The Interview The Global Elite Never Want You To Hear [Pete Santilli]

Pete Santilli is among those new mainstream media [alternative media] journalists who have a different take on everyday issues. He just interviewed men behind The Keenan Group for the first time about what most of us may already know by now here on this blog. Yet you may not know still who are some of the financial experts working with him.

And it’s very helpful to our collective efforts to bring the issue of the Collateral Accounts to mainstream consciousness so that the people will fully understand the real story behind WTC 9/11 and the rest of the “war on terror”, as most people today are seeking compelling reasons why it should be classified as a false flag operation rather than a genuine act of terror by people hiding in caves thousands of miles away.

A show like this will help in that effort.

Hear new mind-blowing insider information for the very first time…

Start to be blown away at the 38 minute mark,

Pete Santilli Episode #960 – Neil Keenan – The Interview The Global Elite Never Want You To Hear

If you don’t have the bandwidth for the video, just download the following audio clips [MP3]

Episode #960 – Monday April 18, 2015 – Hour 1   Episode #960 – Monday April 18, 2015 – Hour 1

Episode #960 – Monday April 18, 2015 – Hour 2   Episode #960 – Monday April 18, 2015 – Hour 2

Episode #960 – Monday April 18, 2015 – Hour 3   Episode #960 – Monday April 18, 2015 – Hour 3

Streamed live on Apr 20, 2015

Full article & audio archive:

In this episode of The Pete Santilli Show:

Special guest: Neil Keenan with Chris Brosnahan & Donavan Darcy

About Neil Keenan:

Neil Keenan is an international businessman and “world patriot.” In his lifetime of endeavors, Keenan has been in contact with the full scope of world personalities from heads-of-state to family “Elders” to cabal criminals. His vast experience combined with his nature as a fighter make Neil Keenan uniquely and ideally suited for his ongoing work in helping to free humanity from cabal enslavement.

Keenan initially became involved with the Dragon Family, a group of wealthy Asian families, when he was chosen by them to be their principal in dealing with projects and platforms and protector of the accounts which 85% belong to the family.

In 2009 Neil Keenan was entrusted by the Dragon Family with financial notes and bonds whose present-day value is over $1 trillion. This portion of the Dragon Family’s accumulated wealth was registered in the Federal Reserve system and exchanged for notes and bonds.

To determine that his intent was pure, Keenan underwent an ancient ceremony conducted by Indonesian “Elders.”

In November of 2011 Keenan initiated a lawsuit to get back the stolen bonds, among other charges. He filed this unprecedented Trillion-dollar Lawsuit in US District Court in Manhattan, NY, naming defendants such as Daniel Dal Bosco, the OITC, the Italian Republic and its Financial Police, and Ban ki Moon (the UN), among others. The 111-page federal complaint details those involved in stealing the $1.1 Trillion that is intended for humanitarian purposes. Other conspirators named in the complaint include the Vatican, the Masons and the Federal Reserve Board. This lawsuit became recognized worldwide as the case that will break the Western Financial Mafias hold on society.

Keenan is presently working to return to Indonesia to make the final push for substantial access to the bunkers and the opening of the Global Accounts. His efforts have been stalled by the cabal’s criminal tactics: they have “disappeared” Keenan’s bank accounts, murdered a good friend who was providing help, and attempted to kill another associate with a car “accident and even demanded a country not deal with Neil.”

About Chris Brosnahan: Chris Brosnahan has been a top banker level 14 for 26 years and has worked for 5 of the biggest banks in the world for the last 10 years He has built a clientele of a number of super rich who he looks after. He has worked with Neil Keenan for the last 5 years and has traveled  with him to Indonesia and met all the people he deals with and has decided to toss all his marbles into the Global Account venture Neil has created to release the world from being enslaved any further. He has been in Indonesia and seen most of it, and he sincerely believes if anyone is going to assist mankind it is the Group K.

He has a great interest in financial politics and one of his hobbies is to study financial history from the past. Chris has been married for 26 years and he has 2 beautiful daughters.

