Turkey’s First Son Bilal Erdogan Enjoys Dinner with ISIS leaders

“It’s Saturday night and I’m going to meet some friends at a restaurant, we’ll eat, drink and have good time. I meet up with these two at Ciğeristan Restaurant, owned by Kember from Ciğeris Brothers, every chance I get.

“We laugh and joke, tell stories and drink our beers. We smoke ‘em if we got them and if we’re lucky maybe see more of my friends. If I’m very lucky, maybe someone will snap a photo of me and my friends together.”

Said No Terrorist Ever.

Hollywood has nothing on these guys. They know the who, the what, and how to manipulate the media into thinking they are being persecuted while all the time going behind the media’s back and to getting away with terrorism, murder by the hundreds, and becoming ürber rich as the sell all the plunder, blood-sweat- and-tears, oil and artifacts they take from the people!

These images were sent to me by a friend who found them on this blog  and sent with the following tweet; “This was posted on Turkish social media. Erdogans son Bilal, with leaders of the ISIS & Nasra.”

1 President Erdogans son, Bilal Erdogan, on Right
Leader of ISIS at Ciğeristan Restaurant, owned by Kember from Ciğeris Brothers.

2 President Erogans son, Bilal Circled Center, with Leaders
of ISIS and Nasra. Identity of man on the right unknown.

3 President Erdogans son, Bilal Erdogan, Standing in
the middle with  & Leaders of ISIS & Nasra on either side.

4 More as stated above.



What’s the use of power if you can’t brag about it, right?

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6 thoughts on “Turkey’s First Son Bilal Erdogan Enjoys Dinner with ISIS leaders”

  1. Is it so easy to lie? The two men launched here as ISIS leaders are the owners of the restaurant, namely the Kenber brothers. Everybody knows that they have nothing to do with ISIS.

  2. Do not think every bearded man is a member of ISIS. These people are just beilever moslems and owners of a famous restaurant in Istanbul.

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