Osama: The Only Man Who Officialy Died Twice

Navy SEALs are scrambling on who gets the credit so they could profit from it. Maybe, that’s what they were promised as compensation for staging a fake covert op in Pakistan. Other members of the dreaded SEAL Team Six went with the Chinook helicopter when it crashed mysteriously in Afghanistan.

Another Fake Bin Laden Story

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One thought on “Osama: The Only Man Who Officialy Died Twice”

  1. There is photographic proof of Osama Bin Laden being in conferences with G.W. Bush, C Rice, Donald Rumfeld, Dick Cheney and many others so this crap about who shot him is just bullshit. He was known to have Kidney disease and if he is dead, then that is what probably killed him. He was also a very wealthy man to the tune of 250 to 280 million dollars. He was also a trained operative of the US.
    Does anyone remember when the Taliban offered to give Bin Laden to the Bush Administration and George W refused, I wonder why?

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