US State Department ChickenHawks’ Call for AirStrikes vs. Assad to End ISIS

The Jewish New York Times has recently leaked a purported internal paper from the State Department officials recommending US airstrikes against Assad in Syria to end Islamic State.

Although, there’s a 180-degree separation between Assad and the CIA trained and funded ISIS terrorists, we do understand that logic and madness can’t go together.
The normal course of things would have been for the airstrikes to be directed against the terrorist ISIS, but…

Bucking current US policy, dozens of State Department officials have reportedly signed an internal document calling for military action and regime change in Syria, claiming it is the only way to defeat Islamic State and end the war.

The dissenting document was transmitted internally and signed by about 50 mid- to high-level department officials, according to the Associated Press. The agency said it has since been classified.

“The moral rationale for taking steps to end the deaths and suffering in Syria, after five years of brutal war, is evident and unquestionable,” the New York Times quoted the document as saying. “The status quo in Syria will continue to present increasingly dire, if not disastrous, humanitarian, diplomatic and terrorism-related challenges.”

The document is alleged to have expressed frustration with America’s inability to halt a civil war in Syria that has killed around half a million people and contributed to a worldwide refugee crisis.

How can America end the war in Syria when it’s the US military who are airdropping military support to the “moderate rebels” under the guise of “misdropping” aid?
How can America end the war in Syria and the entire Middle East when it deliberately left behind depots full of arms, tanks, and ammunitions that the Daesh terror group quickly occupied on cue?
How can America end the war in Syria when it refused on several occasions the invitation of Russia for a joint military operations in Aleppo and Raqqa?
Does the alleged State Department officials include the likes of Victoria Nuland, who are not taking their marching orders from White House, but from the Council on Foreign Relations?
Said internal protest was purposely leaked through the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal as a way for Bibi Netanyahu’s handlers to pressure Obama to support the Islamic State.

The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal both quoted from the document on Thursday, saying they had seen or obtained copies.

…The Wall Street Journal report said that the document repeatedly called for “targeted air strikes” against the Syrian government in light of the collapse of the ceasefire brokered earlier this year.

Currently, the White House is supporting the Kurdish militia fighting against the Islamic State and the Turkish military embedded within ISIS. This has created a rift between the White House and Erdogan.

A photographer for Agence France-Presse posted photos of US special forces soldiers fighting alongside the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) near Raqqa wearing the Kurdish army’s patch on their uniforms on May 27. The YPG is considered a terror organization in Turkey, but not by the United States and its allies. US support for the YPG in its fight against the Islamic State (IS) has been a point of growing tension between the United States and Turkey. As more photos and videos started circulating on social media, the public reaction in Turkey snowballed as well.

Assad has been reported to be amenable to the establishment of an autonomous Kurdistan between Turkey border and north of Aleppo. While Erdogan hates everything that the US plans that has to do with the Kurds…

These contradictory plans are delaying the closure of a 98-kilometer (61-mile) border gap that is IS’ only window to the outside world and accommodates the flow of militants. Since the Syrian army recaptured Palmyra from IS, the United States also feels the need for a victory — hence, the increasing pressure on Ankara. A US delegation was dispatched to Ankara on the heels of Erdogan’s Washington visit to work on operational plans.

To Obama’s credit, he has shown to have a moderate approach to the Khazarian bankers’ plan to establish a Greater Israel absorbing Syrian land and resources into its fold.

“Obama has also resisted leading America into another Middle Eastern war since encountering difficulties extracting US military forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, while US military commanders have expressed concern about a lack of a clear alternative to Assad who could unify the country and advance US national security interests. Moscow has repeatedly stressed that removing Assad and effectively letting Islamist groups take control would send the country into chaos.”

why isis not attack israel
The bigger picture, of course, is to continue inflicting chaos and destruction among the Arabs to divide and conquer all of them.
The unHoly Crusades never ended, but have only expanded to include the flooding of refugees across Europe for purposes of merging all cultures together to enhance perpetual ethnic conflicts within every microcosm of our society.
Out of chaos, order, they always say.
But it’s not the kind of new world order that everyone will be satisfied and happy. It’s the type where everyone’s a slave and tied to the machines within the framework of a Technocratic Dictatorship.
Those chickenhawks demanding US airstrikes against a sovereign country are people who can’t even fire a potato gun. It’s so easy for these pencil pushers to start a war because it’s not their own children that will be buried in the rubbles.
syria-children hakim-syria-unicef-tv-appeal-593x392 childreninsyria

