Final Exchange Rates for Four Currencies [Keenan]

The latest Keenan update indicated that there will be no “debt jubilee”, but only currency revaluations.

here is what I received today…You most likely know more about this than me but I do have connections…Here you go and be careful please…
The final exchange rates for the four currencies in the first basket are as follows:
Rupiah – $1.08
Dong – $1.26 – $1.56
Zim – drop 6 zeros & x $.15
Dinar – $3.90

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6 thoughts on “Final Exchange Rates for Four Currencies [Keenan]”

  1. There is no debt.
    Something of value has to be exchange for there to be a debt.
    As money is “printed” from nothing by the private Central banks nothing of value has changed hands.
    Therefore no debt.
    The whole scam is clever ploy to rid the average hard working individual of his wealth by the private bankers and their paid-for stooges in government.

    1. Would someone please explain this, and also the pope declared a jubilee year Dec 8 2015-November 2017…IF we make it there.
      Why the different views? Thanks to make clear of all the cunning deceivers at the end game….

      1. Things will become clearer as we go along, Dee. The problem really is that those who are making monetary promises are not the one holding the purse.

  2. are you telling me that the dinar rate is $3.29?????? ANSWER ME , if this is so then why did the BANK laugh at ME?????

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