It’s Falling Apart Everywhere in America

There’s no hypocrisy in America after all. While it is spreading freedom and democracy elsewhere around the world, it is also doing the same thing right at home.

While the corporate United States is busy destroying decades-old dictatorships in Iraq, Egypt, Libya and almost in Syria, it is also destroying America by ignoring the much needed economic infrastructures at home.

Dilapidated Infrastructures

“There are a lot of people in the United States right now who think the country is falling apart, and at least in one respect they’re correct. Our roads and bridges are crumbling, our airports are out of date and the vast majority of our seaports are in danger of becoming obsolete. All the result of decades of neglect. None of this is really in dispute. Business leaders, labor unions, governors, mayors, congressmen and presidents have complained about a lack of funding for years, but aside from a one time cash infusion from the stimulus program, nothing much has changed. There is still no consensus on how to solve the problem or where to get the massive amounts of money needed to fix it, just another example of political paralysis in Washington.
Tens of millions of American cross over bridges every day without giving it much thought, unless they hit a pothole. But the infrastructure problem goes much deeper than pavement. It goes to crumbling concrete and corroded steel and the fact that nearly 70,000 bridges in America — one out of every nine — is now considered to be structurally deficient. “

“The deadly Amtrak derailment on Tuesday is just another symptom of Congress’s refusal to address the United States’ decrepit infrastructure. Amtrak is notoriously underfunded, with a huge capital expenditure backlog. While the cause of the crash is not yet determined, even engineer error may have been avoided if Amtrak had implemented “positive train control” to restrict dangerous speeds.
But almost every category of U.S. infrastructure is in a dangerous or obsolete state — roads and bridges, power generation and transmission, water treatment and delivery, ports and air traffic control. There is no partisan divide on what is needed: a national initiative to modernize our 50- to 100-year-old infrastructure. The upside is as rosy as the status quo is dire. The United States can enhance its competitiveness, achieve a greener footprint and create upward of 2 million jobs.”

“WASHINGTON — The shoddy state of the nation’s roads cost average drivers $515 a year in extra operation and maintenance costs on their cars, according to the latest analysis from TRIP, a national transportation research group.

Meanwhile, the Highway Trust Fund is about to become insolvent, and congressional lawmakers can’t agree on a temporary fix that analysts say is nothing more than a Band-Aid, and an inadequate one at that.
The numbers from TRIP show that 28 percent of the nation’s major roadways — interstates, freeways and major arterial roadways in urban areas — are in ‘‘poor’’ condition. This means they have so many major ruts, cracks, and potholes that they can’t simply be resurfaced but must be totally rebuilt.
Those cracks and potholes put a lot of extra wear and tear on cars. They wear tires away faster, and they decrease gas mileage. All of these factors go into that calculation of $515 in extra annual cost, beyond what motorists would pay if the roads were better.”

Monday March 10, 2014 Leslie McCarthy, Phd and assistant professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Villanova University says that potholes are caused by water, cold weather and big trucks . Here, a car bounces through a series of potholes on Rt 352 in Gradyville Pa. ( ED HILLE / Staff Photographer)
Monday March 10, 2014 Leslie McCarthy, Phd and assistant professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Villanova University says that potholes are caused by water, cold weather and big trucks . Here, a car bounces through a series of potholes on Rt 352 in Gradyville Pa. ( ED HILLE / Staff Photographer)

The Great America is now plunging its way into the Third World in a big way. This dire economic condition can be measured from the point of view of those who are surviving through food stamps and unpaid educational loans and subsequent unemployment, to which the government itself cannot provide an honest assessment.

Massive Homelessness and Student Debt

“On a single night in January 2014, 578,424 people were experiencing homelessness — meaning they were sleeping outside or in an emergency shelter or transitional housing program. From 2013 to 2014, a period of ongoing recovery from the Great Recession, overall homelessness decreased by 2.3 percent and homelessness decreased among every major subpopulation: unsheltered persons (10 percent), families (2.7 percent), chronically homeless individuals (2.5 percent), and veterans (10.5 percent).

  • 34 states had decrease in overall homelessness, while 17 states saw increases. 40 states had decreases in the number of people living in unsheltered locations, including the street, cars, and abandoned buildings.
  • The national rate of homelessness fell to 18.3 homeless people per 10,000 people in the general population, but the rate in individual states ranged from 120 in Washington, D.C. to 7 in Mississippi.
  • The rate of veteran homelessness continued its descent of the past several years to 25.5 homeless veterans per 10,000 veterans in the general population, but the rate in individual states ranged from 146 in Washington, D.C. to 9 in Virginia.
  • The majority of states had decreases in every major subpopulation: family homelessness (32 states), chronically homeless individuals (27 states), and veteran homelessness (28 states).”