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

4 thoughts on “US State Department ChickenHawks’ Call for AirStrikes vs. Assad to End ISIS”

  1. Briefing Notes June 2016
    The USA
    Within the last week the USA has confronted Russian bombers in Syria with its own fighter jets bringing it close to a WW3 trip point.
    This is about the fourth time this year that the UK/USA has tried to push Russia into a war.
    Anaconda 16
    The Anaconda 16 exercise in the Baltic states with 100,000 Nato troops & backed up by US warships in the Black Sea is viewed by Russia as a build up for an imminent war.
    This war in Europe is a projection of the USA/UK policy to dominate every country in the world by economic & military means leading to a Global Corporate Government. (The New World Order)
    This action was triggered in 2013 when Europe & Russia stood against the US invasion of Syria.
    Nobody says no to the USA.
    USA intransigence in negotiating over the Middle East, the China Sea & Ukraine/Europe/Russia has left it isolated from any informed allied advisors.
    In fact it now appears to be aggressively provoking all nations to start a multi polar world war.
    The United Nations laws on the control of illegal deployment & intervention have long been negated by the US.
    The Obama/Clinton administration appears to be run by New World Order psychopath criminal bankers who see themselves losing the next election.
    It is rumoured that they intend to start WW3 before the election to stop their criminal frauds etc being exposed.
    Nationalist or Globalist.
    However The Pentagon, the CIA & The State Department are at loggerheads over Foreign Policy decisions & the NWO plans to control the populations of the western nations with Military Corporations .
    And in fact they are all also conflicted internally.
    This doesn’t appear to have stopped the New World Order criminals from causing worldwide mayhem with their Corporate Mercenary armies.
    Europe appears to be stalling on the USA trade agreement (also known as a surrender document) And then suffered the mass population transfer from Syria/Turkey etc probably intentionally financed & organised by the New World Order criminal bankers. This is to be followed by “ISIS/CIA” covert attacks to start a racial Civil War.
    New rumours suggest the EU is considering linking economics & trade to the BRICS nations.
    As the USA continues to drive a wedge through all its allied relationships leaving it isolated & unable to negotiate.
    The Asian Investment Bank continues to grow with massive gold reserves just as the US Federal Reserve (a private corporation) finds its gold reserves missing.
    The criminal bankers controlling the western nations have over decades been asset stripping the western economies leaving their real economies insolvent as their offshore crime cartels assets soar into trillions.
    While continuing to asset strip the US/UK/EU sovereign assets of its domestic populations the criminal bankers now need a world war to cover up their crimes, plunge these nations into civil war & turmoil so that they can create The New World Order global criminal corporate fascist empire. This seems unbelievable to most people.
    Meanwhile as the Western Nations bankers concentrate on self destruction & personal enrichment, the rest of the world is changing to forward thinking & planning a democratic progressive controlled world economy.
    The New World Order
    Not only are the New World Order criminal bankers working for their own power & greed, they are working against humanity in a thousand different ways.
    Their intention to cut down the world population to 3 million is already under way with many Corporations involved in buying up & controlling world food supplies with farm bankruptcies/ownership, crop seed copyright, pesticide contamination. Even global pharmaceutical companies are working on population control, hidden sterilisation & vaccines that damage the human brain.
    The forces of evil are ever present. The main stream media has manipulated & spread disinformation to such a degree that even the originators have no idea what is going on. Let alone policy makers, government officials & politicians.
    Which is the way the criminal bankers like it, chaos & destruction everywhere.
    It should be a part of everyone’s school education to study the psychology of the psychopaths. Because it is a historic fact that psychopaths control human societies.
    And these people are now in charge of the most powerful nation on earth & they want to start a nuclear multi polar WW3 to destroy Europe, the Middle East, Russia & China etc in August 2016. The bankers don’t care who wins or loses or which countries get obliterated.
    Its all profit.

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