy # 1.
00:12:36,000 --> 00:12:52,000
But at the same time, do not think that this is happening for the first time, and that in the past it used to be different. There were times when the situation was even more intense.
00:12:53,000 --> 00:12:58,000
Obama never did hide his political views. When he went to the polls, he wrote a book "The Audacity of Hope"
00:12:59,000 --> 00:13:16,000
In this book, he named his heroes in the field of foreign policy: Harry Truman, Dean Acheson, George Marshall and George Kennan. These are the people who’ve forged the "cold war".
00:13:17,000 --> 00:13:28,000
They’re the ones who wrote out plans in regards to the nuclear bombing of Soviet Union, at the time when we did not even have a nuclear bomb. They had a few of these plans in store, and they came very close to their realisation.
00:13:29,000 --> 00:13:44,000
The only reason they were not implemented, is because they were afraid that the Soviet troops located in Germany would reach La Manche quicker, than we’d feel the impact of the first American nuclear bombs.
00:13:45,000 --> 00:13:52,000
The possibility of this really existed. The cold war went on for several decades.
00:13:53,000 --> 00:14:04,000
These ideas, which are now inspiring Obama, spurred the entire arms race, the bipolar confrontation, and aimed at the complete destruction of Soviet Union.
00:14:05,000 --> 00:14:13,000
Of cause, they’ve destroyed the USSR not without our help . Some people would get into a euphoric state when it came to the US.
00:14:14,000 --> 00:14:34,000
United States expanded NATO, pulled troops and military bases to our borders, created a missile defense system in Europe. They consistently regarded us as a military target.
00:14:35,000 --> 00:14:50,000
In US military planning there are only 4 countries on the list that they intent to use nuclear weapons on: China, Iran, which I think, will soon be gone from the list, North Korea and Russia.
00:14:51,000 --> 00:15:05,000
A very short list. Ukraine, where there already is a cold war - is already a battlefield. The situation for us is much more complicated now than in a time when our troops were stationed in Germany.
00:15:06,000 --> 00:15:41,000
Now there is a war in Ukraine, so the threat is much more serious.
00:15:12,000 --> 00:15:20,000
VS: After a commercial break we will resume this fundamentally important discussion.
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VS: You were right in saying that we must decide what Russia‘s response shall be. Today’s war is a war that hasn’t ceased even for a minute.
00:15:50,000 --> 00:16:03,000
Today there was an incident when one of the jackals from Sher Khan pack, Yatsenyuk, was screaming and accusing Russia of everything.
00:16:04,000 --> 00:16:31,000
At the same time, terribly pleased with himself Poroshenko gave a press conference, in which he directly said that now is a good time to finally equate heroes-fighters: Bandera and Shukhevich, to war combatants.
00:16:23,000 --> 00:16:31,000
There is an impudent review and glorification of Nazis, rejection of the Nuremberg protocol.
00:16:32,000 --> 00:16:44,000
We should have no illusions. In a world, which renounced fascism, now there is a rebirth of a Nazi ideology.
00:16:45,000 --> 00:17:00,000
We must fight this. What can Russia do?
00:16:54,000 --> 00:17:00,000
NS: Firstly, I would like to emphasize once again that the sanctions and the West's aggression against us do not depend on our actions.
00:17:01,000 --> 00:17:06,000
No matter what we do, in any case, there will be sanctions, attempts at absurd demands and pressure.
00:17:07,000 --> 00:17:13,000
This is a war to exterminate, in view of the future, so that Russia does not become yet another power centre. What shall we do in this situation?
00:17:14,000 --> 00:17:19,000
Will they revive the Nazis, give them cover and ignore their crimes? Of course they will.
00:17:20,000 --> 00:17:34,000
Let's remember, where did the Nazis escape to after WWII? To America and Canada. Actually Bandera worked for many years in Germany.
00:17:35,000 --> 00:17:37,000
A question arises: what do we do? Again, I would like to return to the topic of the economy.
00:17:38,000 --> 00:17:44,000
Of course, we must attract the world's attention to the atrocities of Bandera’s worshippers. The bodies of the victims must be exhumed.
00:17:45,000 --> 00:17:53,000
We must do the maximum that we can, so that the criminals receive their punishment.
00:17:54,000 --> 00:18:03,000
But the economy is top priority. If we want the US to reckon with us, we must hit them where it hurts the most: their wallet.
00:18:04,000 --> 00:18:12,000
This means that we must build an economic system that they’ll want to destroy in advance, which will be more attractive than their system, which is about to collapse.
