Victoria Nuland Starts Color Revolution in Armenia

Victoria Nuland has been spotted in Armenia closing deals in energy and political sectors. No wonder the country is beginning to look like Ukraine in the early days of the Maidan “color revolution”.

The funny thing about being part of a color revolution is that you really think you’re doing a great service to your country.
Back, in 1986, when the EDSA People Power Revolution happened in my country, I was so proud of being a Filipino, just like the rest of the 2 million souls braving to stand against the Marcosian 20-year dictatorship. It was triggered by the then Chief of Staff Gen. Fidel V. Ramos and Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile who decided to finally break away from Marcos’ rule.
It turned out the two were just embedded CIA agents ready to turn their backs on Marcos after having benefited for being two of those few select cronies. They were supported by a Jesuit Cardinal Sin, a staunch critic to the dictatorship, who called on the civilians, i.e. the Sheeples, to gather around EDSA, the widest and longest avenue of Metro Manila.
After the revolution, Ramos was inducted to the Carlyle Group and Enrile became Senate President.
Almost 3 decades later today, nothing has changed, in fact, it’s worsening. Before the revolution, our exchange rate was US$ 1 = PHP 7.  Now, it’s USD 1 = PHP 45.
Without the Overseas Filipino Workers, our economy would have never survived. They’re the ones paying for our $170 billion national debt to the IMF-WB. Not the politicians, or the bankers a the Makati Business Club who are proud members of the elite Council of Trent.
To his credit, Marcos was about to switch on the Bataan Nuclear Plant when he was deposed. Said nuclear plant was the final component to the full industrialization of the country. But the powers that be didn’t want us to evolve from just a mere supplier of raw materials and cheap labor into a more productive nation just like Japan.
It was during his watch that the 217,000 metric tons of pure gold disappeared from the underground vault of the Central Bank. These bullion and another 400,000 metric tons are now deposited in banks outside the country, held under the full control of the Vatican, according to one historian Bobby Limeta.
South Korea, a country which benefited from our generosity during the Korean War, has already overtaken us a few years after our own color revolution. We have highly skilled manpower to make this feasible; we just didn’t have the government.
To the Armenians, don’t fall for the likes of Nuland. She’s a bitch that really has no equal.
victoria nuland

Cookies lady Nuland starts jolly good revolution in Armenia

The police brutally dispersed an unauthorized rally in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. The current protests in the former Soviet republic of Armenia are led by “No to Robbery” civil initiative. Western and Ukrainian media write that Armenia is another country to experience the “revolution of dignity.” The fifth column is working from inside the government of Armenia.
Formally, the protests in Armenia started after the authorities raised tariffs on electricity at the request of the company Electric Networks of Armenia (a subsidiary of Russia’s OAO Inter RAO UES). Last week, the State Commission for Regulation of Public Services of Armenia raised the price per kilowatt of electricity in Armenia by 6.93 drams (about 5.7 rubles, vs. the previous 4.8 rubles, or 42 drams). The new tariffs will take effect from 1 August.

Cookies lady Nuland starts jolly good revolution in Armenia. Protests in Yerevan
AP photo

The information war against JSC Electric Networks of Armenia is based on the assertion that the company has accumulated a debt worth $250 million due to inefficient and even criminal management. It was said that the company wanted to lay the burden of the debt on the shoulders of Armenian taxpayers. These accusations come from both the government and the opposition. The latter saw a conspiracy between the government and JSC ENA. “Embezzlement and violations at JSC Electric Networks of Armenia took place at the direction of or with the approval of Armenian authorities,” the Armenian National Congress (ANC) said in a statement, reports.
Representatives of the Armenian National Congress stressed out that the lion’s share of the debt of the company expanded the shadow budget of the country that was several times the size of the state budget of Armenia. To crown it all, it is Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan who controls the shadow budget, ANC claims.
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The statement also says that all of Armenia’s existing problems can be solved by overthrowing the government. “The regime will become weak and impotent, if the society consolidates and starts fighting against it,” representatives of the Armenian National Congress said.
This looks like a jolly good scenario of revolutions in Ukraine and other post-Soviet states, does it not?
Victoria Nuland brings cookies of revolution to Armenia
Nuland in Ukraine during Maidan Coup 2014.

Surprisingly, it was Armenia’s Energy Minister Yervand Zakarian, who accused the Russian company of embezzlement. Does it mean that the Armenian government condones theft? Such a government must resign, and it will happen so in Armenia unless President Serzh Sargsyan rethinks his cabinet.
Obviously, there is a fifth column working in the Armenian government. The active work was launched soon after cookies lady Victoria Nuland paid a visit to Yerevan.
Paul Craig Roberts, formerly an official with the Reagan administration, said in an interview with the Yerevan Geopolitical Club public organization that Nuland had visited Armenia to organize a coup there. According to Roberts,
Armenia would be the scene of a coup similar to the one that happened in Ukraine in 2014. The goal of the funding of Armenian NGOs is to take people to the streets and bribe politicians. Armenia would be destroyed to become a vassal state. Afterwards, there will be Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. In all of these post-Soviet countries, Washington will build its army bases, Paul Craig Roberts said.
Interestingly, the day after Nuland’s visit, the Armenian government finally approved the sale of the cascade of Vorotansky hydro-electric power plants to US-based company ContourGlobal. The deal was evaluated at $180 million. The contract came as a highly important political significance, Naira Hayrumyan wrote for
Firstly, the deal reduces the influence of Russia that owns Armenia’s entire energy sector. Secondly, it creates a good basis for the growth of US influence in Armenia. Experts warned that the deal would lead to higher prices on electricity, and so it happened.
Why does Armenia cooperate with NATO being Russia’s close ally?
Hayrumyan also wrote that Nuland and the Armenian government decided to create an anti-corruption council, headed by Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abramyan to “cleanse” the ranks of Armenian officials and study the work of Russian state companies owning Armenia’s large national assets.
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Armenia and its president chose the Eurasian Economic Council as a prime vector of development. Armenia is a member of the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization), but why does it hold meetings with Georgia and NATO? Why do they hold NATO seminars in Yerevan and train Armenian officers at NATO courses?
“Armenia did not enter the EAEC voluntarily, it was not a sovereign decision of either he Armenian people, or the authorities, it was imposed on Armenia by Russia,” senior expert at the Center for Regional Studies, David Shahnazaryan said at Rose Road seminar that the NATO Parliamentary Assembly is holding in Yerevan these days.
The above is not just a statement, but a point of view of so-called supporters of Armenia’s sovereignty in the government of the country.
“The scheme of protests is just like it was in Kiev, where American comrades were staging such situations through the hands of local proteges, – Sergei Shakaryan, a political scientist, an independent expert told Pravda.Ru. – But the fact is that the whole country is raging about the raised electricity tariffs. I am confident that these decisions are ungrounded from the point of view of economy. In Armenia, prices on electricity are the lowest on post-Soviet space. This is the electricity generated by nuclear, hydroelectric and heating power plants that operate on natural gas, which Armenia buys from Russia at reduced prices.”
Lyuba Lulko
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