Putin Live!

Russian President Vladimir Putin is holding his 13th annual Q&A session. He will answer the questions from people from all over Russia.

Nearly 2 million questions have been collected since April 9, according to the Kremlin spokesperson. At the conference starting at 12:00 Moscow time (9:00 GMT), Vladimir Putin is also expected to answer questions asked via live link-ups from across the country. The Q&A session, Vladimir Putin’s 13th in succession, will be broadcasted by the country’s major TV channels and radio stations.


Farmer John asks a question on business

Putin: How did you end up here? Was it a woman?
John indeed has a Russian wife. They got married 23 years ago.

Putin: I trust the figures.The question is what can we do to improve the situation. The government decided to increase subsidies for loans. I have already mentioned this measure. If everything were so bad, you would have given up years ago.
We, the government will have to increase the support specifically for the dairy industry. Milk productivity is low in the country. We are not very efficient. Of course there are some farms.

John says dairy production is critical.
Putin: You may think that we are not familiar with the real situation but we are familiar. We have to maintain the balance between different sectors. Agriculture is one of our priorities.


Farmers from Stepanovo village ask question on the agriculture sector

Putin: Our consumers want to have high quality goods. That’s why our goverment has adopted measures to support agriculture producers: measures of tax support, increased subsidies for loans taken by agricultural manufacturers.

We have also special support measures for small businesses in the agriculture sector.

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