00:18:13,000 --> 00:18:21,000
Today, the US dollar relies on the faith of its investors. Basically, it’s hanging in the air. It is a religion, not economics.
00:18:22,000 --> 00:18:30,000
Russia has a vast amount of natural resources. Our currency and an economic system can and must be supported by our natural resources.
00:18:31,000 --> 00:18:36,000
The most important thing we must do - is get away from the forced upon us forms of emission which is tied to US dollar.
00:18:37,000 --> 00:18:44,000
Only a sovereign emission of Russia will help us build this economic system.
00:18:45,000 --> 00:18:53,000
VS: I want to say that my heart is breaking. In our carelessness, corruption, low productivity, abandoned children,
00:18:54,000 --> 00:19:02,000
huge number of men working in security agencies - doing God knows what, thieving dumb officials - when you enter any institution,
00:19:03,000 --> 00:19:11,000
Huge number of obscure people looking at you like a bug-eyed toad, waiting for you kiss them, to turn them into beautiful princesses - is all this really America‘s fault?
00:19:12,000 --> 00:19:18,000
You're right, the emission and resources are very important to be able to lift the economy. But where is productivity?
00:19:19,000 --> 00:19:25,000
Where are science schools? Where are the people who care to improve their professional level?
00:19:26,000 --> 00:19:33,000
What people are discussing in our workplaces is that that the boss is an idiot, and the neighbour is getting a promotion, either because he’ss sleeping with someone or is someone's relative.
00:19:34,000 --> 00:19:38,000
People have long ago stopped to care to raise their own level and blame America for everything.
00:19:39,000 --> 00:19:51,000
NS: Vladimir, we have good people, but in order to improve our productivity, create new projects, to build a new industry, we need cheap loans, money, we need emission.
00:19:52,000 --> 00:19:57,000
SM: We must build our own aircrafts. Our own planes must fly in our skies, not Boeings and Airbuses.
00:19:58,000 --> 00:20:16,000
We must revive the machine-tool manufacture, engineering industry. The Government has got all the means to do so. It’s able to subsidize these economic sectors.
00:20:17,000 --> 00:20:26,000
It does not make sense to pour gold into a leaky barrel. There should be the pattern.
00:20:27,000 --> 00:20:30,000
Engineers are not empty barrel. They are ready to work.
00:20:31,000 --> 00:20:43,000
The mess happens everywhere, even in the U.S. and Europe. We know how people work there, what’s taking place there.
00:20:44,000 --> 00:20:58,000
I’d compare the mechanism of the government to not barrel, but huge clock. It is a complicated mechanism having many different details. State is a complex issue.
00:20:59,000 --> 00:21:15,000
Right now we need the operating well-adjusted state, {figuratively clock} that gives a good result and shows accurate time. It is necessary to disassemble the mechanism and examine its details therefor.
00:21:16,000 --> 00:21:34,000
Russia’s been sanctioned and it turns out there are details which can break any moment. If they break, nobody will replace them. Let’s produce our own detail.
00:21:28,000 --> 00:21:34,000
This detail might be the worse. Nevertheless it is ours and it will work… Or we buy it in Asia. Although it is Chinese, not German, we’ll feel confident.
00:21:35,000 --> 00:21:50,000
Science-related details as well… Before our very eyes, now, the defense industry gets better.
00:21:51,000 --> 00:22:02,000
Look what our army did in Crimea: it carried out a fantastically successful politico-military operation without shooting.
00:22:03,000 --> 00:22:12,000
Three humanitarian conveys, consisting of quite a number of loaded KAMAZ-trucks intended to transport not only humanitarian aid.
00:22:13,000 --> 00:22:24,000
The logistics, organization, character of this move illustrates the saying of my teacher in the armored-force training department: "You’re lucky, Vladimir, you’ll see the world".
00:22:25,000 --> 00:22:44,000
Import replacement, “brains”, science, intellectuals’ returning, self-disciplined law enforcement units, well-trained compact military forces, union system are very important.
00:22:45,000 --> 00:22:55,000
When one faces a serious enemy, and the U.S. is the serious enemy, who maintains its own, broad network of unions, the strategy requires profoundness.
00:22:56,000 --> 00:23:09,000
In this sense we are secured by the CIS countries, the Customs Union countries, the BRICS members, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization members as well as by all people who are tired of American hegemony and irresponsibility.
