Khazarian Mafia Attempts to Bring Down Brazil to Weaken BRICS

While the US Navy is trying to antagonize China in the Spratlys under the banner of protecting Asians from themselves, another group of embedded hitmen are hard at work at destabilizing the political infrastructure within Brazil by prosecuting its former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva using flimsy accusations bloated by Western leaning mainstream media.

Lula was responsible for the uplift of Brazil’s poor majority through progressive economic policies that threatened Western dominance in the region. He is known for his anti-blonde declaration,

“The irrational behavior of blonde people with blue eyes, who before seemed to know everything, and now have shown they don’t know anything.”

It seems that, that remark made at the G20 Meeting 2009 was never forgotten by the offended, they are now trying to bring the man down as they are doing also to his successor. incumbent President Dilma Rousseff.
This is a huge part in the on-going war between the Khazarian Mafia and the BRICS Alliance.

Lula and the BRICS in a fight to the death

Pepe Escobar
Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva © Paulo Whitaker
“BRICS” is the dirtiest of acronyms in the Beltway/Wall Street axis, and for a solid reason: the consolidation of the BRICS is the only organic, global-reach project with the potential to derail Exceptionalistan’s grip over the so-called “international community.”
So it’s no surprise the three key BRICS powers have been under simultaneous attack, on many fronts, for some time now. On Russia, it’s all about Ukraine and Syria, the oil price war, the odd hostile raid over the ruble and the one-size-fits-all “Russian aggression” demonization. On China, it’s all about “Chinese aggression” in the South China Sea and the (failed) raid over the Shanghai/Shenzhen stock exchanges.
Brazil is the weakest link among these three key emerging powers. Already by the end of 2014 it was  clear the usual suspects would go no holds barred to destabilize the seventh largest global economy, aiming at good old regime change via a nasty cocktail of political gridlock (“ungovernability”) dragging the economy to the mud.
Myriad reasons for the attack include the consolidation of the BRICS development bank; the BRICS’s concerted push for trading in their own currencies, bypassing the US dollar and aiming for a new global reserve currency to replace it; the construction of a major underwater fiber-optic telecom cable between Brazil and Europe, as well as the BRICS cable uniting South America to East Asia – both bypassing US control.
And most of all, as usual, the holy of the holies – connected with Exceptionalistan’s burning desire to privatize Brazil’s immense natural wealth. Once again, it’s the oil.

Get Lula or else

WikiLeaks had already exposed how way back in 2009 Big Oil was active in Brazil, trying to modify – by all extortion means necessary – a law proposed by former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, known as Lula, establishing profitable state-run Petrobras as the chief operator of all offshore blocks in the largest oil discovery of the young 21st century; the pre-salt deposits.
Lula not only kept Big Oil – especially ExxonMobil and Chevron – out of the picture but he also opened Brazilian oil exploration to China’s Sinopec, as part of the Brazil-China (BRICS within BRICS) strategic partnership.
Hell hath no fury like Exceptionalistan scorned. Like the Mob, it never forgives; Lula one day would have to pay, like Putin must pay for getting rid of US-friendly oligarchs.
The ball started rolling with Edward Snowden revealing how the NSA was spying on Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and top Petrobras officials. It continued with the fact that the Brazilian Federal Police cooperate, receive training and/or are fed, closely, by both the FBI and CIA (mostly in the anti-terrorism sphere). And it went on via the two-year-old “Car Wash” investigation, which uncovered a vast corruption network involving players inside Petrobras, top Brazilian construction companies and politicians from the ruling Workers’ Party.
The corruption network is real – with “proof,” usually oral, rarely backed up by documents, obtained mostly from artful dodgers-cum-serial liars who rat on someone as part of a plea bargain.
But for the “Car Wash” prosecutors, the real deal was, from the beginning, how to ensnare Lula.

