Hollande, Cameron Selling “We are at War with ISIS” After Ignoring Global Intel Before Terror Attack

When WTC 911 was still developing, all intelligence reports related thereto were purposely suppressed or ignored by the decision makers. The same thing was happening on the way to the latest Paris Attacks on Friday 13th.

This is the weakest point of every false flag operation which need to be implemented by various agencies to ensure compartmentalization, i.e. the most critical component to avoid anybody seeing the whole picture.
But information from third parties would soon crop up that is beyond the main actors’ control.
It seems that while all analysis point to the CIA and MOSSAD as the initiators of the “Paris Attacks” being the intelligence agencies in control of ISIS agents, the Hollande government did allow the event to happen by its inaction to received intelligence reports from abroad, just like Bush Jr. did before WTC 911 having full prior knowledge that Israeli MOSSAD operatives were going to nuke the WTC buildings.
Just like Bush Jr., Hollande was somewhere else doing trivial task when the attacks happened on the same day that a multisite terrorist attack simulation was conducted using first responders, police, medical and emergency personnel.
Now that the whole world believes that ISIS has entered Paris, it’s now more than easy to execute the rest of the authoritarian formula, e.g. martial law, curfew, surveillance, increased police, military and intelligence spending.
But how can the problem of terrorism be solved with increased number of police or heightened intelligence gathering when even those freely given intelligence reports were purposely ignored?
How can we solve the problem on terrorism when the government itself is deeply involved?
For Hollande’s government the Paris Attacks, real or simulated, conveniently solved both the political and moral problem of closing down borders against Middle East refugees.
Should we expect the French people to complain about the event?
Turkey was not the only country giving enough warning France about certain personalities allied with the Islamic State months before the event on Friday 13th.

Turkey Claims It Warned France Twice About Paris Attacker

01:47 17.11.2015(updated 06:28 17.11.2015)
French fire brigade members aid an injured individual near the Bataclan concert hall following fatal shootings in Paris, France, November 13, 2015
As the investigation continues into the bloodbath that left 129 people dead, one of the attackers responsible for the attacks on the French capital has been identified as Omar Ismail Mostefai. According to one high-ranking official, speaking on condition of anonymity, Mostefai had been identified as a threat by Turkish intelligence over a year ago.
The official claims that Mostefai, a native of Paris, entered Turkey in 2013, but that there was no record of the 29-year-old ever leaving. When French authorities requested information on four terror suspects in October of 2014, Ankara added Mostefai’s name to that list as a fifth suspect.
“[Turkish authorities] notified their French counterparts twice – in December 2014 and June 2015 [about Mostefai],” the official said, according to Al Jazeera.
“We have, however, not heard back from France on the matter. It was only after the Paris attacks that the Turkish authorities received an information request about Omar Ismail Mostefai from Turkey.”
The comments come as Western intelligence agencies face intense scrutiny over how they failed to anticipate Friday night’s attacks. The Turkish official stressed the need for greater international cooperation to prevent future tragedies.
“This is not a time to play the blame game, but we are compelled to share the above information to shed light on Omar Ismail Mostefai’s travel history,” he said.
“The case…clearly establishes that intelligence sharing and effective communication are crucial to counter-terrorism efforts. The Turkish government expects closer cooperation from its allies in the future.”
This sentiment was echoed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogen during a speech at the G20 Summit on Monday.
“We are resolved to address this threat by enhancing our cooperation and developing relevant measures to prevent and tackle this phenomenon, including operational information-sharing, border management to detect travel, preventive measures and appropriate criminal justice response,” he said, according to Al Jazeera.
US officials have also said Washington intends to increase intelligence cooperation with Paris.
“In the wake of the recent attack on France, we stand strong and firm with our oldest ally, which is why the US and France have decided to bolster our intelligence sharing,” US Defense Department spokesperson Peter Cook said in a statement released on Monday.
Mostefai was killed during the raid on the Bataclan concert hall, where gunman took hostages and killed dozens. Since the attacks, French authorities have conducted 168 raids across the country, arresting 23 suspected of being involved in the incident.
Brussels has also conducted its own raids following reports that the “mastermind” of the attacks was a Belgian citizen identified as Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

‘France is at war’: Hollande urges more security spending & stripping of citizenship after attacks