The data as shown below about this year’s rate of foreclosures is promising but it does reveal a glaring defect on the current design of our economic system.
foreclosures 2015
What this means is that while there are a total of 1,371,000 foreclosed houses during the period 2014 to 2015 alone, the system does not allow these empty houses to be used which should have been more than enough to shelter those who are living on the streets or in emergency shelter homes in America right now — 578,424 as of last count.
Using 2013 figures alone, the amount of student debt is reaching epic proportions,
6629054127_6651867221_m4“Two-thirds, that’s right, two-thirds of students graduating from American colleges and universities are graduating with some level of debt.  How much?  According to The Institute for College Access and Success (TICAS) Project on Student Debt, the average borrower will graduate $26,600 in the red.  While we’ve all heard the screaming headlines of graduates with crippling debt of $100,000 or more, this is the case for only about 1% of graduates.  That said, one in 10 graduates accumulate more than $40,000.
It’s a negative sum game for both student-borrowers and the economy. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, student loan debt has reached a new milestone, crossing the $1.2 trillion mark — $1 trillion of that in federal student loan debt.
This pushes student loan debts to dizzying new heights, as they now account for the second highest form of consumer debt behind mortgages.  With the federal debt at $16.7 trillion, student loan debts measure at 6% of the overall national debt.  This is no small figure, and national debt carries many consequences including slowing economic growth (translating into fewer jobs being created) and rising interest rates.  Capital will not be as easy to access.
The majority of student loans are backed by the U.S. government through banks like Sallie Mae, or since 2010, by the Department of Education.  Translation: the creditor in this scenario is the U.S. tax payer, who if students default on these loans will be subject to carry the burden of these loans.”

“Most of the anger about the astronomical cost of obtaining a college diploma revolves around the fact that for decades, colleges have continued to boost tuition fees at a rate that has consistently exceeded inflation. The truth is, these days it’s room and board costs that are the fastest growing money-eaters.”

Using 2015 budget requests between education and military we can already see where the problem lies:
“The President’s budget request reflects his strong belief that education is a vital investment in the nation’s economic competitiveness, in its people, and in its communities. The administration’s request for $69 billion in discretionary appropriations represents an increase of 2 percent over the previous year and slightly more than the 2012 discretionary level for education before the sequester. Three-quarters of that funding goes to financial aid for students in college, special education, and high-poverty schools (Title I). The remaining 23 percent of the budget targets specific areas and reforms designed to leverage major changes in educational opportunity and excellence for all students, including the expansion of access to high-quality preschool, data-driven instruction based on college- and career-ready standards, making college more affordable, and mitigating the effects of poverty on educational outcomes. Much of this leverage is achieved through competitive awards to states and school districts committed to educational innovation and transformation. But the lion’s share of the 2015 request—nearly 90 percent of discretionary spending—goes to formula funds that address the needs of disadvantaged poor and minority students, students with disabilities, and English learners.”

“In fiscal year 2015, military spending is projected to account for 54 percent of all federal discretionary spending, a total of $598.5 billion. Military spending includes: all regular activities of the Department of Defense; war spendingnuclear weapons spendinginternational military assistance; and other Pentagon-related spending.
Understand that the humongous blue colored pie above is being used to remove and murder non-conformists like Muamar Ghadafi, who was providing free housing, free education, free healthcare, 70% subsidy on family car, etc, to every citizen. Yes, dictators like him exercised heavy handed policy but only for those reported to be conniving with foreign interests that will someday initiate “color revolution” that did happen in his watch.
The surviving Gaddafi’s son needs our help right now.

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And yet, even with these mainstream facts, the trolls in our so called advanced society are still saying, “No, there’s no conspiracy here. It’s just the natural course of things. Or, it’s your own fault, because you are not smart enough.”
“This is a dog eat dog society and only the fittest survives.”
If that is so, then why don’t we start behaving like rabid dogs and start eating these sons of bitches?

2015-10-19-1445265067-174590-Koch_money_packerfan356pxW.jpgWelcome To The Wholly Owned Koch Subsidiary Formerly Known As Wisconsin

Mary Bottari
Starting today, three bills are being rammed through the Wisconsin legislature that will put the final nails in the coffin of our state’s long history of clean elections and accountable governance.

