Truman Show America: When Paid Crowd Giving Thunderous Applause to Paid Politicians

This is the greatest show on Earth – paid crowd actors clapping their hands on cue for every populist motherhood statement paid politicians make, and broadcasted by paid for corporate  mainstream media.

Paid actors are not just used in false flag operations as we have grown accustomed to. The whole crowds on demand enterprise is still using the same principle found in the bigger Terrorists on Demand doing oil smuggling in the Middle East, and a great source of military funds for Washington warmongers.
In fact, it is the crisis acting industry that is preceded by a covert “crowds on demand” outfit used by politicians from the very beginning.
These politicians, in turn, learned this technique of using actors from street shenanigans.

Compensations come in a variety of forms.
In the Philippines, promises of job employment, favorable contracts, tax exemptions, etc. Patronage politics is very rampant in this part of the world. The brown man is learning the white man’s examples pretty well.
But we fell short when it comes to a US company called Crowds on Demand which have “professionalized” the whole industry.

“We are the experts at celebrating your top salesperson, your best clients or a family member with a memorable and fun event! We’ve been profiled on Good Morning America, GQ Magazine, the national and international press as the company that separates you from the crowd. How do we do this?

With your crowd!

Yes, we’d love to follow you with flashing cameras and adoring fans if you want to be treated like an A-lister.”

Crowds on Demand are being used in this year’s US Presidential Campaigns through some third parties to effectively insulate the real customers through layers of non-disclosure agreements.

He does look like he struck gold with this very viable enterprise, but he’s not fooling everyone though.

If this type of business is allowed in Corporate America, how would the majority of the people know which one is real, or not?
Of course, we would like to believe that Donald Trump is a cut unlike the rest. But what really is America’s other option than him?

There’s Bernie burning…

…  skillful cutthroat Corporate Hillary.

The other option is to avoid the “herd mentality” and just ignore them all. Live outside the biggest Truman Show altogether.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

2 thoughts on “Truman Show America: When Paid Crowd Giving Thunderous Applause to Paid Politicians”

  1. Hello Folks
    Why bother writing pap with racism thrown in as an emotional aside. There is nothing that a white European can teach a Black-man, a Brown-man, A yellow-man and or a Red-man. These coloured people were civilised and politicised long before the White European-man got his act together. Don’t pretend you are ignorant of the fact.
    It was a Chinese who wrote ‘The Art of War’ some 2500 years ago or 512 BCE. That’s about the time of the Buddha. And along time intellectually ahead of the white European.
    You are undervaluing the historical world of coloured peoples, their cultures and their intelligence: this devaluating of coloured peoples culture, scientific and industrial past, smacks of a white apologist agenda. Grow up. Drop the shit and the poor me.
    It is true that London and Washington but to mention two, have been the bully boys in recent centuries: however their time is all but up. Lets recognise coloured humanities past achievement and developments.
    Why buy into the ‘Poor me black fella’ self image, when the ancient hills of Papua-New Guinea were farmed in terrace fields. Bespeaking of agricultural industry second to none.
    Hurray for humanity, away with all dragons
    Anthony P Healy

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