More Signs of The Empire Crumbling

Revolutions are everywhere. Be it at the national level or in every individual, there is that fire that wants to set the soul free from the bondage of systematic imperial control.
There is now a globalized movement for freedom aggressively clashing on with the Cabalists’ desire to preserve its imperialistic status.

80% of Catalans say ‘Yes’ to independence in symbolic ‘referendum’

Published time: November 10, 2014 02:22
Edited time: November 10, 2014 06:09
An overwhelming majority of Catalans have said “yes” to independence and secession from the central Spanish government in Madrid in a highly-anticipated but symbolic referendum poll on Sunday.
Some 80.72 percent voted to form a state independent of Spain, Joana Ortega, vice president Catalonia said shortly after midnight, with over two million Catalans reportedly turning out for the unofficial referendum. Ortega could not immediately give an official turnout rate since there was no formal electoral roll for some 5.4 million registered Catalan voters.
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Voters were given two questions to answer, “Do you want Catalonia to be a state?” was the first and in the case of a positive response, voters were asked: “Do you want Catalonia to be an independent state?”
“Yes-no” response obtained 10.11 percent; “no-no” 4.55 percent; and blank votes accounted for 0.56 percent, with 88.44 percent of the votes counted.
President of Catalonia, Artur Mas, called the symbolic vote on independence “a complete success” with “clearly more than two million people” participating despite the veto imposed by Madrid.
“Let no one forget, especially the Spanish government, that Catalonia has once again shown that it wants to govern itself,” he said at a hearing in Barcelona after the vote. It is “a giant step in our legitimate aspiration to peacefully and freely decide our future.”

A child deposits her mother's ballot at a polling station in a school in front of Catalan "Gegants", or giant figures, while voting in a symbolic independence vote in Barcelona, November 9, 2014. (Reuters / Paul Hanna)

A child deposits her mother’s ballot at a polling station in a school in front of Catalan “Gegants”, or giant figures, while voting in a symbolic independence vote in Barcelona, November 9, 2014. (Reuters / Paul Hanna)

A message clearly not understood in Madrid, where the Minister of Justice, Rafael Catala, on behalf of the Spanish government, defined the vote as “political propaganda organized by pro-independence forces.”
After Spain’s High Court ruled the independence referendum proposed by Catalan leader Artur Mas unconstitutional last month, the Madrid government has also issued a ban on the informal poll, forbidding Catalans from making any public show of support for independence.
In response to Catala’s statement, Mas said he feels bad for the people in central government who missed “a golden opportunity to understand the message of Catalan will,” recalling the examples of referendums held recently in Scotland as well as Quebec province of Canada in 1995.
Earlier, the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, stated the vote “will not have any effect.”
But that did not stop some 41,000 volunteers from organizing the election with over 1,300 polling centers set up for the historic vote.

The president of Catalonia's regional government, Artur Mas, casts his ballot on November 9, 2014 in Barcelona in a symbolic vote on whether to break away as an independent state, defying fierce challenges by the Spanish government. (AFP Photo / Lluis Gene)

The president of Catalonia’s regional government, Artur Mas, casts his ballot on November 9, 2014 in Barcelona in a symbolic vote on whether to break away as an independent state, defying fierce challenges by the Spanish government. (AFP Photo / Lluis Gene)

In the meantime, Mas said his government will push for an official referendum.
“We deserve the right to vote in a definitive referendum and this is something that maybe is understood in Madrid, but if it is not understood in Madrid our will is to go on with this process,” he said after casting his ballot.
As for Madrid, Catala said, that the central government would evaluate the facts of Sunday’s vote and decide whether or not to begin legal proceedings against the regional government.
Historically Catalonia, which already enjoys significant autonomy from Madrid, has been one of Spain’s better-off regions and the local population has resented having to send their taxes to the capital to help support poorer areas of the country. However, the area of 7.5 million people is currently €57.1 billion euros ($78.5 billion) in debt, which is the most of any of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions.
Catalonia, which accounts for one-fifth of Spain’s economic output, has had no problem in attracting foreign investment, which grew by 31.5 percent in 2013 according to figures from Spain’s economy ministry.
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The Scottish Independence Vote Was Rigged, The Results Were Fixed In Advanced

The United Kingdom Could Not Lose Scotland — The City Of London Would NOT Allow It
The pre-vote polls were very close to 51% NO to %49 YES right up until the day of the vote.
These poll numbers could not have legitimately changed to a 55% NO to %45 YES overnight.
Couldn’t happen.  Wouldn’t happen.  Didn’t happen.
Clearly, the Scottish Independence voting process was rigged just as the electoral apparatus was tampered with.  

