The Military Industrial Complex On Fear Mongering Hyperdrive

Maybe some of you may have noticed it already. There seems to be a concerted effort to create an atmosphere of fear similar to that of the Cold War era, but with a far more sophisticated script yet still following the same dialectic formula that we should already be aware of.

Recently, US intel chiefs are hyperventilating that the enemies, i.e. Russia and China, are considered the top cyberterrorists in this era. In fact, there are legitimate threats everywhere that the US must be protected from. We need a bigger budget, much bigger than the already big budget last year.
The Chinese Naval Fleet already outnumbers US combat vessels. We need to buy more submarines to patrol US controlled territories everywhere, oh, we have lots of territories to protect. We need a bigger budget.
The Russians are already remodernizing their military hardware and constantly updating their emergency protocols. They have also conducted the biggest military exercises in military history. We are falling behind in every military way. We need a bigger budget.

Are these fears warranted?

Are the Russians getting stronger militarily?
But they have been in military supremacy from the very beginning. They have defeated the Nazis in World War 2 at the cost of 30 million lives. They have far more advanced technologies in the field of space explorations in the ‘70s. Twenty-five years more advanced than the US to be exact.
Today, they have even surpassed the US advancement in the field of consumer mobile phones.

The reason why they have advanced so much is not because they are more intelligent genetically than the Americans. There leaders are just wise enough to allow and willing to finance their scientists even in the research of the paranormals, while their Western counterparts had to confine themselves within the parameters of the profiteering Corporation.
The only time that the US came close to superiority was during the reign of the Oligarch-installed Yeltsin, after Gorbachev had successfully supervised its systematic downfall, when Russian technologies were sold and plundered for pennies.
So far, however, and from a wider perspective, all players are just acting on a well written script for globalist control. There has not come a true independent leader as of yet. How about Putin?
For sure, Putin is trying to protect his people, and by extension will try to lead the rest of the world for the implementation of necessary reforms. But he can’t do that alone, nor does he subscribe to the solutions we are thinking. What he will do at most is to continue navigating within the existing framework, but with lesser evil.
This is what China under Xi “The Reformist” Jinping is doing already.
Does China have the appetite to put the world under its thumb?
The military industrial complex would like you to understand exactly that: Yes, China is out to conquer the world for good., and to mitigate that, we need to put more military bases closer to it. We need a bigger military budget. Forget domestic homelessness and hunger, too.
All possibilities do exist, but is it probable?
No. Here’s why.
During the time of Zheng He, China has the mightiest naval force of the age. But, she never sought to conquer the world militarily. Instead, she proceeded to deal the rest of the world through the production of and extensive distribution of goods, just like she’s doing again today. The only reason why she needs to develop militarily is to protect herself from the vultures of the West.
Even then, China never went to war when the British Empire was expanding its clout over India and the rest of Asia. Instead, it sought to unite its warring factions from within.
In deep contrast, the Western Oligarchy used its expertise in paper magic by playing with words printed in a well-decorated and otherwise worthless paper. They created a system that promotes Darwinian’s “survival of the fittest’ dictum now known as Corporatocracy.
To put it simply, while the West has advanced in the field of Science but all these efforts were sadly eclipsed by the wrong motivations of its leaders. Essentially, the West has not created a truly useful product much like the Chinese, but only a system of deception fed and sustained with illusory wealth known as paper currency. Truly, the West has given us the likes of Tesla only to be muted down by its own Oligarchical vested interests that we must now try eliminate.
The West supplied the world with products ranging from food to pharmaceuticals that originated from all the bad sciences it has learned over the centuries it projected itself to have the sole supremacy which, ironically, even its own people are now suffering from.
To illustrate even further that China never have imperialistic ambitions from the very beginning is to consider our country’s situation in the Kalayaan Group of Islands, aka the Spratly’s.
Following the principle of 200 nautical mile economic exclusivity, there’s no question that we have that unquestionable right over the islands in question. But, China is contesting it. Why?
The presence of the US military and the misplaced yet unqualified loyalty of the Philippine government to its mother corporation known as the United States, those are the reasons for China’s concern.

US covert military operations.
US covert military operations.

Most of the US military operations conducted within our soil were done away from all oversight. This and other concerns were the true cause of the barbaric deaths of the 44 SAF soldiers who went on a mission to eliminate the CIA injected terrorist leader in Mindanao.
Members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) carry a metal casket of one of the 42 of the 44 fallen colleagues, who were killed in ...
Members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) carry a metal casket of one of the 42 of the 44 fallen colleagues, who were killed in …

Within the blood of almost every Filipino run Chinese genes. Even the current president’s mother is Chinese. The late dictator Marcos was Chinese in part just like our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. So, are we really afraid of the Chinese?
No, we are not.
They’ve been here all along, and were just doing fine for thousands of years, until the White Men came along and sought to divide the people. In fact, we were doing business with them so lucratively enough that we were able to accumulate as much gold bullion for centuries which now form part of the Collateral Accounts that need to be recovered in full. This is on top of the gold that’s already here, the ones being used to establish our Central Bank supporting what turned out to be the biggest heist ever in the history of mankind.
Corporatoracy is such a system that is never sustainable, and now we are seeing its highly destructive demise, i.e. those who have benefited from it are now willing to start a nuclear war just to preserve it. We can only hope that those who endeavor to implement the necessary reforms, which may serve as a transitional mechanism to a new system, will be successful.
But hoping for other people to act is not enough. What if the likes of Putin are just serving the same people that brought us in this mess to begin with? What if Putin is just luring us into a place where the Oligarchy still has the complete control and considerable influence?
Hero worship is the worst form of idolatry promoted by Hollywood that we need to stop. We need to learn the solutions by ourselves and make those solutions known far and wide.
In conjunction to that, we need to shout loud enough to make our voices heard. To do that, we need to increase the population that will do the shouting. We need to awaken more people.