Enter the tropical Elliott Ness

That brings us to the Hollywood spectacular enacted last Friday in Sao Paulo that sent shockwaves around the world. Lula “detained,” interrogated, humiliated in public. This is how I analyzed it in detail.
Plan A for the Hollywood-style blitz on Lula was an ambitious double down; not only to pave the way for the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff under a “guilty by association” stretch, but to “neutralize” Lula for good, preventing him from running for office again in 2018. There was no Plan B.
Predictably – as in many an FBI sting – the whole op backfired. Lula, in a political master class of a speech beamed live across the country, not only convincingly clad himself as the martyr of a conspiracy, but also re-energized his troops; even respectable conservatives vocally condemned the Hollywood show, from a minister in the Supreme Court to a former justice minister, as well as top economist Bresser Pereira, one of the founders of the PSDB – the former social democrats turned Exceptionalistan-allied neoliberal enforcers and leaders of the right-wing opposition.
Bresser actually stated the Brazilian Supreme Court should intervene on Car Wash to prevent abuses. Lula, for instance, had asked for the Supreme Court to detail which jurisprudence was relevant to investigate the accusations against him. Moreover, a lawyer on center stage during the Hollywood blitz said Lula answered all questions during the almost four-hour interrogation without blinking – questions he had already answered before.
Lawyer Celso Bandeira de Mello, for his part, went straight to the point: the Brazilian upper middle classes – which include a largely appalling lot wallowing in arrogance, ignorance and prejudice, whose dream is a condo in Miami – are fearful and terrified to death that Lula may run, and win again, in 2018.
And that brings us to the judge and executioner of the whole drama: Sergio Moro, Car Wash’s leading actor.
Moro’s academic career is hardly exciting. He’s not exactly a theorist heavyweight. He graduated as a lawyer in 1995 in a mediocre university in the middle of nowhere in one of Brazil’s southern states and made a few trips to the US, one of them financed by the State Department to learn about money laundering.
As I noted before, his chef-d’oeuvre is an article published way back in 2004 in an obscure magazine (in Portuguese only, titled Considerations about Mani Pulite, CEJ magazine, issue number 26, July/September 2004), where he clearly extols “authoritarian subversion of juridical order to reach specific targets” and using the media to intoxicate the political atmosphere.
In a nutshell, judge Moro literally transposed the notorious 1990s Mani Pulite (“Clean Hands”) investigation from Italy to Brazil – instrumentalizing to the hilt mainstream media and the judiciary to achieve a sort of “total delegitimization” of the political system. But not the whole political system; just the Workers’ Party, as if the comprador elites permeating Brazil’s rightwing spectrum were cherubic angels.
So it comes as no surprise that Moro’s prime sidekick as Car Wash unrolled is the Marinho family’s oligopoly, the Globo media empire – a nest of reactionary, and not very clever, vipers who entertained very cozy relations with the Brazilian military dictatorship from the 1960s to the 1980s. Not by accident, Globo was informed about Lula’s Hollywood-style “arrest” way before the fact, allowing it to invest in CNN-style blanket coverage.
Moro is viewed by legions in Brazil as an indigenous Elliot Ness. Other lawyers who have closely followed his work though hint he harbors the warped fantasy of a Workers’ Party as a mob leeching and plundering the state apparatus with the aim of delivering it, in pieces, to trade unions.
According to one of these lawyers who talked to Brazilian independent media, a former president of the Lawyers’ Association in Rio, Moro is surrounded by a bunch of young fanatical prosecutors, with little juridical knowledge, and posing as the Brazilian Antonio di Pietro (but without the solidity of the “Clean Hands” Milanese prosecutor). Worse, Moro is oblivious that the implosion of the Italian political system led to the rise of Berlusconi. In Brazil, it would certainly lead to the rise of a clown/village idiot supported by the Globo empire, whose oligopolistic practices are quite Berlusconian.

The digital Pinochets

A case can be made that the Hollywood blitz on Lula holds a direct parallel to the first attempt at a coup d’etat in Chile in 1973, which tested the waters in terms of popular response before the real deal. In the Brazilian remix, assorted Globo media maggots pose as digital Pinochets. At least many a street in Sao Paulo now bears graffiti to the effect of “Military coup – Never again.
Yes, because this is all about a white coup – in the form of a Rousseff impeachment and sending Lula to the gallows. But old (military) habits die hard; Globo media maggots are now extolling the Army to take to the streets to “neutralize” popular militias. And this is just the beginning. Right-wingers are getting ready for a national mobilization on Sunday calling for – what else – Rousseff’s impeachment.
Car Wash’s merit is to investigate corruption, collusion and traffic of influence in abysmally corrupt Brazil. But everyone, every political faction, should be investigated – including those representing Brazilian comprador elites. That’s not the case. Because the political project allied with Car Wash couldn’t care less about “justice”; the only thing that matters is to perpetuate a vicious political crisis as a means to drag the seventh largest economy in the world into the mud and reach the Holy Grail: a white coup, or good ol’ regime change. But 2016 is not 1973, and the whole world by now knows who’s a sucker for regime change.
Add these ongoing attacks to China and Brazil to that of the recently re-extended EU economic sanctions against Russia, then you get the bigger picture that what’s going on is not just the usual geopolitical maneuvers but a fight for global reforms and survival.
Thank you very much, John.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