00:23:10,000 --> 00:23:21,000
Then we should show the mankind a new, attractive economic pattern… meanwhile the total of American aid for Ukraine is equal to the Hulk’s contract value (player of the Zenit football team).
00:23:22,000 --> 00:23:36,000
I wish we didn’t buy Hulks (with all due respect to football), and our state-run corporations didn’t spend money on nobody knows what, but did make sure that the gas supply is available in every Russian village.
00:23:37,000 --> 00:23:43,000
This, by the way, is also a weak spot of our west-forward orientation in 90s.
00:23:44,000 --> 00:23:52,000
We alone created that information worldview matrix in which people don’t want to work, because they day-dream about blue water pools with half-naked chicks under the palms…
00:23:53,000 --> 00:23:57,000
in order to do nothing. They have no place, opportunities for work, because back in time we ruined our businesses.
00:23:58,000 --> 00:24:02,000
We said we did not need them, because we could not produce anything that was up to compete in the international market.
00:24:03,000 --> 00:24:11,000
Thus the economy that allows to buy something easily in the West and then to swiftly resell it, receive margin and put it in the bank in the very America or Europe…
00:24:12,000 --> 00:24:17,000
In 90s all engineers became suitcase traders: they were travelling to Turkey and importing wrap-arounds.
00:24:18,000 --> 00:24:27,000
This is a result of rejecting the national project and strategy claims, since we decided to go for this consumption-oriented pattern.
00:24:28,000 --> 00:24:37,000
A couple of words about Ukraine and the best minds... A lot of defense plants are being inevitably closed in Ukraine.
00:24:38,000 --> 00:24:44,000
They are almost on the brink of total destruction. We need those people. We don’t have enough human resources.
00:24:45,000 --> 00:24:53,000
In this very studio Mr Rogozin Dmitry has acknowledged that the best Ukrainian specialists have been arriving here for several years already.
00:24:54,000 --> 00:24:57,000
And that’s okay.
00:24:58,000 --> 00:25:05,000
Sure, Obama gave a speech, everyone in Kiev listened it with delight. However, this speech is not a great gift for Ukraine.
00:25:06,000 --> 00:25:09,000
Now we are well-aware that as for Ukraine we have nothing to be ashamed about.
00:25:10,000 --> 00:25:16,000
This dancing around Ukraine à la “we do thus and Americans take pity on us” has turned to be futile.
00:25:17,000 --> 00:25:20,000
All masks removed! There is nothing in Ukraine we should feel shame about after Mr Obama’s speech.
00:25:21,000 --> 00:25:24,000
He let us see that no matter we did, they would do whatever they deem right.
00:25:25,000 --> 00:25:28,000
That is why we should take everything that can be taken. We’ll probably make use of these enterprises.
00:25:29,000 --> 00:25:33,000
Another issue… We all were worried that our economy was on the petrol needle.
00:25:34,000 --> 00:25:40,000
At the moment the petrol needle is being forcibly withdrawn form the vein of sick Russian economy.
00:25:41,000 --> 00:26:49,000
Therefore, it is necessary to adapt and revitalize the {state} body so that petrol and gas finally become of a service in the country.
00:26:50,000 --> 00:26:00,000
I’d like to support my colleagues. In my view, it’s very important, we should declare ourselves and our national project the counterforce centre.
00:26:00,000 --> 00:26:08,000
There is ground for that. The world still remembers that the only power standing against the U.S. for decades was the USSR.
00:26:09,000 --> 00:26:14,000
Only existence of 2 poles in the world secured balance in the politics, not letting a nuclear war get started.
00:26:15,000 --> 00:26:24,000
For the time being China daren’t take the role of the second power centre. China is still a live-for-yourself creature.
00:26:25,000 --> 00:26:41,000
Staying firmly its ground and not trying to establish its hegemony, Russia yet should get together all the powers which do not want this Anglo-American hegemony, which have no will to give all their resources up to a single country.
00:26:42,000 --> 00:26:53,000
This is our activities within the CIS, expansion of the Russian world (plainly speaking), and in Western Europe.
00:26:54,000 --> 00:27:04,000
I want to remind you that in due time, while struggling against NATO-imposed threats, the USSR relied on strong peace movement in the western countries.
00:27:05,000 --> 00:27:15,000
Not many liked missiles deployment. Many thousands of people went forth to demonstrations. The U.S. fights for human rights everywhere.
00:27:16,000 --> 00:27:26,000
Let’s figure out what is going on with human rights in the U.S. May be, we have to furnish the human right defenders in the States with means?
