1st Loans Approved by BRICS Bank are on Renewable Energy

To underscore the BRICS’s fundamental goals of establishing three development banks to support its “One Belt, One Road” intercontinental economic initiatives, one of its banks, i.e.
the New Development Bank, approves loans for the first time, and these are for renewable energy projects in South Africa, Brazil, India and China.

The China-led New Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Road economic programs under the unifying banner of “One Belt, One Road” slogan, are supported by three development banks to date. These are the:

  • Silk Road Fund,
  • Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and,
  • the New Development Bank, mentioned above.

Each of these banks has at least $100 billion startup capital to satisfy the financing needs of the Eurasian regions.
BRICS bank approves first loans, $811mn investment in renewable energy projects
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The BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) has approved its first package of loans worth some $811 million. The four projects in Brazil, China, South Africa and India are all in the renewal energy development sphere.
The decision to approve the first loans, which are to be handed out in tranches, was approved by the NDB at the board of governors on the sidelines of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank spring meetings in Washington DC, RIA reported.
The NDB decided to provide $300 million to Brazil, $81 million to China, $250 million to India and $180 million to South Africa. The bank estimates that the renewable energy field projects with a combined capacity of 2.37MW together can help reduce the amount of harmful emissions by 4 million tons annually.
“There are many more new projects in the pipeline including projects from Russia. They are at various stages of consideration or appraisal,” the NDB spokesperson said.
The ministers also discussed creating a credit rating agency of their own to tackle the western dominance in this sphere.
“Deliberations were held on efficacy of establishment of New Development Bank Institute and BRICS rating agency,” an Indian media release said. “It was decided that a technical working group would examine the issues in detail.”
The New Development Bank created by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa started its operations in July, 2015, with initial authorized capital of $100 billion. The goals of the bank, headquartered in Shanghai, is to fund infrastructure projects in emerging economies for sustainable development.
For its part, India will use the NDB approved loan for deploying solar cell farms,

“Good news keeps coming for renewable energy in India, and today the source was a series of Tweets from India’s Secretary for Economic Affairs, Shaktikanta Das, who confirmed the large loan from the New Development Bank. It’s part of an ambitious strategy from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to increase the country’s solar capacity to 100 GW by 2022.”


As many are already aware of, the IMF-World Bank financing backlog in the region is too high, on top of which is the unfavorable rules the region is being subjected to, i.e. these Western dominated banks are being used for geopolitical dictatorial objectives, most notorious of which is the exclusive veto rights of the United States.
Collective efforts by the BRICS are now being exerted to correct the imbalance,

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have agreed to take a unified stance on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) quota system revisions.

“We need to take a united position on the quota reviews. Such reviews should in the first place be based on GDP figures, calculated by purchasing power parity (PPP)… Everyone has agreed to this,” said Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov on Thursday after a meeting with BRICS finance ministers.

The current quota formula is a weighted average of GDP (weight of 50 percent), openness (30 percent), economic variability (15 percent), and international reserves (5 percent). The GDP is measured through a blend of GDP—based on market exchange rates (weight of 60 percent)—and on PPP exchange rates (40 percent).

According to the Russian Finance Minister, GDP is one of the key indicators, and its greater weight in the formula will take into account the interests of developing countries, which are now under-represented in the IMF, as their economies are developing dynamically.

The reform of IMF was adopted back in 2010, but was delayed until December 2015 due to the position of the US Congress, when it ratified the so-called 14th General Quota Review.

Under the new rules, China’s quota has reached 6.4 percent; Russia and India now have 2.7 percent each with Brazil and South Africa having 2.3 and 0.6 percent, respectively. This gives a total of 14.7 percent against 11.5 percent before. The US is the biggest member of the IMF and is the only one to have a veto, as 15 percent is a blocking share.

Now, the developing economies are looking to alter the formula of the quota. Some of them doubt that such indicators as openness and economic variability should play such a big role in the formula.


Establishing a parallel financial system [CIRP, gold-backed Yuan, own credit rating agencies], establishing new commercial sealanes like the Iranian Canal [here], revival of the ancient Silk Road [here, here], and defeating multiple attempts at starting a full blown nuclear exchange in Syria and Ukraine, are all forcing the West to play fair game with the East, and are primarily aimed at attenuating the undeserved geopolitical and financial power of the Khazarian Banking Cabal.