27 thoughts on “Khazarian Mafia Attempts to Bring Down Brazil to Weaken BRICS”

  1. sorry my friend, this time I have to write to you! I enjoy all your articles and think you are doing a tremendous job bringing out all the info that you do, but this time you got it wrong! I can guarantee since I am brasilian and have always lived here! This man called Lula is a very corrupt and a tremendous liar, and is very dangerous, since now he is cornered and wants to bring violonce, throw people one against the other, as a matter of fact that’s all his party has been doing since they came into power 13 years ago! You already start off show him with the Castro brothers, who are controlled by the jesuits! We can clearly see here the jesuit infiltration, naive people think our government is working for the Light because we are part of BRICS, and that is a dangerous trap! I have personal experiences with people from this party since I live in the capital, so maybe it wasn’t your intention but you just fell for a piece of disinformation! Keep doing the great job you have been doing, but on this issue here you’ll have to deepen your research before jumping into a false conclusion that this man is a victim, when he is a total cabal agent! Don’t need to trust me, just do your homework, thanks!

      1. ok, any information you need from Brasil, just let me know, I will be glad to provide and I still think your blog is great, it’s the first time I read something that didn’t resonate! Keep up the great work and count on me, I’m with you!

      2. I`m Also a Brazilian and I must say, don`t trust this guy when he says shit about Lula. PT was the reason the country managed to overwhelm the huge gap between the miserable and the rich (overall population became much more aware of its self, the end of the famine, growth in every society segment, and that is a BIG NO to the NWO). Now for more then 3 years, the Khazaria Mafia controled media (Rede Globo) is trying to portray Lula as the source of corruption and failure of Brazil economy (which is so far from true).
        Nonetheless I`m not saying also that PT had no corruption scandals, but in reality all the political spectrum in Brazil was rotted. Many may think that Lula worked or at least was naive with the Khazarians, but in reality, you must keep your enemies closer sometimes, and then make the progress within.
        And you were on point. Car wash os never meant to end corruption in Brazil. It was merely a tool to destabilise both economic and political spheres. All the big companies that were the focus of the investigations were not only essential to Brazil economy providing millions (thats right MILLIONS) of jobs, but also a were a big competitor against the big lobbies of construction that work with the mafia.

    1. Kiko entre em contato comigo, vamos fazer isto chegar até o juiz Sergio Moro ele tem direito de se defender, isto é uma calúnia contra ele. Ele fez a lição de casa dele, este senhor aqui não. Anna [email protected]

    2. You’re right bro! Castro is a jesuit and knight of malta, 33° freemason. Dilma and Lula are “jews”, and J.Wagner is zionist! I’m living in Brazil too! This website geopolitics take infos/sources with Pepe Escobar, take care!

