Britons Call for David Cameron's Resignation re Panama Papers

Protesters are set to gather in front of UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s 10 Downing Street residence in London to call for his resignation, starting on Saturday, April 9 from 12:30 (11:30 GMT).

The demonstration has been called as a consequence of Panama Papers leak, which involves Cameron’s family and earnings.
On Thursday night the prime minister admitted that he and his wife sold shares for more than £30,000 in a fund set up in Panama by his father, who passed away in 2010.
The protest will end only after he resigns, according to organisers.

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2 thoughts on “Britons Call for David Cameron's Resignation re Panama Papers”

  1. Hello Folks
    The idea of calling for the resignation of a solitary individual human being from their cabinet position, is laughable.
    This is the sort of thing one does when one does nothing. it is deceitful, worse still it leaves in place, an undisturbed culture of institutionalised corruption. The United Kingdom, as an Elizabethan (Tudor) entity, became the infernal spider under Dee and Kelley (1600 hundreds). That is how long ago, The English Rot, set in. Pax Britanica, as an expression of global encirclement under British naval operations, out reached in vileness Pax Romana. In that it made use of mercenary private armies, The East India Company, to imprison the whole of India. Imagine that… imprison the whole of India, and retain its hold over the peoples of India through a newly instituted Public Service. Native born Indians became the oppressors of their fellow Indian.
    My point is this, Corruption rots away the moral sense, cultural sense of any and all structures it infects. The Anti-values of vice over virtue become so prevalent that they are no longer seen for what they are, they are the Seeds of Death. The whole of European Culture, and its many subsets, is/are in the throws of Death. And it began in earnest with the crowning of Henry Tudor’s daughter Elizabeth and her use of John Dee.
    As off beam as it sounds in these wicked days, we all need to get righteous, re-become (re-dress ourselves in righteousness) moral and ethical agents of righteousness.
    If you are a youngster reading this comment, you could do a lot worse than listen to Bob Dylan’s song, Blowing In The Wind.
    LOL Anthony P Healy.
    eth I

  2. Considering that Ian Cameron was involved in offshore tax crime for 30 years Blairmore Holdings is not likely to be his only company.
    As offshore accounts are created to be untraceable by using numbered identities it is highly unlikely that a sophisticated operators’ assets would ever be traced.
    If Ian Cameron only made £2m over 30 years he must have been extremely bad at his job,
    I know several builders & contractors who own 200 + properties just from buying cheap.
    I would estimate the profit from 30 years of offshore crime to be over £10 Billion.
    PM Camerons’ tag, “It’s All Legal” is a pretty duplicitous defence from a Law Maker.
    As displayed by the transfer of all UK Taxpayer owned Sovereign assets to The Land Registry which was then “sold” to Rothchilds Bank over the Easter Parliament recess.
    Cameron may have to resign but he has done his job well.
    He destroyed the UK Real Economy & created a population of poor slaves for The City of London.
    Just wait for the “we’re going to rob your bank accounts to save the UK” story.

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