hollande france is at war
Stating that France is now “at war,” President Francois Hollande urged for increased security spending and stripping dual citizens of their French nationality if they are deemed a terrorism risk. It comes just days after Paris attacks killed 129 people.
In a Monday address to both houses of parliament, Hollande said France will step up strikes in Syria, calling it “the biggest factory of terrorists the world has known.”
“Our democracy has triumphed before over adversaries that were much more formidable than these cowards,” Hollande said.
The French president demanded a rapid implementation of “co-ordinated and systematic controls” of the EU’s internal and external borders, stressing that it will patrol its national borders if Europe does not comply. This would mean dismantling the European Union.
He stated that he was extending the current state of emergency by an additional three months, adding that the French constitution must be amended for crisis situations, allowing dual citizens to be stripped of their French citizenship and barred from the country if they are a terrorism risk.
The French president stated that 5,000 police jobs will be created in the next two years. He said there would be no job cuts in the military until 2019.
Hollande stressed that the security measures will increase spending, but stated that security is more important than EU budget rules.
The leader said he will meet with US and Russian leaders to discuss combining their efforts to destroy ISIS, and called on the United Nations Security Council to rapidly issue a resolution against terrorism.
The address marked the first time in more than six years that a French president addressed both houses of parliament, the Senate, and the National Assembly. This is a procedure reserved for constitutional revisions and major presidential speeches.
Who would have thought that a harmless looking old man like Hollande could do this to his own people and the rest of the world?
UK’s Cameron also wasted no time of advertising plans to augment the fascist surveillance state…

Cameron’s response to ISIS: £2bn military boost, 2,000 new spies, double drone fleet

Following the latest terror attacks in Paris, UK Prime Minister David Cameron says he will double the aviation security budget and add nearly 2,000 new intelligence and security officers. He has also called for the UK to join the air campaign in Syria.
Cameron promised to increase the current military budget by an additional £2 billion ($3 billion), which is to be spent by the Special Air Service (SAS) and other special units over the next five years to expand their capabilities.
In his annual address to the Lord Mayor of London’s Banquet, the prime minister justified increasing the military’s budget by citing Britain’s commitment to NATO’s 2 percent of GDP target for defense spending.
The extra cash will be spent on new weapons and vehicles, which could include helicopters as well as protective equipment.
There will be “more money every year” for drones, fighter aircraft, and cyber-defenses, he said. In fact, the UK’s drone fleet will double in size.
“We’ve seen how vital drones are in the fight against IS [Islamic State, also known as ISIS/ISIL], so with this extra money we are doubling our fleet of drones. We know we need the ability to carry out air strikes, so this money will provide for more fighter aircraft. We want to increase the capabilities of our brilliant special forces, so there will be a £2 billion program of new investments,” Cameron said.
The new funds will allow elite security and intelligence agencies to add an additional 1,900 new officers – representing a 15 percent increase at MI5, MI6 and GCHQ.
More aviation security officers will also be hired to evaluate the level of security at overseas airports. The extra aviation security officers will “provide regular assessments of security at airports around the world and with the capacity to ‘surge’ as necessary in response to an incident such as the MetroJet crash.”
The proposal comes as the UK banned all British flights in and out of Sharm el-Sheikh airport in Egypt following the crash of a Russian A321 passenger plane on October 31 that killed all 224 people on board. An onboard bomb explosion is one of the causes being considered by the investigation.
During the speech, Cameron also noted that British security forces had been able to foil seven terrorist plots against the UK in the last year alone.
He stressed that IS targets not only Westerners, but also Muslims, citing Thursday’s attack in Beirut that targeted a Shia mosque, as well as an attack at a funeral in Baghdad.
Cameron added that the UK should join the international air strike campaign in Syria, calling for the country to do more there, while at the same time stressing that a “few extra bombs and missiles” will not change the situation on the ground.
The prime minister made his comments immediately on arriving home from the G20 summit in Turkey, where leaders discussed the fight against Islamic State in the wake of the brutal attack on Paris that killed 129 people.
The new funding proposal will be officially published next week in the in the five-year defense and security review.

CIA Director: ISIS May Attack Again Soon

Newsweek – Tuesday, 17 November 2015
CIA Director John Brennan warned on Monday that the attacks in Paris claimed by the extremist Islamic State movement were not a one-off event and that the militants may have similar operations ready to launch.
Foiling those plots, however, could prove difficult because Europe’s intelligence and security resources are severely stretched trying to keep track of the hundreds of European extremists who have returned home from fighting in Syria and Iraq.
“A lot of our partners right now in Europe are facing a lot of challenges in terms of the numbers of individuals who have traveled to Syria and Iraq and back again, and so their ability to monitor and survey these individuals is under strain, Brennan said.
I would anticipate that this is not the only operation that ISIL has in the pipeline, Brennan said, using an acronym for the Islamic State. And security intelligence services right now in Europe and other places are working feverishly to see what else they can do in terms of uncovering it.
Careful planning for the Paris strikes is believed to have taken place over several months in terms of making sure they had the operatives, the weapons, the explosives, the suicide belts, Brennan said.
Again, how can terrorism be stop if after receiving critical information nothing is being done about it?
Terrorism can only be stop if the government itself is brought down. It is the tool that all that is evil in our society are being enforced. It’s time to cease financing their activities and stop participating in their senseless, worthless  games.
Our interests have never been served.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

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  2. Libya may have been our first clue that NATO is really a Gladio operation with cruel intentions for all of the EU and the middle-east. They will likely find multiple ways of spreading their sinister behavior to prod people into following their false flags.

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