Keenan Out!

The Cosmic Voice crew were promised funding for humanitarian projects by the Keenan Group. But, after asking the hard questions, Cosmic Voice got this in return…

From the Keenan Group’s site,

“Everyone wishes to speak with M2. If M2 wanted to be recognized, M2 would have come forward from the beginning. M2 is already on the world stage and indeed a public figure yet their status as M2 is unrevealed. This is how they wish it to remain.

Nothing more needs to be said.  When one rebuts something they do not rebut with “I think” (and no sources) such as what happened, but once again that was Drake’s site and it was time to go even before this. And when we mention sauces we are not talking about Tabasco and Soy.

The Keenan Group is happy to be moving on, exploring many new opportunities presented to them – and this will allow them to walk away from the many unnecessary fights (more coming as I write).

And so in terms of Cosmic Voice, we thank you all for what you have done for us. For what you mean to us. Mostly for being there for us.

Again we are not gone, we will still be working at getting things opened it is just for the time being. Take care and expect to find bigger and better things happening in the very near future. It won’t be long.  We promise…”

Neil Keenan and K Group

Thomas Williams:

“Drake and I will continue to fight on all fronts, Neil has chosen to go a different path and one not congruent with our efforts.

There is a much deeper undertone to all of this and if/when revealed will not sit well with a lot of people, this goes way beyond issues to do with me or Drake.

Is it sad? absolutely, but things have been changing over a prolonged period of time, it just took a bit of time to connect all the dots.

If members wish to continue following Neil that is fine but Drake has requested to not post it on our page, if this doesn’t fit in well with you, then you are best to leave and move onto Neil’s page, rather than creating/causing more drama.

Like I said on the show people are sick of the drama, but each and every episode of drama to do with Cosmic Voice has been due to Neil Keenan issues and nothing to do with Drake, the admins and I were the ones having to deal with all the fallout of that nonsense and frankly we were tired of it a long time back.

I said things would get confusing this year and you would all have to deal with uncomfortable information, this is only a small part of it.
Stay strong, be prepared and stay calm, grounded and centered at this time.”

Drake Kent I may offer Neil’s posts… reasons being; If this is real, we are informed; If not Neil buries himself… Think about both of those. I’m thinking of letting the readers/followers decide…

9 thoughts on “Keenan Out!”

  1. Sorry but the information is inaccurate and despite the fact I have been asked to return and the fact Drake knows and has been told how Thomas created this monster out of a mole hill , I will not return….I am through with CV and we will open our own facebook page…
    On the other hand Drake also offered Thomas’ job to Richard Montgomery from my group who in fact graciously refused it. CV is a mess and has been since Thomas took over and well let it be what it may, we are moving on to bigger and better things.
    Finally I still stand by the post and have much more to add to it but doubt if any other than my immediate few will ever get to see it. Sorry all but it really is a mess.

  2. Still,… the same guy as described by Jean Haines,… nothing seems to have changed,…

  3. Keenan is a con artist. You can tell by his speech pattern he is dishonest. Conning money out of that poor old lady. That was her life’s savings that he stole from her. No honor, no integrity!

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