Will Minsk be another merry-go-round?

“What kind of peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living.” –John F. Kennedy
We have all been here before, on the eve of another ceasefire meeting where all past agreements were totally ignored by Kiev, who used them to buy time to bring in weapons, equipment and mercenaries to use in the next offensive. The West has been totally complicit in every step of this.

Color me suspicious. The first thing I would ask is how do you make any kind of an honest deal with homicidal maniacs, who have a large dose of pathological liar hard-wired into their DNA?  And this is not mean-Jim Dean making these charges. I have good sources.
We had German Intelligence spill the beans last Sunday on what the media has referred to as “Kiev’s underestimation of the war casualties.” German Intel agreed with VT’s estimates of ten times Kiev’s numbers — i.e., not five thousand but 50,000 civilian and military dead, which is almost the number of America’s KIAs in Vietnam.
German intelligence is not the only one able to figure this out, yet Western media, most media actually, has reported the bogus numbers so often that they took on a life of their own. Veteran’s orgs, academics, military contractors galore, all went along with the Alice in Wonderland fairy tale low numbers.
We know the Kiev Junta and general staff would be the last ones to admit that, not only were they the architects of Ukrainian fratricide but, they wanted it to continue. Naïve me, I once posed that if Kiev pushed the army into a slaughterhouse in Donbass, we might see a real military coup to stop it. But alas, the Kiev gangsters had their own people in the right places to nip any grassroots military coup in the bud.
The CIA, FBI, Greystone and Vanguard contractors (i.e., hired killers) did want anyone to know that their services could not make green troops, incompetent officers, Right Sector nationalist thugs and a looted military supply chain into an effective fighting force.
A war on civilians and infrastructure
They ended up doing what all rogue armies do in defeat — start killing defenseless civilians for revenge. Hence, we have seen the prototypical Israeli tactic formerly used in Palestine and Lebanon employed in Ukraine, where they kill as many civilians as possible and destroy as much infrastructure as they can, disgracing their own fallen dead even further through their inhumane collective punishment.

None of this was done without US and EU permission, as they were paying for it, and supplying the equipment and support that made the continued assaults possible. When the stalling for time through the phony ceasefires did not produce the desired military victory, we got the current “Hail Mary” roll of the dice scenario.
Kiev kept fighting hard for the airport to tie down Donetsk’s best forces to defend the city from a breakthrough there and to keep it under constant bombardment during the “ceasefire.” I remember the POW Ukrainian officer video defending the shelling of Donetsk by saying, “If you would stop attacking the airport, we would stop shelling the city.” But of course the airport was one of his main artillery bases for shelling the city.
Using Western supply commitments and funding, Kiev gave their last big shot at retaking the airport — a full armored brigade counterattack that was completely destroyed, most of it the first day. The plan was to divert the Republic’s troops from the Debaltsevo pocket so the intended thrust there could make a breakthrough to cut Luhansk off from Donetsk. And by taking Gorlikva in the north, Kiev could shut off the water mains for all of Donetsk.
Lies, lies and more lies
That was why we did not hear a word out of the West to pressure Kiev to stop its offensive or risk losing future funding. While Donetsk civilians were being murdered by the Western coup-meisters, Russia was being shelled with an endless stream of accusations that reached the hysterical stage from Kiev.
All of its military defeats were blamed on the mythical-magical Russian military that always appeared at just the right moment to flank and defeat the Ukies by this “cheating”. The only proof we ever got on this was a few bodies being returned to Russia for burial, when we all knew that Russian volunteers had been fighting there, as were hundreds from Europe, Poland and the US fighting for Kiev.
Moscow was teased by the EU with possible sanctions relief in March, and then that was snatched back when the militias went on their offensive to drive the Ukraine Army artillery back from its major civilian areas. While the West’s puppet government in Kiev was pursuing a military victory in Donbass, NATO was working the flanks, deploying more forces nearer to Russia’s borders… to the Baltic countries and Romania, something neither the US or EU would ever allow the reverse of.
We only saw the West change its plan of military defeat of the Republics when the perfect storm came to visit. The 100,000 mobilization plan for Kiev’s new recruits had cannon fodder draftees fleeing the country in droves, with 1.5 million Ukrainian draft-dodgers in Russia alone.
Then came the airport armor brigade attack destruction, and the eight thousand fighters cut off and surrounded at Debaltsevo. Benjamin Fulford reports that a large number of Western contractors, including full-fledged Western military people, were trapped inside the pocket that the US and EU do not want to see taken prisoner. That would provide a far too interesting list of dogtags and diplomatic IDs.
Showdown in Moscow
We were caught by surprise with Merkel and Hollande going to see Putin by themselves, obviously carrying a serious offer of some kind. Corporate media, whom I don’t trust on anything, pitched this as an independent move on their part, cutting Obama out. The five-hour meeting looked very impressive, but I suspect some theater staging was going on.

France had been building up its credibility with Moscow as one of the more outspoken anti-sanctions EU countries, and Merkel has had a long and close relationship with Putin, in terms of both having been on the world stage so long. They played the “good cop”, while the US and Britain played the “bad” cop by staying away.
France had a deep “good cop” bench to offer with Marie Le Pen roasting the EU and US, saying: “Regarding Ukraine, we behave like American lackeys … the aim of the Americans is to start a war in Europe to push NATO to the Russian border.”
French Foreign Minister picked up this line, accusing the US of blindness, and wanting to solve all problems by force, and this final head shot: “The Americans have made one mistake after another and today they have simply been discredited ,”  and that “Humiliating Russia was simply unacceptable.”
Enter stage left, ex-president Sarkozy saying that, “We do not want the revival of a Cold War between Europe and Russia,” and that Europe was “part of a common civilization with Russia.” That folks, is what you call major diplomatic staging. Yet, it would have been more impressive if the French had announced they were delivering the Mistral ship they have been holding ransom.
The “foot in mouth” award goes to John McCain, and more proof that dementia is setting in with him. He was the first Western high official to admit that the Ukrainian military has been using illegal cluster munitions on civilians. But he added the usual depraved-politician spin by posing that if the US have given Ukraine modern weapons that would have been much more effective at killing, Kiev would not have “had to use” the cluster bombs. You just can’t make this stuff up!
Eastern-Asian economic integration speeds up

While this Ukraine sparing was going on, Putin was in Egypt, where he and President Sisi announced plans to abandon the dollar for their trade settlements, continuation of the increased food exports going to Russia (which Europe will never see again) and plans for Moscow to build two state-of-the-art nuclear power plants for the land of the Pyramids.
In the East, we see Pakistan, India and Iran moving quickly into energy and economic unions, while China is discussing a free trade zone with the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) . I have previously editorialized that this will create permanent damage to the West’s economic interests, as the West has overplayed their sanctions bullying and abused their military by using them as uniformed muscle to threaten competitors in trade affairs.
I will close with a real diplomat’s input…Russia’s UN ambassador Churkin’s somber words. “A political dialog is impossible without comprehending what is really going on in Ukraine through an unbiased assessment of Kiev’s actions.”
Amen, Brother Churkin…Amen.

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