About Donavan Darcy: Donovan Darcy has Worked in the field of financial services 35+ years. Over the years, he has held 5 different SEC/FINRA licenses as well as Estate Planning certifications of CLU, ChFC and CSA. He traded currencies on the FOREX. He has spent time in Africa and Europe trading commodities with third world governments. After listening to Neil’s video post for several months he realized that Neil Keenan might be able to use his skill set and offered Neil Keenan his services.

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Beyond Pete Santilli’s introduction, the interview continues into discussions covering many topics with Neil Keenan and his close associates, Chris Brosnahan (a high-level international banking specialist) and Donavan Darcy (an expert in business financial services including commodities and currency trading) of the Keenan Team, Group K, Ltd.

This discourse provides a concise yet comprehensive introduction for those who are new to matters relating to the Global Collateral Accounts, and Neil Keenan’s tireless work towards making these accounts available for humanitarian purposes.

Because humanitarian purposes were the original intention in terms of the establishment of the Global Collateral Accounts, these accounts were co-opted and stolen from by the dark cabal in order to forward their plans toward establishing their “New World Order.”

The following interview covers key points of interest for anyone who would like to understand details of what the international cabal-controlled banking system has done to the people of the world over the past 75+ years.

Regardless as to whether an audience member might be new to this material or a well-seasoned researcher, this is a power-packed, groundbreaking show with something of interest for everyone.

The Keenan Group

One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $3.09 trillion in 2014, and is projected to soar to $3.57 trillion in 2017, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

We can avoid using drugs, defeat any viral attack and scaremongering easily by knowing how to build our own comprehensive antiviral system. Find more about it here.

18 thoughts on “The Interview The Global Elite Never Want You To Hear [Pete Santilli]”

  1. Add ’em up!

    Critics are beginning to wonder whether The Pete Santilli Show checks guest credibility or are audiences to expect moon-bats too? If left unchecked, are audiences to believe government runs Alternative Media too?

    So please tell us, ‘this’ Pete Santilli Show 3-hour broadcast ( ) PLUS ‘this’ ABC ( see below ) equals?






    = Taken?

    Come on now!

  2. Add ’em up!

    Critics are beginning to wonder whether The Pete Santilli Show checks guest credibility or are audiences to expect moon-bats too? If left unchecked, are audiences to believe government runs Alternative Media too?

    So please tell us, ‘this’ Pete Santilli Show 3-hour broadcast ( ) PLUS ‘this’ ABC ( see below ) equals?






    = Taken?

    Come on now!

    1. So, why the need to change from Retired Executive to KIRV?

      IF the Kennan Group, Ben Fulford, etc. are not saying what they were saying, why the need to talk about them? Why there’s a need to criticize these people when they are not doing harm financially on their listeners?

      In short, why are people like you, Retired Executive or KIRV, after them?

      Because you care?

      1. Trying to retire, especially away-from highly specialized global information operations, is not easy to stomach when I can recognize dunderheads – installed by corporate media led government intelligence organizations – into so-called “New World Order Whistleblowers” having various stooges misleading audiences into ‘arenas of unknowledgeables’, which many producers of Alternative Media platforms find “fascinating,” however unwittingly serve to act as defacto or dejure ‘public promotional tools’ ( NSA-led platforms, e.g. ‘Facebook’ platform ) on subjects the vast majority of global public audiences were equally unknowledgeable about.

        Most common man knowledge is not well-versed on ‘global economic history’, ‘foreign dynasties’, or the 80 train loads of gold that went missing from China to Russia long ago either.

        Slim to none, are the chances, no one has in their files what else I do, including U.S. Army intelligence secure communication cables of the late Premier Ir. Soekarno plus more as to the legitimate transference of claimed gold assets designated for the Indonesia Army, which was only handed-off to his closest Family friend ( my files are more than just extensive ) because contained therein rests the ‘true history’ people have never known nor will they ever hear form Heckle, Jeckle, and any other talking magpies seen claiming they have been bestowed power to do anything for the people of the world, but possibly tie their shoestrings to frauds; and, it remains obvious ‘no one knew’ ( and, obviously, some ‘still remain unaware’ ) of current intelligence operations designed to convince ( ‘con’ ) global audiences into believing these types of shills claim what they do solely for the publicly unknown ‘secret sake of their mission financially supporting such fraudulent treasure hunts’ they all have been duped into believing.