Even with the above negative economic conditions and the more effective aerial Russian interventions against the Islamic State in Syria, the “exceptionalists” are still sending more military personnel  in the region.
This is another ploy to fool the Americans that more military  budget is indeed a necessity.

US Heading Toward Large-Scale Military Presence in Syria

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The Obama administration has been clear that it does not intend to replicate the recent US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, where hundreds of thousands of US troops were deployed.

“If you want to degrade and defeat the Islamic State and the al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra, and the Khorasan group, the al-Qaeda element… in northern Syria, you are going to have to have a ground force,” Petraeus stated on Friday.

Earlier on Friday, the White House announced it would deploy fewer than 50 additional special forces to Syria to assist in the fight against the Islamic State.


This is not a sane society we are living. We are not part of a thriving civilization just yet. Our inaction is a virtual consent to the madness that are happening all around.
Americans today are ruled by organized madmen. Ukraine is a sad reflection of what America has become.
We can see even from the limited information above that those who are supposed to do a particular job are either not doing it properly, or the whole thing is a deliberate, carefully planned and deeply contrived destruction of the Protestant nation of America.
The validity of the intelligence reports we have gathered over the years were confirmed to be absolutely accurate when they said that the financial and political elite in America today are in cohorts with their counterparts across the Atlantic and are collectively hell bent on the total destruction of the once upon a time the biggest anti-monarchy protestant nation on Earth.
America had been the epitome of the Reformation during the 18th century onwards, but its people slept through their couches while the enemies of freedom prepare for its subjugation.
Prevailing employment figures may have improved statistically in the last few months, but these are not class A jobs which have already gone towards cheaper Asia business process outsourcing and China’s mammoth industrial sector that have successfully assimilated almost the entire Western industrial sector except military, but are mostly McDonald’s and Walmart retail counter frontliners.
With its industrial sector gone, dilapidated critical civil infrastructures, bankrupted financial sector, outmoded military capabilities, organized crime controlled two party political system, and chemically poisoned population, America is not just falling apart – it is imploding towards a Third World state.
A Third World state with one of the largest nuclear arsenal is not a pretty sight to behold. This is why the Eastern Alliance has extended the olive branch of a New Silk Road. But the United States seems to be experiencing a hard time dealing with Inertia, i.e. lost glory.
In deep contrast, the British Monarchy has no problem switching side.
The only saving grace about this glaringly dire situation is that once the decision is made to redirect the national budget into something the nation truly needs, America will be using all the latest technologies already in existence.
The problem in America is enormous and cannot be resolved with just a few White Hats. The population must continue to organize and create a parallel system that provides real and direct changes to every home. The establishment of LET system is one way to reach an Agorist system we have described in an earlier post.
The world will surely look up to America again once again if it could successfully establish a real resource-based economic system that its own genius Jacque Fresco has dedicated his life to perfection.
The template for an advanced society has already been laid out. Now, the real action must begin from all of us.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

7 thoughts on “It’s Falling Apart Everywhere in America”

  1. FALLING APART? Not for the lack of money, but for the ineptness of Congress and political guts to retrieve the mega-trillions of dollars (citizens dollars – ours). Years of accumulated budgetary wealth set up through corrupt US budgetary requirements and reports in the CAFR’s (Certified Annual Financial Reports). Count them – 84,000 in the US alone. This is a report everyone around the world should read:
    Is the Cabal using this money to start wars, create droughts, and starve the world all for Agenda 2030?

    1. True, it is congress, it is banks, it is police, it is corrupt politicians etc. But that will not change anything.
      1. Switch off that TV and throw the thing out of the window.
      2. Read alternative news so that you are informed what really is going on in this world. Read about 9/11, Fukushima, the financial system, banks, private FED, vatican, aliens, criminal health system, birth rights, secret space program, fake moon landings etc.
      3. Get our of your chairs and speak to each other and come in action. Write emails , write letters to your government, plan meetings etc. Spread the word so that other people also awake!

  2. I continue to wonder at how the shit of this world has so much say in the destruction of our home planet, earth. These people have no right to exist and need to be terminated as soon as possible if the rest of us are going to survive at all.
    So many others are saying that it all over bar the crying, well I can assure you if the shit is not stopped we will all be crying for a totally different reason, there will be nothing left to save. To hear comments like the falling apart of the US, are just bullshit as the administration is still in full swing trying to take over the non aligned nations by destroying their various cultures and sovereignty all in the name of some bullshit democracy and freedom coming out of the backside of the US administration, and of course their lapdogs in various places around the world

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