Who is your Next U.S. President?

On May 22nd, we launched a mock poll of the US Presidential Elections with potential candidates from the traditional twin corporate parties and not to our surprise the majority of those who participated chose “None of the above”.

So, we decided to scour the scene for potential “third party” or alternative presidential candidates and we found a few who might fit the bill, i.e. interested in running independently of the Corporate Money, or has expressed intention to run, or has the potential to be a good leader based on self-published critique about the relevant issues of our time.
One of those 3rd Party candidates who have officially declared their intention to run for the highest office of the United States is…

Another potential and probably one of the last boy scouts in America is the patriot Lt. Col Roy Potter…

Now, if you feel like playing already, here are some of our possible choices next year. But do feel free to nominate anybody that may have the right character.
Let’s vote!

Just click on the “View results” for the latest tally.
Thank you for participating. Have a great day!

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

12 thoughts on “Who is your Next U.S. President?”

  1. I voted. I knew already the corporate crooks rule over our actual voting. My choices probably wouldn’ t run. I would definitely be looking next at Col. Potter. I still believe in American values, In God we Trust and Col. Potter has the right qualifications!!!!
    Who among you doesn’t believe in an American Patriot? I sure do!!! I am proud to come from a family of patriots and have family researched back through royalty of England, France, etc. We didn’t want our royal titles, we are Americans now. Our forefathers came over with huge grants of land which amounted to half of at least a few counties. My great grandmother lived the horrors of hiding out in the woods ( Sherman’s March) burning everything in sight, stealing their fine horses, everything. She told me proudly of who she was as I sat on the floor beside this beautiful, proud old lady ( still quilting my family is papered on both sides as huge landowners On the other side, uncles gave children 1000 acres when they married. This is American history, leaders in the community, state of Al. On my dad’s side, he and brothers fighting, my dad in 101’st Airborn division, a paratrooper.Most highly decorated division in the war. His one brother a caption, who put so many pilots in planes who got shot down, he came back emotionally disabled. In 1967 he had
    over 25 big trucks ( he owned) on the road! Amazing what Americans can still do. Our family had a plantation so huge (
    in the Pike County Museum). They were entirely self sufficient and my Grandmother still managed thousands of acres of land. She also had a canning factory. We still had people who came in
    to eat in the kitchen who were from slave families who refused to leave after the civil war!!! That sure is a change since you hear they ran! My family didn’t
    need their titles, they were and are proud of who they are, many are leaders
    today! On other side, we went back to before Charles Martel and Charlemagne. Lewis of Lewis and Clark expedition was our direct ancestor, Fred
    macmurry was then in a movie of the famous expedition , I took his autographed picture to give a class history report. Remember, the beautiful
    Indian Sakajawea Lewis fell in love with!!! We are part of the history of what makes this country great!
    By the way, my cousin Gail still has a member ( if not two) who work and stay with her family. Why, they are treated well, they are also proud of who they are today!
    We started out on voting, I gave you an American daughter of patriot’s lession, you may never get anywhere else again!
    I did not tell you something on my mom’s side, Henry VIII was also in the lineage, I was quite ashamed of him, what he did. We still overcame him as being proud Americans, we made this country part of what it is. I do not vote for corporate traitors!!!!! Do you? I sincerely hope not! Have a Great day!!! By the way, let’s try and be a part of making this country great! If you still read your bible and understand, looks like we may be in end times!