        If anyone ‘thinks they know what they’re doing’, they’re ‘not really doing anything’ “good” for “hunankind,” and ‘this nonknowledgeability’ is what ‘boils my blood’ ( as an ‘expert’ in ‘this particular’ intelligence tradecraft arena ) and so vehemently outspoken as possibly one ( to-date ) ‘true’ “Whistleblower” on ‘these specific type case situations’.

        Exposing ‘global immitation talking-head monkeys-with-microphones’ is only a hobby during my ‘retirement period’.

        Only when one learns government continues using moon-bats to ‘globally defraud innocent individual-investors’ duped in-to believing something untrue, do I consider coming out to speak about audiences ‘being unknowingly used’ in a ‘clandestine intelligence program’ cleverly designed to ‘en-masse legitimitize certain global fraudulent schemes aimed by government interest where only one ( 1 ) individual ( primary ) target’ ( or a small group of individual-investors’ ) becomes thrown into 1 ( single ) large mixing bowl scheme’ that ‘includes the innocent individual-investors whom are all using global public internet platform requests to online audiences infusing “support” for the ‘background’ of which is ‘primarily fraudster support operation expenses’ – hiding monies as receipts are never shown to general public audiences whom unfortunately remain unaware for years afterwards until ‘factual understandings as-to what really happened to their invested mones is too late for retrieval’.

        Does anyone actually believe the ‘government’, that is ‘clandestinely targeting Alternative Media audiences’, is going to ‘inform those audiences ( being used ) about these types of global internet frauds we see being platformed by online website book-selling treasure-hunters’? ‘Not’ “no,” but rather, “Hell no!”

        With greater than 40-years experience in a variety of international intelligence operations, I am probably someone the public just might want to listen too for awhile longer.

        Unless you’re a specialist in my field of knowledgeability, you are like most people inexperienced at discerning specific types if schemes, nor do most hold 16,000,000 files on many globally involved up to their neck in such online fraudulent schemes.

        When time permits, when significant amounts of valuable holdings are taken-away from ‘innocent individuals’, and when such is presented ( as my private clients use to do ) will I review such, or in case instances of strictly humanitarian causes.

        And, by “innocent” I include: ‘unwitting’, ‘unsuspecting’, ‘extorted’, ‘threatened’ or those ‘duped’ ( ‘conned’ ) into simply believing a ‘foundational untruth’ ( ‘deceit’ ) resulting in a ‘significantly valuable loss’; extended even unto an ‘individual, although conplicitly promoting, any scheme later learning commissions of serious fraud against others’ was ‘unknown during the course and scope of such clandestine schemes’.

        If what I ‘do’ is somehow ‘not favorably assisting humankind’, I’d enjoy seeing something better, which unfortunately does not yet exist in the real world.

        For yee of ‘little understanding and unbias’ whom ‘have at-least reviewed all presented ( herein )’, you may at-least walk-away with a far better understanding of not only what is being subjected here, but also a ‘new ability to carefully eye with discerning suspicion’ what you may not been made aware-of before.

        If you’d like to know a ‘little more’, about a world foreign to many’, why not review this:

        And, to this end, I wish all good.

        – KIRV

      2. Kennan did great financial harm to a sweet little old lady, he stole her life savings/retirement funds. Have you ever heard of Jean Haines? He conned her out of over $300,000.. Will he ever pay her back? No, he’s a liar and a crook, that’s what they do. How many others has he duped?

  3. Administrator: a ‘double posting’ needs correction and commentary with ‘less rhetoric’ and ‘not more’. whatcha

  4. No. Up to now, we are still confused what name would you prefer. Most importantly, we want our readers to have a better perspective about your demeanor, if you don’t mind.

    “Unless you’re a specialist in my field of knowledgeability, you are like most people inexperienced at discerning specific types if schemes, nor do most hold 16,000,000 files on many globally involved up to their neck in such online fraudulent schemes.” – Retired Executive

    So you have a very impressive résumé to brag about, Mr. Retired? But, what does it serve us really? I mean, what can you do, or have already done, besides ruining people’s reputation in public, true or not?

