The Game is Over [Keenan]

Just in case you’re  wondering why the few updates, well, we don’t have to. We can already feel the Cabalist world is fast crumbling and you should be seeing how they are so disorganized and stunned with the multitudes of attacks from all directions that they have to deal with.
They may be too powerful but once a critical mass of people are made aware of what they’ve  been doing with their enormous power, all of that will disappear like a puff of smoke.
The global enemy is in its death throes, and this latest Keenan report will underscore that.

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | This Is Just The First Round Mr. Big Stuff | Neil Keenan

Since our births we all have been fed, one way or another; the notion that the Cabal / Globalist way of seeing this was the only way.
To this very day everything we do involves the Globalists. It is time for us to wake up and start thinking and working for ourselves; no longer unknowingly under their umbrella.
They can feel we are making the changes and they are moving quickly, fast-forwarding their Agenda 21 to the point where they could ruin their script.
If so they will have nowhere to hide.
They are coming out of hiding and by doing so have exposed themselves.  They are attempting to show us how bold and determined they are to put us back in our so-called places.
Will this work?  No!!!
In the next couple of months we are going to see many things we never thought would happen – actually take place. If we are smart we will sit back and enjoy the show and if necessary take action.
We must keep an eye on one another during this time, helping one another out.  There are many things we must do but one thing you all must know is that should we come together.
The understanding amongst the family is that we will (get the help to) build ourselves into nations that are stronger than ever.
We will survive – and oh yeah I forgot to tell you that we will win whatever battle comes to us.
This is why they are desperate and making a big push to put us back into our servile places.  The game is over and they have nothing left to offer us.
Video Part One

Video Part Two

Video Part Three

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  1. I am sure we will our freedom from the cabal simply because it is All now in the open for us on the internet, but this could be more strengthened of it was on TV & in the papers,then it will be seem or read by trillions you then have your public behind you,when I try telling family or friends about what’s happening they look at me as of I’m mad,so I know it will be better when the world gets to see & hear who is stealing there money & killing the people who stand up to them, I do realise the cabal has the press & TV by the balls but one would

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