Simply put, such a defection from the British camp by Scotland would have not only broken up the United Kingdom — the financial kingpin in the New World Order — it would have severely impacted the entire British Commonwealth.
There is no question it would have given rise to a revolutionary fervor among many other nations in the Commonwealth to leave the UK orbit.
However, the worst ‘consequences’ of a “YES” vote would have been born by the European Union.  Not only would it send a very loud and empowering message to the many EU member states who are only members because of an unwillingness by their respective governments to offer similar referendums, the UK’s standing and influence would have been forever altered and greatly diminished in Brussels.
The UK, where it concerns its relationship with the European Union, is very odd in the first place.  As the banking capital of the world, the City of London dictates many of the extremely oppressive terms of various financing arrangements and loan guarantees that are extended throughout the community of nations.  Their very quiet and often hidden power over the economic and financial activities of the EU are much greater than their lack of full membership would indicate.  This is by design.
Scotland’s Independence Could Not Be Permitted
Not only is Scotland a major player in the banking and commerce arena enjoyed by the UK around the globe, they also technically own much of the North Sea oil reserves which London uses to grease its many and diverse financial relationships.  Were the UK to lose that single source of oil revenue, their whole economy would be in jeopardy.
How The Fight Over Oil Fueled Scotland’s Independence Vote
The collaterization of oil reserves alone provides a tremendous amount of financial muscle that the City of London would otherwise lack.  In view of how much the UK has suffered economically since the Crash of 2008, it is clear the Crown could not weather another setback like Scottish independence.