    I’ve been to your KIRV website and I don’t think you have 16 million documents right there. There was no mention of “collateral accounts” either. Even a simple search for “Soekarno” or “dragon family” yields “Nothing Found”.

    So, what part of your very impressive résumé should you consider giving you the authority and credibility with regards to the global collateral accounts?

    Are you going to say that those stuffs don’t exist? Or, are you going to suggest that we just maintain the status quo because there’s nothing better?

    Frankly, with the considerable length of your comment here, nothing really is serving the interest of our audience.

    Just so you know, we will only appreciate those people who could bring about meaningful changes and not just endless hot air. Claims and counter claims are judge based on the actual benefit they may serve the people. Otherwise, they’re just another form of sophisticated entertainment.

    We do understand how the Jesuits work. So, if you’re one of their agents you may be wasting your time.

    In the meantime, we will continue to educate ourselves with verifiable information only. To put it simply, we are not fanatics worshiping anyone.

    We are a reader supported critical information aggregator with zero selfish agenda whatsoever. That’s why we are free to criticize everyone with confirmed selfish motive any day anywhere.

    We have been openly offered between $100 k to $250 k per month to do otherwise, but we are already happy with the no-strings attach amounts that our dear reader-sponsors have been sharing all these years. Of course, they’ll get a very useful eBook on alternative healthcare in the process. But, hey, it’s far more useful than a pair of glasses according to Dr. Bates. Of more import is that: they’ll enjoy the benefits of the knowledge therein not “tomorrow” or “next week” but in real time.

    Besides, it doesn’t help establishing your credibility either when you attack others’ self-sustaining methods while you advertise your Google Adsense money making venture, too. Clearly, your real object is already suspect in that regard.

    You did use Alexa ranking to emphasize popularity as one basis of the person’s credibility, so let’s see some actual Alexa rankings to date.

    Alexa rankings:

    KIRV 10,606,802 1,421,733
    The Critical Post 2,407,473 ???
    Neil Keenan 810,454 336,865
    Divine Cosmos 118,532 63,124
    Benjamin Fulford 133,629 69,881

    So, if your information is more credible than others in the alternative media, why are they more popular?

    So, from hereon we would appreciate it if you could substantiate your claims and counterclaims against the Keenan Group, Ben Fulford, etc. with verifiable data, and not just attack their method of sustaining their efforts, bearing in mind that the enemy they are fighting against have unlimited access to taxpayers’ money and bank deposits.

    Put those data at MEGA cloud service at so everyone could have access to. With MEGA platform, you can upload up to 50GB of information for FREE!

    We are pretty sure our dear readers would appreciate if you do so. Otherwise, you will be confirming Alexa’s rankings as accurate, and I hope people would not get angry at us for wasting their time, because we obviously wasted hours watching your videos hoping to find substance but there’s none so far..

    1. Further to this matter, the following email was sent to Pollack – which he conveniently ignored. It was later posted on facebook with the following comment:


      Scott “Drunkey” Pollack repeatedly begs – in his rants – for the people that he believes he is ‘outing’ to call him at his muppet “news desk”.

      The following email was sent to Pollack via the publicly listed email contact address:

      For someone who so desperately begs a response from Neil, (and the others that he is paid to target in his ongoing defamation attempts, with a number of clear breaches of the law to boot) he provided no response to the following email that was sent on Fri, 17 Apr 2015 00:48:09 +1200

      “Mr. Pollack & Associates,

      None of the people whom you have requested to call you will be doing any such thing and so your request to use them as a platform is denied.

      If you think you are going to be able to establish any credibility by way of eliciting a response in such a manner, then you are misguided.

      You are not recognized.

      Mr. Keenan calls you a dwarf. He actually wants to know which one of the Seven Dwarves you are? Sometimes he thinks you’re Dopey. Sometimes he thinks you are the 8th Dwarf.

      Yes, there is an 8th Dwarf Mr. Pollack and he is Drunkey; and he was named just for you. An alcoholic dwarf, just what we need.

      Some clarifications clearly need to be made here for your benefit, as the fundamentals appear to have escaped yourself and your crack team.

