Is Donald Trump Really an Anti-Zionist?

Most of those who are dreaming for a meaningful change in America is hopeful with the Trump presidency. But, will he deliver the goods, or is he going to continue the Zionist policies of his predecessors?

It’s been advertised that he doesn’t belong to any secret societies, nor a puppet of the men behind the Council on Foreign Relations, but are these enough to give us confidence that he is his own man?
What of his speech at the AIPAC where he said all the things a Zionist serf would say to please the crowd from “the only democracy in the Middle East, the State of Israel”?
This “lifelong supporter and true friend of Israel” promised to “dismantle the disastrous deal… that rewards… the world’s leading sponsor of terror… with $150 billion,” clearly alluding to the successful prevention of WW3 with Iran Nuclear Deal.
Part of that deal was the release of Iranian assets subject from economic sanctions and this should not be considered as a reward from the West, as Trump says.
Iran does not intend to use these recovered funds to fund Hezbollah “terrorists” as Zionist panderers, Trump included [see video above], would like us to believe but to rebuild its own economy shattered by Western imperialist sanctions against every non-aligned nation on the planet.

‘But Obama said Iran’s shattered economy needs to be rebuilt after years of sanctions — and it is their money.
“We’re not writing Iran a check,” he said. “This is Iran’s money that we were able to block from them having access to.”
It’s very likely the bulk of the $100 billion will not even be sent back to Iran, says Elizabeth Rosenberg, who worked on the Iran sanctions issue at the Treasury Department and is now with the Center for a New American Security.
“Something that Iran will be interested to do is get access to that money and move it to places where they’d like to invest or do deals,” she says. “That may mean moving it into different currencies as well. And once they can move it into Europe, for example, they’ll be able to engage in different purchases or investment opportunities and seek new partnerships.”
Rosenberg says Iran’s GDP in 2014 was roughly $400 billion. She says that while $100 billion sounds like a lot of money, it pales in comparison to the economic relief Iran can expect if and when companies begin to trade and invest with it. And this would be an incentive for Iran to stick to the agreement.’

Prior to Trump speech at the AIPAC, he was advised not to go there with hundreds of reasons he can choose from David Duke, a Klansman 😉
But, it seems Trump felt at home at the AIPAC just the same. And who knows maybe David Duke is just doing what he is doing to bring down The Donald?
One thing is pretty clear though — they want to control the whole conversation only about themselves and you forget about the bigger picture, the real issues of the day, the continued chemtrailing, mass vaccinations, economic plunder, mass surveillance, the total reduction on the quality of life, etc.
So, if the incoming president of the United States of America is already pandering to Zionist Israel at this early, how can the Trump admirers expect anything better than the previous Republican administrations?
Should we now say that he is just playing the Zionist game until he gets to sit at the throne?
Was he just parroting what the audience wanted to hear to stop the Jewish mainstream tabloid’s attacks on him?

“Trump delivered a speech that could easily have been written in the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem,” wrote Chemi Shalev, correspondent for Israeli newspaper Haaretz. “He went into the arena as a racist demagogue but soon came out as an ostensibly serious contender.”
Trump, who normally disdains prepared remarks, read his speech out from a teleprompter. His criticism of Obama won applause from the room, and he noted that his daughter Ivanka, who converted to Judaism and married a Jewish man, will soon give birth to a “beautiful Jewish baby”.

I hope that we’re not just fooling ourselves by saying that since he is not working with Goldman Sachs, he should be a different animal from all of them, Wolves of Wall Street.
He is a corporation, too, and the game is still rigged.
Yes, forget all about pedophilia, raped and sacrificed children, drugs and human trafficking, the Jesuits and UK monarchy, they are the least evil and are still on board. They have made all the necessary banking reforms already according to WDS spokesman Ben Fulford.
How can we expect real change when the big Nazionist players are still breathing and are still in positions of power?

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

15 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump Really an Anti-Zionist?”

  1. Without trust in leadership and a belief that the world is continuing in a positive direction for all people, how does one accept that both Trump and Fulford are back-peddling from AIPAC and other known KM affiliates? Trump is being disgraced at all opportunities, even at the slightest provocation. His campaign manager is arrested for alleged aggressive behavior with a female Breitbart reporter, when one would have believed conservative Breitbart News to be responsive to DJT (the video would dispute the allegation). So why the arrest and lawsuit? Are we starting to see threats from the cabal?
    WE JUST WANT IT FIXED! We don’t even recognize the country we were born and raised in. Trump is the only guy who seems to understand what the people want. We’re sick of politicians, sick of the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and sick of illegal’s. Sick of AIPAC and Debbie.
    Trump may not be a saint, but no person or company he has ever done business with has come forward and called him corrupt, or hard to do business with. All you know is that he has been well educated at the University of Pennsylvania business school, seems to have boundless energy, has been very successful, a good negotiator, he has built a lot of things, and he’s not a cowardly, deceitful, professional, politician. And he says he’ll fix it.
    We don’t care if the guy has bad hair. Nor would we care if he hired “Joe the Plumber” for VP. And since we all size things up based on appearance, then – for our new First Lady – we need to pick Melania who is a grand improvement over the other two. What’s more – everyone likes her!

