Confirmed: Philippine President BS Aquino is Stupid!

We and the Americans have so many things in common. While they have allowed the Nazis to live inside their country, even elected some into the highest office of the land, the current president of the Philippines is now inviting Japanese troops to visit their once occupied territory.

That is because both countries are literally under the same top management, and BS Aquino is patently spineless and stupid!

WWII Forgotten? Philippines President Wants Japanese Troops in His Country

00:09 06.06.2015(updated 07:19 06.06.2015)
While comparing China to Nazi Germany earlier this week, the Philippine president is now seeking a military alliance with Japan, a former Axis power which occupied his nation 70 years ago.
“If somebody said stop to Hitler…would we have avoided World War II,” Philippines President Benigno Aquino told an audience on Wednesday during his four-day tour of Japan. The hypothetical was meant to draw comparisons to Nazi Germany’s spread through Europe to China’s land reclamation projects in the South China Sea.
“I’m an amateur student of history…” Aquino said. So amateur, in fact, that he’s overlooked Japan’s role in the war.
Philippine President Benigno Aquino III addresses the upper house of parliament in Tokyo.
Philippine President Compares China to Nazi Germany While Visiting Japan
In 1941, Imperial Japanese forces invaded the Philippines mere hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The occupation lasted for three years, during which time a number of war crimes were documented. The Manila massacre, one of the many atrocities conducted by the Japanese military throughout their occupied territories, resulted in the death of between 100,000 and 500,000 civilians.
Yet on Friday, Aquino indicated a desire to begin negotiations which would allow military cooperation between the two countries.
Under a visiting forces agreement, the cooperation would allow for refueling and other logistical support or Japanese forces in the region. This would fall in line with similar treaties between the Philippines, the United States, and Australia.
While the visiting forces agreement has not yet been finalized, Manila and Tokyo did sign a partnership agreement on Thursday, which will increase military cooperation and arms sales. As part of that deal, Japan will deliver 10 patrol ships to Philippine coast guard and assist in upgrading the country’s surveillance and defense technology.
The increased cooperation between Pacific allies is meant to address the growing influence of China in the region, something the United States has been staunchly against. Washington has called Beijing’s construction of artificial islands in the South China Sea a provocation, despite the fact that China has repeatedly asserted that it has every right to build within its own territory.
While China claims most of the South China Sea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, and Vietnam all have overlapping claims.
Under pressure from Washington, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is working to expand his military’s jurisdiction. While Japan’s constitution currently restricts troops to act only within its own territory, Abe has sought new legislation which would allow Tokyo to defend foreign allies.
That means that Japan could soon be monitoring the South China Sea, and using the Philippines as a base of operations.
Obviously the Japan of today is a far cry from the Japan of World War II. It has changed exponentially in the last 70 years, just as any nation has. But before Aquino begins tossing Nazi comparisons around, he should consider how that equivocation looks while actively seeking a partnership with Nazi Germany’s primary ally.
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10 thoughts on “Confirmed: Philippine President BS Aquino is Stupid!”

  1. Times change, we cannot live in the past. Circumstances are different now. While history teaches us, the present circumstance requires a different perspective. Everyone evolves. Japan did not remain to be oppressive. After the world war 2 Japan has helped many Asian countries including Ph thru JICA.

    1. The solution is not to invite foreign military forces.
      Even those Chinese constructions in the Spratlys would never have happened if not for our misplaced loyalty to the United States, not to mention that hosting US forces is unconstitutional.
      Why are we so afraid of the Chinese exactly?
      The Chinese are already here, as they have been for thousands of years. In fact, the Chinese blood is already running in the veins of some of our kababayan. ‘Yong Presidente mo nga na nakangiti dyan sa itaas eh Intsik din.
      The Chinese airstrip constructions are for protecting Asian geopolitical interests, not just for the exclusive use of China. Hindi papasok ang mga Intsik sa Spratlys kung hind natin pinapasok ang mga Kano dito sa atin.

      The fact of the matter is: we are not in control of ourselves and our own government. Hence the Chinese take it upon themselves to protect Asia from Western imperialists. China is not the enemy.
      Proof of China’s progressive mindset is its incursion into Africa causing the latter to experience 11% economic growth. Unlike the United States which plunged Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan into chaos, China only wants to create a world free of wars of aggression. Negosyo lang talaga ang hilig nila even during the time of Zheng He.

      Improve the entire economy, i.e. not just the economy of the elite 1% of the population, so we can afford to strengthen our defensive capability, among others.
      After Marcos, no other president has endeavored to fully industrialize the country, and that’s coming from a family of hardcore anti-Marcos. Instead, we have been effectively transformed into a nation of beggars.
      Begging for work abroad; begging for economic and military aid, etc.
      Self-reliance is nothing but a dream, while the “donors” are exploiting our natural resources, e.g. Malampaya gas extraction, palladium mining, oil, etc. sa tulong ng mga iilang traydor ng bayan.
      If other Asian countries can extract these same resources, why can”t we? How did it happen that a country that has so much is at the bottom of the economic ladder in Asia?
      Bobo ang lahat ‘ng nasa gobyerno dahil bobo din ang mga botante. Paano magiging matalino ang botante kung ang kanyang pag-iisip ay hinuhubog ng mga apo ng mga Conquistadores na siyaring may kontrol sa media?
      Di nyo ba napapansin, lahat ng pino-promote ng ABS-CBN nanalo, at lahat ng sinisiraan ay natalo o nakulong?
      Magigising pa kaya sa ilang siglong panloloko ang karamihan sa atin?

      Dr. Jose Rizal fought and died for trying to open our minds because that’s what the enemy has destroyed first and foremost. At anong isinukli natin?
      Halos araw-araw tayong lumuluhod sa simbahan ng “mind control” at “hypnotism” na siyang itinayo ng mga banyaga on the very first day noong dumating sila rito, 1521. Now, this mind control mechanism has spawned a mass media of endless mind-numbing entertainment.
      Babaliktad lang ang kalagayan ng ating mamamayan kung babaliktarin din natin ang ating pag-iisip.
      The geopolitical orbit is now shifting in favor of Asia through the efforts of China, Russia and the BRICS, at large. Western economies are collapsing.
      It’s all up to us to exploit this golden opportunity by getting rid of our own ignorance and colonial mentality.

      1. You are a smart man and you should wake up your people to work with China which was robbed and disgraced by the West for 150 years through their deception and forced selling of Opiums to the Chinese people and finally weaken the Chinese ” The sick people of the East.” During the Ming Dynasty from 1600-1700, the other world were third world. The West learned and stole the Chinese Technologies and came back with the modified destructive weapons to conquer China in the period when the Chinese Hans people were protesting against The Manchurian Dynasty(Qi) ruling. China was divided and the West took advantage of the situation through Divide and Rule Tactics.
        Today, they are doing the same, they are dividing the Asians again so that the previous colonists want to come back to rule and rob you.
        What do you get by going to war with China?
        Your country will go bankrupt and forever in debts to the western Colonists and the Zionists. WARS are the most profitable business for the Colonists and Zionists. You and your children and grand children were become their slaves forever and your countries will be under their control forever.

  2. Kagaguhan ng mga Poilitiko. Pinaalis nila ang American Bases sa P I ngayon ano ang nangyari nag-take advantage ang China. At sa lahat ng Presidente pinakagago si Pinoy.

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