00:27:27,000 --> 00:27:35,000
The means should be available first.
00:27:36,000 --> 00:27:41,000
I’d like to develop my colleague’s opinion. Each government sets external and internal policies.
00:27:42,000 --> 00:27:53,000
The early 2000 successes of Russia were induced by the successes attained in external affairs. We managed to keep the profit from petroleum-related ops for ourselves and improve life standards.
00:27:54,000 --> 00:27:59,000
We are unable to gain further successes in external affairs, because the current economic pattern got used up.
00:28:00,000 --> 00:28:07,000
It brakes the country’s moving forward. That is why we need to change our economic order.
00:28:08,000 --> 00:28:14,000
Let me argue that: sovereign emission of money is an economy creation method.
00:28:15,000 --> 00:28:24,000
After all, it is necessary to reconsider and understand that the Gaidar’s ideas led Russia into deadlock. We must get at this: what new ideas we can give.
00:28:25,000 --> 00:28:34,000
Unlike China, we do not reason with perspectives. I’ve got that feeling that we live from one cold season to another. It is humiliating for such a great country.
00:28:35,000 --> 00:28:45,000
I suppose, the program is clear enough at the moment. For 25 years we’ve dreamt about getting hold of new technology and investments that will foment our economy.
00:28:46,000 --> 00:28:56,000
Now it is clear that they’ll be shut off and wont’ come.  Firstly, we must invest in the state on our own.
00:28:57,000 --> 00:29:02,000
Secondly, the technology is set up by science. It is necessary to provide the scientists with appropriate labs and salaries, so that they could work.
00:29:03,000 --> 00:29:11,000
Popular support enhances these sources of growth in aircraft industry, tank-construction.
00:29:12,000 --> 00:29:17,000
See what a high rating Putin has; it clearly indicates the people’s support.
00:29:18,000 --> 00:29:34,000
It is necessary for us that the society is fully engaged in decision-making. We need to have the moral, specifically labour moral, resurrected.
00:29:35,000 --> 00:29:46,000
Not prostitutes popping out on TV, but real eager beavers, engineers, doctors, teachers should be reckoned role models.
00:29:47,000 --> 00:29:49,000
These people should exist first.
00:29:50,000 --> 00:29:56,000
They actually exist, but for some reason those shown up on TV are prostitutes.
00:29:57,000 --> 00:30:04,000
If I feature brilliant constructors, aged ones, they’ll tell how they were not allowed rehabilitation.
00:30:05,000 --> 00:30:09,000
Give those heroes the opportunity to get mature, rise, achieve something.
00:30:10,000 --> 00:30:17,000
ET: Volodya, we all really need to say a big thank you to comrade Obama for forcing us to mobilize. Suddenly the Russian people got the drive and motivation.
00:30:18,000 --> 00:30:31,000
However, this alone will not get us too far. We don’t have natural anti-Americanism. We must not live to just annoy America, but to transform our lives.
00:30:32,000 --> 00:30:43,000
To do this, we must develop our own successful economic model. This economy should not and cannot be autarchy.
00:30:44,000 --> 00:30:49,000
We shouldn’t settle with building something inferior, but entirely ours. We need to focus on the best world examples.
00:30:50,000 --> 00:31:08,000
This can only be achieved in cooperation with developing countries such as Brazil, India, South Africa, and China. We need to set up new consortia to tackle large technological projects, develop new drugs, and build new aircraft and ships.
00:31:09,000 --> 00:31:17,000
We must do it in cooperation with others. Russia needs to put forward an attractive idea for the world which should not be an idea of the American dream.
00:31:18,000 --> 00:31:21,000
We have adopted their system and lined ourselves up to ‘get their Coca-Cola deliveries’.
00:31:22,000 --> 00:31:39,000
We need a different, non-consumer, idea; the idea of justice, human rights - real, genuine rights. The world will support such an idea.
00:31:40,000 --> 00:31:48,000
Vlad: We always “flirt” with the people. Obviously, we are part of a great nation; we speak of ourselves with awe and love.
00:31:49,000 --> 00:32:01,000
But it is not us, but our grandfathers and great grandfathers that achieved victory in the great patriotic war, launched the first satellite and put the first man into space.
00:32:02,000 --> 00:32:11,000
Our  generation has only observed a horrible destruction of the Soviet Union into 15 (now even more) countries.
00:32:12,000 --> 00:32:23,000
Our generation is indebted to our grandfathers, great grandfathers, to our fathers, and our children. We owe it to them to pass on a great country and not a disintegrating state.