Already, several Western alternative pundits are now seeing their dire forecasts coming true. The Khazarian Federal Reserve is now in panic being caught in the proverbial choice between the devil and the deep blue sea as far as raising, or lowering its interest rates.
Negative interest rates, or bail-ins, or outright skimming on your bank deposit, are already being done, too, without your prior consent, of course.
May 28th is being pointed as the day the fiat dollar collapses.
Here’s a quick summary why…
Superimposing the facts presented on the above video into China’s non-Rothschild Central Bank refusing to accept fiat dollar in exchange for its Yuan renminbi, then you get the full picture of what’s coming soon, unless the so-called distribution of humanitarian packages materialize beyond endless propaganda.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

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  1. Great to find useful information. Brought to us by the anti Main Stream media. We see good practical results for the BRICs development investments. They are all win-win projects that will produce results that pay off. Sea lanes as in the Iran canal will be another practical result that pays off. Even more exciting is these are new programs that will provide employment and stimulate economies-going outside of the IMF dictatorial stagnation.

  2. Progressing toward a healthy balance of global power … long overdue and crucial to emerging country economies.
    Actually, more critical than ever in human history, as planetary changes increasingly effecting Earth, play a huge role in monetary distribution and along with it technological assistance and under the guidance of experts, successfully to implement the economic and social development required by smaller countries, especially those capable of absorbing migrants from countries who may suffer severe changes and even be decimated, due to ever worsening climatic hazards.

  3. I am not convinced the US dollar will last as long as 28 th May.
    China intends pegging the Yuan to Gold in two days time.
    Possibly related… there have been a number of recent earthquakes including tectonic events in Japan.
    The Japanese Prime Minister has recently “declined” an Obama “request” to cancel an unofficial visit to Sotchi 6 th May to meet with Vladimir Putin.
    Some claim that HAARP can and has been used to cause earthquakes and tsunamis, to disrupt global communications systems and more.
    Things could get quite interesting over the next few days as the….. RKM …..THROWS IT’s TEDDIES OUT OF THE PRAM….to use English vernacular.

    1. You said: “The Japanese Prime Minister has recently “declined” an Obama “request” to cancel an unofficial visit to Sotchi 6 th May to meet with Vladimir Putin.”
      Sorry, don’t mean to come across as a conspiracy nut, but next thing Japan is hit by another almighty earth quake…. Just makes one wonder …. You don’t give the KM what they want, you pay the price.

      1. kznwatch
        Am I correct in thinking there is a quote along the lines of….”There is no such thing as coincidence” ?
        I beLIEve there are those who entertain the idea that the RKM exacts revenge (using publicly funded “assets”) on those who choose not to “sing” from the same hymn sheet as the EL-iteS….SATANIC-i’ll thieve everything SCUM.
        Zero hedge has posted an article reference “unconventional” snow in Japan.
        There was an earthquake ? in/ off the coast of Costa Rica in late 2015.
        Unusual cloud formations were seen in the sky, indicative of unnatural activity.
        If you google unusual clouds seen over Costa Rica you will see what I mean.

      2. “Am I correct in thinking there is a quote along the lines of….”There is no such thing as coincidence” ?” Yes! Checked out the phony snow in Japan on RT and it clearly spells it all out… Even Ecuador — same thing, they told crook nose Uncle Sam to beggar off and seems they too had to be punished. Some clever seismic engineer should design an alert which immediately exposes artificially created earthquakes. Yeah, read the global research article on HAARP and weapon warfare… enrages one. Of course its the KZM. Still, I think they’re beginning to get desperated … Just hope things begin to pick up speed, behind the scenes to end it all.

  4. Hello Folks
    The odd thing here, the elephant within the room if you will, is that even when, not if, China, Indian and Russia become the new dominant economic world powers. Essentially nothing will have changed, in so far, world domination by corporatized entities.
    The whole mindset (plan) that develops out of the human need for conflict, that’s right, the human need for trauma and conflict, heros and villins, will continue operating behind the scenes.
    The new rapacious East India Company is up to its old, old game. It will all too soon own South Africia (especially its gold), Brazil, India and China. And apparently no one can see it. Its the same old game plan.
    If so,I wont be surprised to discover Tazikistan and South Korea mirror the fate of Greece.
    No one has truly set themselves the task of reimagining anew, our global home as a single entity.
    I wish us luck.
    Anthony P Healy.

    1. Anthony Hi, can you please give me a pointer on East India Company and the role it continues ‘playing’ behind the scenes in South Africa? Would very much appreciate info in it and a link to an article/essay on it. Thanks — As they say, something smells rotten down south too… particularly more so, over the last year or so …

  5. An estimate of actual climate change requires standing at both the North and South pole at the same time. The North Pole is melting and the south pole is gaining more ice with colder weather. Its the US New World Order and Israel, and the Saudis dropping bombs on everybody and destroying to make it hot. Historical records show that a reverse of climate as just happened has happened many times through the eons. The Myan Calendar predicted a change (poles flipping) at the year 2000 and the weather seems to match the Myan calendar timing.

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