To this day England only manages to get by through sleight of hand via the day-to-day manipulation of the global precious metals market, stock market, bond market, currency market and derivative market.  Their reputation for manipulating the price of gold daily is now well known even outside of investment circles.  So is their penchant for artificially propping up a worldwide derivative market that has the potential to collapse the entire global financial trading system.
The City of London Is the World’s Largest Betting Parlor
City of London - thieves operate in this area.This is one of the major reasons for Scottish disillusionment with British rule.  The Brits will bet on anything within sight, and with anything within reach.  The Scots became quite literally sick and tired of being used as a chip in the ever-bustling City of London casino.  The standard of living in Scotland has never been lower in recent memory and the people — rich and poor alike — now know that London has taken liberally from Scotland in order to prop up an illusion of British supremacy that is dissolving by the day.  The Scottish future is being stolen so that the City of London can maintain (i) the appearance of solvency, (ii) the continuity of banking prowess, and (iii) a strong commercial presence worldwide.
Whereas the City of London has run its business as the largest casino of all time, it has now run out of easy cash, quick assets and the necessary liquidity to keep the game tables operating.  Those British bankers don’t even have the gold in their vaults which has been held in trust, on account or as collateral for the various nations that own it.  That deeply disturbing fact alone represents a HUGE amount of UK gambling debts gone bad.  The people of Scotland know this and will not have their wealth squandered by the City which ought to be a lifetime member of GAMBLERS ANONYMOUS.
How did they rig the election?
The OLD-fashioned way!  By appealing to all the old folks, the old money, the old power brokers throughout Scottish society, and all the old established institutions of Scotland which are inextricably entangled with all thing having to do with English banking.
When the Bank of Scotland announced just prior to the vote that they would move to London if “independence” won, shock waves were set off all over the country.  Likewise, when British Parliamentarians swarmed all over Scotland in the weeks just prior to the vote, they were not delivering cake and cookies to their long lost brethren.  They were doing and saying anything possible to scare the bejesus out of every Scot within sight and sound.
As far as the promises the British MPs made, everything was offered, even the kitchen sink they didn’t own.  Of course such promises are very easy to make, but quite difficult to keep as the recent headlines now proclaim.
BBC News – Scottish referendum: Alex Salmond says ‘No’ voters were ‘tricked’
So intense was this pre-vote fear mongering that some Scots undoubtedly succumbed to it.  However, this was much more a vote about the future and less the present; therefore, the young voters came out in droves like never before.  The young masses always vote for change, especially when that change guarantees independence from proven national, governmental and institutional failures like the UK and the EU.
By and large the young folks of Scotland are very clued-in to the drunken excesses of the City of London.  They are well aware that their future has been leveraged to the hilt.  And, that their only way out is to unhitch their wagon from the UK wagon train.  Hence, the reason that the elderly and aged, rich and powerful were spoken directly to by the British MPs like Ed Milband.
Scotland votes No: Ed Miliband pledges to deliver more powers for Scotland despite Alex Salmond’s claim parties are at war over Daily Record devolution vow
Attempts to bribe and blackmail, scare and fear monger came fast and furiously during the days before the final vote.  Even the past military chiefs weighed in on the matter.
Fear mongering begins in earnest: Ex-military Chiefs warn over ‘Yes’ vote
At the end of the day so much misinformation, disinformation and false information was thrown around that the older folks could only assume the doom and gloom might be true.  Nevertheless, there was a sizable enough group within this voting demographic that wanted independence that a “YES” win was all but assured, particularly in view of the unprecedented number of young voters who participated.
How was the voting outcome determined in advance?
For the uninitiated, never was the outcome of this ‘independence vote’ in doubt.  Those who truly control the electoral process and levers of the voting apparatus would never leave the end result to chance.  However, what they were forced to manage quite conspicuously was the perception of how the real vote was shaping up.  They very well could not hide the voting fix, if the polls were favoring a win for the”YES” side.
Hence, the whole world watched the Masters of Illusion from the City of London kick into high gear during the weeks before the vote.  In this way Fleet Street proceeded to exert their unrivaled influence over all the key stakeholders through the notorious British media outlets.  Likewise, they used all the power invested in them at the institutional level to ensure full cooperation by all the parties necessary to steal the vote.
The news reports of rigging, fixing and stealing the vote came in immediately.  Each one provided either direct proof or circumstantial evidence that the vote had been substantially manipulated.  The evidence will likely continue to pour in from the 4 corners of Scotland for the foreseeable future until the stated outcome can be validated and proven without any doubt.
Scotland Independence Referendum: Videos Claim Vote ‘Is Definitely a Fix’
Scottish Referendum Video Provokes Claims From Cybernats That Vote Was Rigged
Was Scottish Vote Rigging Caught On Tape?
Glasgow police investigating alleged electoral fraud at polling stations
Independence Vote Fraud: Best Managed Coverup In Scottish History
So much money and so many false promises have been thrown at those who would normally expose such voting impropriety that the likelihood of an objective and impartial investigation are practically nonexistent.  Because Scotland has so many longstanding devotees of the British Monarchy, there are many insiders throughout the Scottish government and electoral apparatus who were sympathetic to the “NO”vote.  Given this inevitable state of affairs, it was quite easy for the electoral controllers to ensure the desired outcome of a perceived “NO” win.
Unless more witnesses step forward with testimony and evidence of voting fraud, it is more likely that this stolen vote will never see the light of day.  If, however, the younger generations sizes up the scene of this crime with great purpose and strong intention, the necessary breakthrough could occur for a nationwide demand for a re-vote.  Until then, the City of London will deftly manage the ongoing coverup the way they do in every other nation on Earth where both referendums and elections are routinely rigged and fixed, stolen and hijacked.
At the end of the day, the Scottish vote rigging may go down in history as the stolen vote that helped to really set Scotland on the road to independence.  The City of London has a well established pattern of theft by any means and it only takes getting caught once to bring the wrath of the people down on those perpetrators who wish to remain king of the realm.  There’s no question that the Scots have it in them to bring the curtain down on this multi-centennial crime-spree.  At this point of Scottish discontent, it’s really only a matter of when.
The people, especially the young whose lives are much more impacted by this weighty national decision, will not take this fraudulent vote counting lying down.  They will look forward and assess how they can right this wrong.   And, they will seek to take back their country from City of London bankers who have borrowed heavily from Scotland’s future.
As the UK continues to flounder on the world stage and is revealed as the serial gambler it has been for much of modern history, the Scots will somehow make another attempt at real independence.  The older generations will soon be unable to cast their votes from the grave.  Eventually the younger generations of Scotland will take back their power from the Crown and British Parliament.  When that happens the British Empire of old will cease to exist, once and for all.
Michael Thomas
September 21, 2014

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