    1. Ignore this leftist spin. Trump has made it clear to Isreal that he only will help Israel if they support his policies. And that included a caveat telling them that their money is no good to him. This is a fake news site anyway if they are sourcing Ben Fulford.

  2. Hello Folks
    No one controls the human beings that are citizens of The United States, especially not the Bush Family as (US incorporated.). The People of The United States of America, acquiesce for fear of bloody reprisals against them, by their own military, navy and air force.
    That’s the plain truth of it.
    The USA, will never have a perfect President, none of the founding fathers were perfect, nor were those that followed in their wake. From my point of view, Hero Worship has always been the downfall of The USA.
    If I were in your shoes, I’d look for an honest and capable man… no-such man has graced the Presidency since before Lincoln. All have held elected office, whilst also enjoying the right of Dictatorship under emergency rule.
    Wake up America.
    Anthony P Healy. PS I wish you well.

  3. “Nazionist Khazar Mafia” why change the title? Before was jesuit kazar mafia… why change?
    In fact, the ”nazis” fight against zionism, takedown freemasons lodges and was the mainly enemy of ziocomunism.

  4. Hello Folks
    No other nation on or off of planet Earth, factually, controls AMERICA. That is to say, AMERICANS control AMERICA.
    The British Monarchy doesn’t control AMERICA, it might try to, but factually the British Monarchy are a frail bunch. Collectively they don’t have the mental or moral candle power of an old fashioned lighthouse.
    So let me repeat the new idea, the blameless, victimless idea in capital letters, it will pay the reader huge returns in both moral, ethical and physical returns, it is … NO OTHER NATION ON OR OFF THE PLANET EARTH, FACTUALLY, CONTROLS AMERICA.
    That is a hard and difficult truth for all factions operating in the life of the United States to digest.
    Where there is a selfishness that exercises control, it is AMERICA herself that facilitates it. Unbridled greed and graft, have been the primary corrupters of the people of the USA.
    Is it so surprising then, that AMERICAN LIFE is diddled through and through with wholly corrupt families, such as the Clintons, the Bushes, the Kennedys, the Obamas going forward and going backward since the Crowns theft of Native American Lands. If the Second American Republic is to come about. It will not be brought about by the payed off members of Congress, the Official Military in all of its many branches, or the many, many, secret operatives that function at pay grades above the FBI, SS, CIA and the like. Because they are the puppets of your CORRUPTERS and your ENSLAVERS. The system works because AMERICANS acquiesce. Your frontier spirit, your moral courage has deserted you, and in its place stands, STANDS, greed and graft on all levels of AMERICAN society.
    I know these are hard words for a proud people to hear, but who else will tell you!
    Anthony P Healy. PS Only the fool could tell KING LEAR the TRUTH, ‘Sire you are mad.’ America listen up folks, an IRISH FOOL tells you, you behave as if you are mad. LOL Chin up, courage, endure and contemplate the design of a new AMERICA.

    1. Rothschild Zionists control America. America has a ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government), and Zionist owned media companies like CNN doesn’t mention the term ZOG or Zionism ever.
      Zionism is a political movement, and not a race.

  5. I think David Duke has been treated unfairly in that he once belonged to the KKK. I agree that it is not a group that anyone should want to be associated with. The questions could have been more helpful if we knew what he did when he belonged to such a racist organization against the blacks. I agree with Duke on the Jewish hatred of the whites. The holy book the Talmud teaches them to hate whites. The Jews destroyed Germany in the early 20th century and went on to destroy American though their control of the media and Hollywood movie studios. The Jews are only 2 percent of the population in America and they are trying to strip our moral values. They have showed themselves to be hypocritical of what they will promote in our country and what they won’t allow in Israel. We want Israel out of our government. They need to stop trying to pervert and degrade our country when they hold duel citizenship and they should get out of America and take their immorality , propaganda with them. There will come a point in time in the near future where Americans will turn on them. As soon as the American people know what Israel did to America on 9-11-2001 it is over for Israel here.

  6. The Zionists are just like Vampire-Bats! They’re keep on sucking blood out of every US gentile while bitten and numb. Mr D Duke is trying to awake not only US but the World before its too late!!!

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