  2. Sempre li seu blog mas sinceramente desta vez, como você publica isto sem verificar o que está falando? acusação frágil?? todas as delações orais tem que ser provadas com documentos! Dezenas já foram presos e condenados porque foi provado. O maior caso de corrupção do mundo!Lula elevou os pobres??? Lula importou médicos cubanos porque a saúde brasileira está um caos, a educação um lixo, sem segurança isto é presidente que eleva a pobreza? enquanto ele um ex metalúrgico tem 60 milhoes em contas no exterior? E o que dizer dos governos populistas na américa do sul comparsas de lula? Que ele meteu a mão em dinheiro público brasileiro, a saber para a lição de casa que voce não fez, do BNDES e mandou para sustentar estes regimes? E voce também não fez a lição de casa para saber que a prisão de lula já foi pedida em portugal e está correndo sob segredo de justiça e sendo analisado pelo supremo brasileiro que pediu provas à Portugal, mas claro que voce não sabe, mas sabe-se lá que tipo de jornalista ou comentarista vc é, que não faz a lição de casa, irresponsável!!! E Dona Dilma que foi uma terrorista, assaltante de banco com o ex marido e construiu hospital para terrorista em pais do oriente médio com o nosso dinheiro, e o ministro da saude brasileiro foi fotografado na inauguração, tem fotos voce sabia? claro que não!. O juiz sergio MORO é um homem integro, honesto, corajoso voce não tem o direito de ofendê-lo desta forma. Nunca mais repita isto!!! Vou fazer chegar até ele para que possa se defender, e te mostrar a lição de casa que ele fez e voce não!!! O povo brasileiro não está sendo manipulado pela globo para ir a manifestação. Em 2013 o povo saiu nas ruas por livre e espontânea vontade, e foi uma surpresa para toda mídia brasileira. NUNCA MAIS SE REFIRA DESTA FORMA AO EXCELENTISSIMO JUIZ, BRASILEIRO, COM MUITO ORGULHO DOS BRASILEIROS DE BEM, ELE FEZ A LIÇÃO DE CASA DELE, VOCE NÃO!!!

    1. obrigado Anna, te mandei um e-mail e agradeço por reforçar essa opinião do qual compartilho, esse pessoal é muito perigoso mesmo, pois como sempre digo para os ingênuos: o que é mais perigoso, o lobo ou o lobo disfarçado de carneirinho?

  3. Hello Folks
    It saddens me, as a reasonably intelligent human being, to read the rebuttal against the USA Alliance, been described in terms of a Racist White Coup. It reminds me of Hitler’s historic rants about the worthlessness of certain people, based on the colour of their skin.
    Grow up.
    Anthony P Healy.

  4. I am always taking a look at geopolí What a disgusting surprise to see an article placing Lula, a gangster, on the role of a victim, adding a lot of lies about him and his fake fight against poverty. Lula and his gang has destroyed brazilian’s hopes, just like his friends Chávez and Maduro. Don’t talk about what you don’t know. Search for “Foro de Sao Paulo”.

  5. I’m Brazilian and lived the times of military dictatorship, Lula and an honest leader who promoted the rise of 30 million of the miserable Brazilian middle class.
    In Brazil it has always been impossible to do business with the government without tradicioanis characteristic favors the political game, so Not here, but around the world as everyone knows.
    It is impossible to govern the people without political agreements with a national congress composed of benches (picks) and not partidos.politicos (evangelical bench, ruralista, etc.)
    We are here in North American attack to destabilize the country.
    The method is well known and has already been used worldwide.
    We are here also full of trolls spreading untruths and worthy of organized football fans blunders on social networks.
    As always the dark side forces will win and popular government will be ousted, there we will see this ignorant people get ranting against the bandits and international dealers who will assume power. Be careful what you wish because you will receive exactly what they are wanting.

  6. Kiko,thank you!
    Obrigado por denunciar os atos dos Kazarianos no Brasil.Alguns sao manipulados pela rede de tv Globo e a formacao de opniao é feita pelo que eles veem,assim fica dificil para eles entenderem a complexidade dos fatos.E limitam-se crer num agente treinado pelo departamento de estado do UsA. Grande abraço ao Ben Fulford.

  7. Great article. Now I understand a lot more of what’s going on in Brazil. I suspected something similar. Keep up with the valuable information. As a brazilian with a good memory I must thank you for that.

  8. ok, I’m back here and this time to share a different view of what was portrayed here! First of all, I’m not a journalist, just an aware citizen, and since I live in Brasil, we have an idea of what’s really going on. I don’t know everything going on in the background and I don’t know where all this will lead us, I don’t want to attack anybody that has a different opinion from mine and I apoligize if any of my coments were rude before, I was just trying to have a sense of humour, with all respect! All I want here is to share a different perspective and let people think about it, usually anything that is said against Lula makes people attack you, he is almost like a messiah figure, but people need to know the other side of things, so I decided to write about it on my blog and even put a link to this blog here if you don’t mind, ok? I still respect the work you do and have been sharing your posts all over my social media, keep it up, you do a great job and I’m trying to contribute towards the truth, here is the link to my post:
    Hope you enjoy it and let me know your opinion, feel free to criticize it, no ego involved and no personal agenda, I’m with you!

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