00:32:24,000 --> 00:32:27,000
This is why our generation is faced with a colossal responsibility.
00:32:28,000 --> 00:32:38,000
Poroshenko has already announced that he is not the president of all Ukrainians. He proclaims as heroes “banderites” and those that fought under the flags of Bandera and Shukhevych.
00:32:39,000 --> 00:32:48,000
This means he has emancipated himself from the overwhelming majority of Ukrainian families, the fathers of and grandfathers of whom fought against the Nazi plague.
00:32:49,000 --> 00:32:58,000
What must we do? What immediate steps must we take that such patriotism doesn't go into night and that we still have a country tomorrow?
00:32:59,000 --> 00:33:08,000
SM: I'm going to say one thing that may seem somewhat strange, but in which I truly believe. What can we all do, first of all? Refuse to drink vodka!
00:33:09,000 --> 00:33:20,000
We have millions of drunks stumbling around. Vodka is the main enemy of the Russian people that killed more than all of our invaders combined.
00:33:21,000 --> 00:33:30,000
We have to stand for a strong, healthy, smart, nation of peoples ... a multi-ethnic peoples. Here we have to follow the lead of our Muslims, who – you know – barely drink anymore.
00:33:31,000 --> 00:33:42,000
We have to think about the return of workers morals and health. We need to do sports and read books. Everyone knows perfectly well, what is good and what is bad.
00:33:43,000 --> 00:33:52,000
One more thing: we all know, in our surroundings, who is a thief and who isn't. Do not shake their hand. Simply, you personally, just don't shake their hand.
00:33:53,000 --> 00:34:10,000
Vlad: I have a 100% method of fighting corruption: always; if every boss in his work will make use of two eternal laws; first, do as I do; and bit your own such that others fear... There will be no corruption in the country anymore.
00:34:11,000 --> 00:34:18,000
AI: I think that today is that exact moment when the political and economic elites must seriously limit themselves.
00:34:19,000 --> 00:34:28,000
It's imperative to forgo outrageous bonuses; so called 'gold parachutes', of outrageous compensation packages which are received by managers of state-owned corporations.
00:34:29,000 --> 00:34:41,000
We need to return our children to study in Russia, and show by example to our fellow citizens that they understand – we live in a different world. We live in a world where Russia has been challenged.
00:34:42,000 --> 00:34:50,000
This means that we must – in practice – unite. This unity and self control today will increase possibilities for everyone,
00:34:51,000 --> 00:35:06,000
including the rank and file citizens and likewise those that hold extraordinary positions in economics or politics – they also will win from the fact that today, they will show and example of this self-control.
00:35:07,000 --> 00:35:17,000
Vlad: As soon as a minister will head to the regional (public) clinic, the quality of the regional clinics will become of such high standard that ministers will have no need to go receive treatment abroad.
00:35:18,000 --> 00:35:35,000
VN: I'm against chastising our people. I believe that the Russian people are a great nation, that has a great history and – I am absolutely convinced – a great future.
00:35:36,000 --> 00:35:41,000
As this great history demonstrated, we have accomplished a lot when we set ambitious goals for ourselves.
00:35:42,000 --> 00:35:58,000
Today, more so than ever before, Russia must set for itself very far-reaching goals, the goals of a massive national push into the future which will certainly lead Russia into the front row of the great countries of earth.
00:35:59,000 --> 00:36:06,000
Our people have done a great amount of work in recent years.
00:36:07,000 --> 00:36:21,000
When we entered the 21st century, we were the 14th economy on the planet; and today we are the 5th economy on the planet. Thanks to the people who worked, produced and built.
00:36:22,000 --> 00:36:31,000
If in the 90s the country was disintegrating, then today we – by construction of new flats – hold the second place in Europe, following only France.
00:36:32,000 --> 00:36:43,000
In recent years our people have built a port industry. We lost our ports, and now we have ports. The ship building industry has had a rebirth.
00:36:44,000 --> 00:36:53,000
While the Americans were the first to build a nuclear bomb, we were the first to build a nuclear power plant.
00:36:54,000 --> 00:36:57,000
We came back to the market of nuclear energy and RosAtom is now a large player.
00:36:58,000 --> 00:37:07,000
The Soviet Union for all its accomplishments had to import grain. Russia became the second largest exporter of grain in the world.
00:37:08,000 --> 00:37:14,000
We must set high goals for development and prepare our professionals to solve these problems.