That’s the job at hand.
After this, we shall install a system whereby we won’t need to protest every time we desire for some systemic change.
We shall remove the root cause, and the motivation to corrupt, by eliminating all its incentives. This is the reason why we are all here, today. This is our collective purpose.
The next generations will find theirs.

Chinese Naval Fleet Now Outnumbers US Combat Vessels

Chinese Submarine
22:16 26.02.2015(updated 01:57 27.02.2015)
China is at the forefront of building submarines and now has more than the United States, says a Navy admiral testifying before a congressional committee that is discussing future funding for US defense projects.
Vice Admiral Joseph Mulloy told legislators on Thursday that not only is China building “some fairly amazing submarines” but that the Chinese are carrying out more deployments and expanding their area of operations as part of an rapid military buildup.
“We know they are out experimenting and looking at operating, and clearly want to be in this world of advanced submarines,” Mulloy told committee members, according to Reuters.
US military officials are in the middle of a major push to stay ahead of the Chinese, said Mulloy, adding that while the Chinese submarines are inferior in quality compared to those from the US, there are more Chinese nuclear and diesel vessels than what the US has, even though the US has the world’s largest defense budget.
The US Navy has 71 commissioned submarines, while the Chinese have 77 principal surface combatant ships, 61 submarines, 55 large and medium amphibious ships, and about 85 missile-equipped smaller combatant ships.

US intel chiefs see threats, danger everywhere

Published time: February 26, 2015 21:18

Director of US National Intelligence James Clapper (Reuters / Gary Cameron)
Director of US National Intelligence James Clapper (Reuters / Gary Cameron)

The world is fraught with dangers for the United States – including cyber attacks, violent extremism, the so-called Islamic State, organized crime and threats from Russia and China – the country’s intelligence chiefs testified on Thursday.
In the annual hearing on worldwide threats before the Senate Armed Services Committee, US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt. General Vincent Stewart (USMC), reported on the intelligence community’s assessment of current and potential threats to American security and interests.
Clapper opened his prepared remarks by discussing cyber threats, which are “increasing in frequency, scale, sophistication and severity of impact.” However, he deemed the likelihood of a “catastrophic attack” remote, and said the intelligence community anticipates more of an ongoing series of attacks from a variety of sources, imposing cumulative costs.
“The cyber threat cannot be eliminated; rather, cyber risk must be managed,” Clapper said.
Later in the hearing, while answering a question about the ways of countering the Islamic State’s extensive use of social media, Clapper noted: “The challenge is, how do you take down the internet?”
According to Clapper, 2014 was “the most lethal year for global terrorism” in the 45 years the statistics have been kept. Half of all the attacks and deaths occurred in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. This contradicts earlier remarks from Secretary of State John Kerry to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, that this was a “period of less daily threat to Americans and to people in the world than normally.”
While much of the testimony was decidedly gloomy, the director of national intelligence did not seem particularly concerned about the threat posed by the Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS/ISIL). According to US intelligence estimates, the group is running out of money, cutting the pay of its fighters, and even resorting to conscription. Clapper estimated the strength of IS at anywhere between 20,000 and 32,000 fighters.
However, if the Islamic State changed its focus from controlling territory to attacking the West, the group’s access to radicalized Westerners who have fought in Syria and Iraq could provide a ready “pool of operatives.” Clapper noted that more than 20,000 foreign fighters from 90 countries have gone to Syria since the civil war there began in 2011, and at least 3,400 of those were Westerners.
Clapper did say a “relatively small number” of Americans who successfully joined IS have returned to the US, “and we have not identified any of them engaged in attack plotting.”
As for Syria, the war there is “trending in the Assad regime’s favor” according to Lt. Gen. Stewart, but military intelligence believes it unlikely that Damascus would be able to decisively defeat the rebels in 2015.
Both intelligence directors brought up Russia and China as the most significant state sources of concern, referring to new weapons systems, cyber commands, and increased confrontation over Ukraine and the South China Sea. Both committee chairman John McCain (R-Ariz.) and senior member James Inhofe (R-Okla.) raised questions about arming the government in Kiev against what they termed “Russian aggression.”
READ MORE: Busted: Kiev MPs try to fool US senator with ‘proof’ of Russian tanks in Ukraine
Clapper said the delivery of weapons might prompt a Russian reaction that could “further remove the very thin fig leaf of their position” that Russia was not involved in Ukraine. Prompted by McCain, he stressed he was personally in favor of sending weapons, but stressed that would be a policy decision, not an intelligence one.
No mention was made of Clapper’s 2013 comments regarding NSA surveillance of Americans, for which the director of national intelligence has been roundly criticized in the media. When activists tried to bring it up at the end of the hearing, they were swiftly arrested.
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