Careless Abbott

There are a lot of Australian guests on this site, in fact, they are our most avid supporters, and we’re sure they’re not happy with the man at the helm.
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is reportedly planning to “shirtfront” Mr. Putin during the next month’s G20 summit in Australia. This undiplomatic remarks didn’t go unnoticed by the Russian embassy which advises the former to be very careful considering Putin’s Judo black belt 😉

He said he will be doing so on behalf of the Australians who died in Flight MH17. Well, we know who were responsible for the ill-fated flight [here].
This Abbott stunt may impressed his handler but not the country.

‘Our president’s a pro judo wrestler’: Russian diplomat slams Aussie PM’s intention ‘to shirtfront’ Putin

Published time: October 14, 2014 12:36
Edited time: October 16, 2014 10:49
Russian President Vladimir Putin.(RIA Novosti)

Russian President Vladimir Putin.(RIA Novosti)

A Russian diplomat in Australia called the remark of Australian PM Tony Abbott about his intention to “shirtfront” Vladimir Putin “immature.” He reminded the Aussie politician that he might be “very fit” but Putin is “a professional judo wrestler.”
Abbot’s scandalous remark came on Monday after he told journalists that he is going to “shirtfront” the Russian president on the sidelines of G20 summit over the tragedy of the Malaysian airliner crash in the Donetsk Region of Ukraine in July.
“I am going to shirtfront Mr Putin – you bet I am – I am going to be saying to Mr Putin Australians were murdered, they were murdered by Russian backed rebels,” Abbott said.
Shirtfront is a football technique for a front-on chest bump or rough handling aimed at knocking your rival backward to the ground. It’s “a reportable offence and considered illegal,” says the Australian Football Rules website.
The Russian Embassy in Australia, however, didn’t let Abbot’s remark go unnoticed.
Third secretary of the Russian Embassy in Canberra, Aleksandr Odoevsky, told the Australian Associated Press that the remarks of the Australian PM were “immature.”


“We consider the recent statements tough talk and immature,” Odoevsky said.
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One thought on “Careless Abbott”

  1. Everyone here in Australia with half a brain knows that the present leadership of Abbott, Hockey and Bishop are only mouth pieces for the US administration. Mr Putin on the other hand has my total support and will be one of the new leaders when this system we are under now comes to an end. As far as Abbott thinking that he represents most Australian in this matter, he is demonstrating just what a fool he is! Upon clicking “here” Zeitgeist need to get their act together as the video is of a 4 engine jet. Zeitgeist, a 777 Boeing has only 2 engines, not 4. So get your act together if you want to maintain some creditability!

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