00:37:15,000 --> 00:37:26,000
We need an ambitious fiscal policy which rather than expropriate money which we receive for oil and gas (and place them in American securities), but instead would invest in the Russian economy.
00:37:27,000 --> 00:37:33,000
We need a policy which would provide affordable credit and allow our enterprise to breathe.
00:37:34,000 --> 00:37:43,000
Our people, who are in reality very creative, very independent, very capable, and all they need is to be set free to solve great challenges.
00:37:48,000 --> 00:37:57,000
SM: I am more inclined to indulge in self-criticism. Of course, our people are great, the history is great, but this history is not exactly ours:
00:37:58,000 --> 00:38:03,000
VS: It is our history!
00:38:04,000 --> 00:38:09,000
It is not our accomplishment, this history is of course ours but it was not done by our own hands.
00:38:10,000 --> 00:38:13,000
SM: Every generation of Russians has done a great deal with these hands.
00:38:14,000 --> 00:38:19,000
Some have done more and some have done less. To achieve such great goals we need perseverance.
00:38:20,000 --> 00:38:30,000
I would want to recall a phrase by Suvorov, that “patience in battle is victory”. One of the problems of our time is this consumer-matrix of a fast life;
00:38:31,000 --> 00:38:36,000
“take on this debt now to get what you want and in the future you're don't care for much”.
00:38:37,000 --> 00:38:45,000
We must break this worldview, this consumer subculture. We must learn to build plans with a long term perspective.
00:38:46,000 --> 00:38:56,000
This concerns businesses, politicians and regular people: to live dreaming of getting it “all and now” is self-destructive.
00:38:57,000 --> 00:39:05,000
We must turn away from these things, of this subculture and the information in the worldview of each person.
00:39:06,000 --> 00:39:12,000
Starikov: I think we have to raise our discussion to the geopolitical level, and then observe the problems we are faced with from this level.
00:39:13,000 --> 00:39:18,000
In a few words, what are the Americans proposing? Our president has said this very well: Americans don't want allies, they want vassals.
00:39:19,000 --> 00:39:23,000
They need subordination: subordinated people, subordinated countries. What do they offer?
00:39:24,000 --> 00:39:31,000
Their offer is that in this chaos, in this rumbling sea of history which will unfold you will get to keep a little bit of what you have now. The rest, you will lose, but you'll at least save a little.
00:39:32,000 --> 00:39:44,000
There is no other alternative today. If we build a system, which will offer all of those exact things but only without calamity, we will begin to put a crack in this monolithic western world.
00:39:45,000 --> 00:39:56,000
We will begin to show the Europeans that you do not have to – like in the anecdote about the mice who cried but continued eating the cactus – you can continue developing your cooperation with Russia, add to what you have.
00:39:57,000 --> 00:40:03,000
To the Arab world: you can continue to invest money in the Russian economy. This is what we must build; precisely, and alternative economic model. Then, everything will work out.
00:40:04,000 --> 00:40:18,000
ET: I think we should stop repenting and stop self mutilating. We are a great people and we have a great history. We have no reasons to be shy or humble – we must take pride in ourselves and our country, and set great goals for ourselves.
00:40:19,000 --> 00:40:28,000
We have to return to strategic planning: we have a law; we need a special body that will have far-reaching powers.
00:40:29,000 --> 00:40:40,000
We need personal responsibility of every government workers for work assigned. If you're a minister, did you have specific assignments? Did not accomplish it, then you're fired, at best!
00:40:41,000 --> 00:40:55,000
Everyone personally! And lastly, we must move towards the sovereign mission; sell oil not for dollars but for rubles. Let the oil-men scream if they want to!
00:40:56,000 --> 00:41:07,000
It’s easier for the dealers to leave money there this way; this is how the scheme works. This way there will not be any theft: sell for rubles here, and then all gains will remain here.
00:41:08,000 --> 00:41:19,000
And we must open a market in St. Petersburg and Vladivostok: look both east and west – befriend all, but not to ‘yield even an inch of our soil’.
00:41:20,000 --> 00:41:30,000
Vlad: As our classics say: wish your words reach God's ears. Although in Russia much is being decided before it gets to God's office. We have the political will; it’s imperative we use it.
00:41:31,000 --> 00:41:42,000
For the country to change once and for all for the better, such that it transitions away from the destructive 90s, catches the winds of the roaring 2000s, and exits towards new, ambitious frontiers,
00:41:43,000 --> 00:41:50,000
while not forgetting to tell the people about this, because without the people, we can build nothing.
Much Thanks to you all.

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