It's Time for A Resource-Based Economy

Zeitgeist founder, Peter Joseph, joins Jesse Ventura to discuss the concept of a resource-based economy. With all of Earth’s resources in decline, it is time to scientifically manage the ones we have left. In this brand new episode of Off the Grid, Peter Joseph talks about the benefits of moving away from a market economy toward one that is based on resource management. According to his model, crime rates would go down across the globe while personal happiness would go up. Do you think Peter is on to something?

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

2 thoughts on “It's Time for A Resource-Based Economy”

  1. I mostly agree with the idea,but beware that the cabal running this system would like to use science and tecno too to control us all.Just saying.For instance the microchip is being pushed for a cashless society…you get the picture.

    1. I think it all boils down to who controls the system. If we want the people to do it, then we must endeavor to help them understand that “more freedom, more responsibility” principle, i.e. freedom means taking absolute responsibility for oneself.

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