  2. Thank you for doing this poll! I am very relived to see clintoñ and other cabal members are way down in the polls. We want our country back!!
    I heard today from a friend the bushes already know they are on the way out. She said we have to go through jade helm and some of our people in FEMA camps for our people to see how corrupt our corporation government is. We need to have 2 weeks of food, water, and chill! There will be people killing themselves, people rioting in the streets who don’t know what is really going on.
    Then our good guys good military will come in and free our people in the FEMA camps. Then our money will be backed by gold and precious metals. States will pull or be out of the corporation the cabal has been running. Then hopefully we will have real American leaders like Col potter. I did think some of the other candid might be good until I read other things about them. I am talking about Ron Paul.
    Some of these people too from the cabal that we think are good. I like Jesse Ventura very much except when I googled and ask ed if he was in the Illuminati, it told me yes. He is very wealthy too. I am confused because wheñ I listen to him he sounds very good. Could anyone please tell me on Jesse Ventura?
    The candute whi is in the lead Ron Paul, is the one i have read enough to know he would never get my vote. He sounds good but is very deceptive. When things happen, I heard from a friend who knows and is priviledged to intel info they are working behind the scenes making arrests. When they are done, they will come on television and make the announcements then people will believe it and know the crimes against us. The actors on news channels now will very likely also be arrested.
    Our presidents have known for years about ets. The ets have given us much knowledge. They are watching us and won’t allow the Illuminati to destroy our people or our planet, our planet is in ascension which occurs every 26,000 years. With their help out planet and our planet in many ways like clean energy, better cleaner energy.
    Suppressed medical will come out. People won’t have hip replacements, maybe chemo which cancer has many simple cures which are coming out already even on eclinik on this web site.
    After jade helm, FEMA camps and maybe project bluebeam ( which may freak people out all over the world and confuse then) we do have a lot to look forward to once the Illuminati had no more power. Their money (wealth) might go to us for part of making up their crimes.
    I read there is no reason for poverty on this planet, problem being the the Illuminati ruling us has had most of the money. When the global reset happens hopefully soon things should improve for all of the world.
    This next election is very important on who wins for our people and our country!!!
    I hope we go back to our original constitutions and it is looking like we will. We have to get last the bad as I told you, after that everything is supposed to be GOOD! Just be prepared and have at least two weeks of food and necessary supplies to get through jade helm. Pray for our country in the next election it is so important!!!
    _2013_Annual_Report.pdf this eclinik

  3. What we need is another Thomas Jefferson.
    When Jefferson became president, out of a need for the safety of merchant ships belonging to the Republic traveling trade routes along the Barbary Coast, he created an army of ‘sea going soldiers’, called the Marines.
    This after having on several occasions attempted to get Congress to cease paying the exorbitant ransom and uninhibited travel fees imposed by the Islamic jihadists of their day, which amount approached over 10% of the fledgling nation’s entire operating revenues.
    So treacherous the jobs of this Marine fighting force they became known as leathernecks because very high leather collars worn by the Marines prevented the severing of their heads by Mohammedan swords as Marines boarded detained Muslim attack ships.
    Now this vicious piracy carried on by the Muslim terrorists against all unprotected ships had been going on for many years.
    Since there were four countries involved in the muslim pirate trade and a lot of ocean, it was important to take full advantage of every opportunity to get the message out, of the New Republic’s resolve and capability of maintaining the status of the most feared fighting force on the seas.
    In fact, France and England both flew our flag whenever in Barbarous waters.
    Well to make the shortest of work in spreading the message, not only did the Marines destroy the soulless jihadist mercenary terrorists and many of their ships, but followed fleeing ships home and destroyed every village, sparing no one.
    It was not long and the mercenary terrorists inhabiting the Shores of Tripoli home stayed clear of all Merchant ships bearing our flag.
    This blight on humanity called the cabal must be eliminated from the face of the earth. Each must be hunted down and prosecuted for their heinous crimes against humanity.
    It needs to made so bad for these criminals that none ever again even entertain the notion of such an undertaking.
    Once we regain control of our education system, true history must needs be taught in order to guarantee against future loss of the Republic.
    I have shared a small portion of the story of the creation of the Marines.
    You can read more of it by googling Thomas Jefferson vs. the Muslim World.
    Islam sole mission is to over throw America by infiltration.
    The entire Obama regime, led by Valerie Jarrett (cabal US point person) has their sights on viciously dividing this great nation of ours.

  4. our freedom of speech is the first to go IF the evil Hellary and friends Are Elected/steal are NWO KILLING GLOBULLSHITEST.can you put any price on safety , or poison free food, water,air,???.Bill gaytes is not even close to the richest.Thats a lie along with all the other globulist lies.Truth billy boy is a murdering globulshitest.Gmos,Poisen water,Killer Vaxxed,and killer air .he and his friends are all destorying the planet.They all must go!

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