Russia Signs Arms Deal With UAE

Although this transaction may be conducted between private companies and has nothing to do with Putin’s government, still something like this is one of those reasons that we just can’t trust too much on personalities but ourselves.

Russia Signs Arms Deal With UAE to Supply AU-220M Automatic Turret Module

The new turret will be integrated with a new Emirati armored fighting vehicle, as Russia continues finding new partners for defense cooperation.

© Photo: Wikipedia / Vitaly V. Kuzmin
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Russia will integrate the AU-220M, a 5-mm automatic turret with an armored vehicle built by the United Arab Emirates, following a memorandum signed by Russia’s Rosoboronexportprom and UAE’s Emirates Defense Technology (EDT) during the IDEX-2015 defense expo in Abu Dhabi.
The AU-220M module is designed for armored vehicles, both new and undergoing modernization. The naval version of the module is capable of hitting targets on land, air and sea, with a horizontal range of 12 kilometer and a vertical range of 8 kilometers.
The module will be integrated with an 8×8 platform produced by EDT, presumably the Enigma Armored Modular Fighting Vehicle (AMFV).
The AU-220M is manufactured by the Burevestnik Central Research Institute, part of the Uralvagonzavod corporation.
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