Palmyra is liberated from Daesh

After almost a year under Daesh control, the City of Palmyra which hosted some ancient ruins of a civilization that the west wants to completely erase from map, is finally liberated by the Syrian Arab Army with the help from a Russian fighter jet, one of few jet fighters complementing the Russian S-400 missile shield that is still protecting Syria.
Large swhaths of Syrian lands in and around Palmyra are now in government control.
The battle for Palmyra was one of the fiercest and it has taken months to finally drove off the last Daesh terrorist out of the city.
Onward to this day, some elements of Al Nusra who were responsible for the downing of the Russian Mi8 rescue helicopter responding to the Su-24 attack by Turkey, have been captured.
Those surviving Daesh militants that were retreating from Palmyra are now holding up in City of Raqqa, Deir Ez-Zor and Sukhnah. These areas will be Daesh final stand against government forces and its allies.
But even with the eventual defeat of Daesh in Syria, the narrative of ISIS terrorizing Europe will continue, to feed the warmongers appetite for higher military budget that is hard to audit and conduct legislative oversight to.

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One thought on “Palmyra is liberated from Daesh”

  1. Palmyra victory by the Syrian army and Russia is a great symbolic victory. ISIS tried to destroy history and they become part of the dark history of murder of the innocent.

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