Susan O Comes From A Family Of Patriots

There’s no denying that everyone everywhere has to struggle on a daily basis in order to survive. How fortunate are those who are able to free their minds amidst the limits of the physical.
Although the Seers have predicted the people’s victory, but we are still at a time when the greatest war humanity has to fight is yet to be won. It is therefore incumbent upon all of us to do our part wherever and whenever possible.
How beautiful it would be if we are all committed to leave this world a lot better than we found it.

Allow us now to share an enlightening  comment from one of our readers.
To fully understand what compelled here to give us her precious time, kindly read this article.

Susan O is wishing she was able to get out there and do so many things to help our country.

Unfortunately at this time, I have multiple back problems which have become severe and I am seeing a Neurologist next week, in hope something can be done to give me some quality back to my life and let me be more active again. I was always active before this back problem, it is extremely hard to want and need to do so many things to try and help this country and its people and I am literally trapped in my body. I was always an action kind of person before. I am the kind of person who has to be active to live. Can’t handle this, Say some prayers for me next week that I will be able to get help without surgery.
My Dad was in the 101st Airborne Division , a paratrooper in WW2, His brother was a Captain in the Air Force, My Uncle had to put so many young men in planes (going on bombing missions) who never made it back. It really hurt him. When he came back to the states, he could have accepted a mental disability because of what he had to do. Instead, he started a trucking company and had 25 big trucks on the road by 1965. The youngest brother, worked with the Government and Governor in Al. through a few decades. They were all extremely intelligent, and loved our country. So in the time after WW2, we became a world power and had a much better world (in my opinion) than we do now.
I feel totally at a loss when I see the state and condition of our country and the world today.
The sad fact is people who are working, raising families, go to work , come home and most are totally unaware of what is really going on behind the scenes because they are so busy, then when done, want to come home, relax and watch television.
I told several people about the Global Currency Reset and the RV, including our money being backed by gold again. Hardly anyone even knows what I am trying to tell them about, it either goes in one ear and out the other, or they just don’t want to believe it! A few are trying to watch and see, but they aren’t really convinced it is going to happen.
As long as our people don’t pay more attention to what is going on, not much can happen for us to make it better. Voting is rigged, yet so many think when they vote it will really be counted. They don’t even realize the news on the major channels is staged and not the truth most of the time. I have a neighbor who thinks the Sandy Hook Hoax was real, as do so many others.
So many people still think 911 was done by Bin Laden, They believe the story that Obama finally sent in our best and killed him and he was put out in the sea for burial. I try to tell some people the Bushes (Illuminati) was behind it and they do not believe. They think the Bushes were the greatest! In fact, I know a young man who I told about 911, he got upset with me an told me his dad was a retired Navy Seal and keeps up with all the news. His Dad told him the Bin Laden story was true and what a great President George Bush Jr. was!!! He probably liked Bush’s Dad too, who came in and helped set up the shadow government that really controls and runs our Government!!!! I am sure he wouldn’t believe the Bushes have ever done anything wrong. Most people do not even know who the ILLUMINATI are!!!!
What will it take to wake up Our Americans? Another 911 wouldn’t work because most of our population do not even know any of the real facts behind the one we had years ago!!!! We never want our people to go through such an atrocity again!!!!
Americans need to wake up!!! Most of them are in our slavery system, working long hours and trying to live from week to week!!!! They don’t even know where most of their Federal Income Taxes were going.
What does it take to wake our people up so that they can learn the truth?
If they started learning the truth, then they might start taking more interest. It is sad, very sad. Had some of them kept up with what was really happening, then maybe the Illuminati wouldn’t have as easily taken over the world. Do you have any answers on how to get them to wake up?
Do you have any idea of when Disclosure is going to happen when some of the truths are going to start coming out! It is rumored over the internet that we are a Republic again and a General Ham is taking over the government temporarily until the next election time. I heard when it happens, the Government plans on doing things slowly (letting out the real facts of what has been going on) so as not to upset or alarm our people. It is well past time for our whole country to know the truths about what has been happening. I can only hope and pray when things start coming out, that it will be really soon and that our people will start wanting to help and make a difference like we all should!!!! Maybe people should be alarmed, then they might start paying attention and wanting to do things to make a difference to make our country and world a better place.
I liked prayer in the schools, the way I was raised, it helps to form good morals and gives one leadership qualities when they have some good old fashioned religious background. I love, In God We Trust.
That is enough for now. Say some prayers for me to get good news (help without surgery, so I can be more active again. I love our country an I am proud to be an American, just want to see the truth start coming out more and people listening and caring enough to make it a better one again!!! We can do it, if people will just wake up!!!!!!!I am so glad to get your news to help me understand better. It sure has awakened me!!!!
Thank you all so much, you really put a lot of time in trying to put out the real facts and that is not an easy job! Hands up to all of you!!!!!
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You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

2 thoughts on “Susan O Comes From A Family Of Patriots”

  1. Dear Susan, Namaste, my positive prayer and energy is with you. I have searched for relief from my pain and paralysis. I was abused by catholics; and have always believed they were hiding the real info, the info we need to stay alive in their basement archive. I watched a two part teaching from Santos Bonnaci titled: Secret of Secrets Elixir of Life, Hidden in the Bible. It connected a few dots for me, answered a question or two and provided a list of more questions however, I was able to find things in it to relive. Blessings to you, we all want you healthy, happy and on two feet with us! You will not be left behind.

  2. RE Disclosure:
    Since the day it was promised, Disclosure is already happening. It’s in the movie made and shown for the last 10 years. They are doing it in a manner so as not to cause an abrupt shift on people’s mind, but it is already happening.
    Some of them trying to twist the subject to fit with their hidden agenda, but at the very least occult subjects are already being discussed. The latest of these disclosure films are more radical, more revealing.
    We hope we could do a summary of them soon. There’s just so many events we have to cover at the moment.
    The mainstream media are doing some of it by piece meal. But the likes of CNN and others are still very unreliable. We don’t expect them to change their behavior anytime soon.

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