      It is illegal in the State of Illinois to record a conversation without the consent of both (all and any) parties involved.

      That is the law.

      You telephoned the public call center at the office of the Attorney General of Illinois for legal advice. You spoke with someone who did state that they could not definitively answer your questions; yet you point to such an unqualified response as evidence as if it supports your position.

      In a move of dramatically inept proportions you continue on a line of reasoning based upon a tentative reply from an unqualified spokesperson; when you should be well aware that it is illegal to do what you did in the first instance, by recording a call without consent within the state of Illinois.

      The person with whom you spoke with most recently offered to put you in touch with their superior but you declined to speak with that person – someone that would have been more suitable in terms of addressing your queries.

      In just how much more of a poorly thought-out and lackadaisical manner are you capable of conducting yourself?

      We can assure you that you are speaking with people at the opposite end of the spectrum than Neil is in this matter, some of whom he personally knows.

      Similarly, you have no idea what you are speaking about in relation to the internet audience reach data for

      For your edification, receives a consistent monthly average of 50,000 page views, enjoying an ongoing upward trend which includes large spikes in visitor traffic as new articles are published. Our databases continue to grow by the same measure.

      Accurate visitor and page view figures are only obtainable for a website by way of access as a website administrator, as you should also be aware.
      Third party statistics derived by any other means can only ever be estimated externally and are therefore inaccurate by their very nature. Systems such as Alexa can only draw figures from a limited number of web users who happen to have their software installed, which in the case of Alexa is under 0.02% of all internet users globally.

      We have IT specialists who confirm that, even if you are not fabricating what you claim – any website traffic statistics that come from anywhere other than the server that hosts the website, or an installed service such as Google Analytics, must inherently be incomplete – and as such a flawed representation of internet audience reach data.

      Just so you know.

      Be advised, most certainly neither yourself nor any of your cohorts are playing with all of the pieces Mr. Pollack – for if you were, then whatever you are being paid to implement your campaign of disinformation will certainly not be worth it as events play out in full.

      The term “egg-on-one’s-face” will barely come close in terms of humiliation for you and yours.

      You would be well advised to consider searching once again for that rock from under which you emerged.

      Group K.”

  5. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough free time left to educate you, Winston, or your audience so, I would recommend that if you feel my postings here have no worthwhile research value to those interested in researching more to discern the truer nature of affairs discussed within your report, then simply delete my jabberwocky.

    I drop hints on matters, acedemic to a few others, however too complex for most, and so I personally wish you and your audience well in improving their knowledgeability on subjects they really should research further than where they find themself presently.

    Be good.

    – RE



    1. You mean you could not supply even a single verifiable information instead of mere “hints” out of your 16 million files?

      Your use of superlatives doesn’t impress us and will never be.

      Sometimes, it pays to be humble.

  6. Awwww was one of the best cup of coffee I have ever had and yes part of the coffee itself was reading these comments on setting people in proper places without bashing!! Thanks so much eclinic and Group k.
    Now I will have my liquid form coffee. LOL

    Some of us cast stones to build a dam or a wall for a purpose, to help oneself or teach others. I just still to this day find any reasoning in why
    some people think by casting them in their back pack think they will be able to walk away with it all their lives. It’s beyond me to understand them.

    Long story short, my Grand Father being Irish deported to North America my Grand Mother Meti shunned by all as poor savage peasants, BUT!!! One thing they thought us was honesty,caring,giving
    and loving to no end. Their saying was always the same.

    If you cast a stone with a lie,cast a stone without caring,cast a stone without giving and cast that stone without love!!! they will all end up on your shoulders and the weight will just keep getting heavier. So cast them in good intentions and you will go to bed and sleep well. Don’t go to bed with a weight on your shoulders and not sleep at night.

    Simple way of life that still holds true today. What is it that some don’t get? Honesty! Caring! Giving! Loving! is it so hard!!!!

  7. You really make it seem so easy along with your presentation however I to find this matter to be actually one thing which I think I might by no means understand.
    It kind of feels too complex and very wide for me.
    I’m having a look forward in your next put up, I’ll attempt to get the dangle of it!

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