Is Donald Trump the Best America Could Come Up With?

America is in a great crossroad. She knows that something is fundamentally wrong within her, and not correcting it soon spells great irreparable disaster for decades to come.

Yet, the best they could do right now is to limit their choices on the Two Towers of American establishment politics, i.e. Democrats and Republicans, two political parties that have nothing to do with real democracy and the long lost republic, but only for the preservation of the Empire.

For centuries, the illusion of choice is what keeps them in power. Somehow, the intellectuals in the American society know this and recently, only 6% trust American media, and yet most of them still believe that Bernie is better than Hillary, and Donald is very interesting, too.

Only a few are willing to entertain the idea that the solution could perhaps come from outside the Two Towers.

The logic being that the Green Party is a long shot, i.e. a weak party, it can’t possibly win an election, certainly not this time. Unfortunately for America, that notion is self-fulfilling.

If Sanders and Trump are indeed anti-establishment, why are both of them enjoying full media coverage, and not the independent Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein?

In 2014, the US population reached 318.9 million and to think that US could not produce a better presidential candidate than a Bernie, Hillary and a Donald, is certainly preposterous.

The euphoric Obama rise to power kind of hard to forget. Making America great again requires more than just a slogan and a poster boy. It requires read hard work and sacrifices.
So, when we read about war veterans accepting Trump checks instead of going after the Bushes, Clintons and the Rockefellers who literally made them, i.e. American “heroes.” mere cannon fodders of the Rothschild dynasty for decades, we begin to question, is America really capable of changing for the better?

To compare, there’s only 101 million breathing souls in the Philippines and yet we were able to produce one that could be a huge equalizer against the establishment — the full gamut of it, i.e. political elite, the Catholic Church and the broadcast media.

When Duterte mentioned lack of money as one of the reasons why he wasn’t running for the highest office, the people themselves started chipping in, not always with money, but with their own talents and the full utilization of the social media.

What we’re saying here is that, those tools that could help make change happen already exist in America right now but the logic of limiting the choices to the Two Towers is highly questionable.

America doesn’t need a leader who still think Iran is an enemy. Nobody from the East wants war with anybody around the world. So, why can’t America choose a leader that advocates green industry rather than divisive geopolitics?

We strongly believe that Bernie Sanders is just a controlled opposition, Hillary Clinton is worse than the Bushes, and Donald Trump is at best a lazy American solution,

… considering the fact that the problem is beyond “Islamic extremists” and “Mexican rapists.” They are not even the real problem objectively, but just the latest bogeyman.

If we can do it here in the Philippines, certainly America can do it better.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

7 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump the Best America Could Come Up With?”

  1. I believe that the wording is wrong, it should be is this the worst that they can come up with, like one of the title’s yesterday, regarding a possible assassination attempt on Donald trump, I could be wrong but I do not think that there is much chance of that, because they only kill the good guy’s, it is only the crap that gets left behind.

    1. I could not agree with you more . According to Fullford the USA is now being run by a Mafia front and who advocates an all out increase in military spending . Basically supporting WW3 just the opposite of what he says Trump will save us from . Trump is in the interest of population control and global anarchy in my opinion

  2. I think we should ask: Will it be Hillery who puts us into ” vacation” camps for our own good, Or will Trump lock us up for our own good? To save us now, we must be disarmed and put away. All of us will be tested by someone in government – either way- to prove we are worthy.

  3. He would have to far better than anyone else that is running. Hillary is a criminal as well as her husband, paedophile Bill. If Hillary gets in, she will destroy the US and all it once stood for. Presently Obama, is doing his best to destroy the US economy, along with destroying the US Constitution, trying to start WW 111 etc,etc. When the very first Bush got in the US started a free-fall in world respect, the criminal element becoming open and blaise, not caring whether anyone knew or not.
    Everyone must also realise that the Muslim menace is rampant in Europe, but the corrupt press say nothing. Stupid politicians in Australia want to let 60,000 Syrian refugees into Australia in one year. Donald Trump has vowed to get rid of all Muslims from the US and the people are right behind him. Trump seems to have the well-being of America at heart and he is also what the people want, not an elderly criminal, as is Hillary.

    1. Probably none are the best(for some reason many are not even thinking about running)but Hillary is in the circle of the globalist cabal,that´s for sure.

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