Hacking Democracy in Less than 60 Seconds

Surely, there are many ways to hack the elections, whether electronic or otherwise.
For manual elections, vote buying and physical intimidation are just some of them.

Vote buying comes in different flavors, i.e. from distribution of canned sardines and few kilos of rice in rural areas, to promises of temporary employment in urban centers.
For electronic voting, one can hack the machines used during Election Day, or even prior, in as easy as twisting a screw driver. This only involves swapping of memory cards, or ROM chips, containing predetermined results.
Changing the ROM chips, to manipulate how each vote is counted, takes less than a minute.

Cordless screwdrivers will cut the  hacking time in half..
Here’s how to bypass the “security seal” of the voting machines to replace memory cards with new ones with predetermined results.

Prior to a carefully planned rigging of the elections, poll surveys will be used to precondition the minds of the electorate to the intended outcome. The rest of the critical elements of whole circus will be done by the media.
Above all, the best indication that the whole system is rigged is when the population realize that their economic condition continues to worsen in spite of democracy.
The best way to conduct a fool proof election is to physically divide the people on Election Day in such a way that everyone could see who’s voting whom, forcing everyone to make a stand for one’s choice.
Another alternative is to wear the campaign color of the candidate to signify support of that candidate.
Here’s how Duterte die-hards show their support by raising their fists and wearing red shirts while about to cast their votes at the Philippine embassy in Kuwait hosting absentee voting.
Secrecy will always open the opportunity for rigging, and the cowards, who are not willing to stand by their own conviction and principles, always deserve the kind of government they have.


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8 thoughts on “Hacking Democracy in Less than 60 Seconds”

  1. Obama’s trip to the UK was direct hacking to the people of EUROPE, well first of all OBAMA is under orders from from his sponsors and that is the RRM that’s the ROTHSCHILD REPTILIAN MAFIA, Obama does not give a dam about the EU or the UK, but the ROTHSCHILDS do, and the USA know they cannot manipulate Europe or any EU countries without the help of the UK and that means that the USA wants the UK to be in the EU, even if it means that they have to RIG IT or FIX IT, so if it comes down to threats or blackmail, it wont work because without the EU the rest of EUROPE is pissed off with the US putting sanctions on RUSSIA and other countries with Impunity, so that means that it will have to be direct BALLOT RIGGING, and the UK will just let them do it like they did the Scottish referendum for independence. the people of the UK do not realise it yet, but to vote yes means that the world will always be in a perpetual state of war because of it’s alliance with the USA.

  2. Now a days in India Electronic voting machine with Voter-verified paper audit trail is being used. The paper is collected separately in another ballot box. This helps to count the vote in case there is any doubt.

  3. Hello Folks
    So the techno wizards contributing to the article, are aware of how easy it is to electronically undermine a voting system. As an old stager, now longish in my yellowing teeth, why am I not surprised. So here then is a question for the CPU wizards, how come you don’t know and or suggest the DIY methodology of befuddling a corrupt, and corrupting fiat currency system.
    I’ll suggest its because YOU have too much to lose. When all is said and done, someone, namely YOU, must remain standing. Dragons are all alike.
    Anthony P Healy. 🙁

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