‘Forget the lesser evil, fight for greater good’ | Jill Stein

The Green Party is gaining momentum after Wikileaks’ bombshell exploded at the DNC primary.

However, instead of exploiting the Democrat fallout for herself at her party, Jill Stein is offering the Green Party presidential nomination to Bernie Sanders, who we think is just a pseudo-reformist.

Sanders’ quick endorsement of Hillary Clinton is proof enough he was not in it for the people but was only acting as a willing loser to the whole charade.
Jill Stein should just grab the opportunity and launch a more proactive campaign and follow the recent Philippine experience of catapulting a candidate to the presidency even without a viable political machinery, but only relying on the support of the people clamoring for real and meaningful change.
If we can do it, surely the Americans can.
RT reports,

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein made a direct appeal to Bernie Sanders supporters – and the Vermont Senator himself – during a Monday rally near the Democratic National Convention (DNC).
“Forget the lesser evil, fight for the greater good,” Stein said, referring to her Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton while the crowd chanted “Jill, not Hill!”
“We are the revolution,” she added.
In response to the DNC’s apology to Bernie Sanders for the emails that caused chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to step down this week, Stein said: “They did much more than say bad things. They sabotaged a revolutionary campaign.”
She later told RT in an interview that her campaign’s fundraising efforts have skyrocketed since Sanders endorsed Clinton ahead of the DNC.
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The medical doctor also said she would step down as the Green Party’s candidate if Sanders wanted to run on that ticket.
However, Dr Cornel West – a Bernie backer and former member of the DNC’s platform committee who went on to endorse Stein over Clinton after he was disillusioned by the process – told RT that he was disappointed by Sanders’ decision to endorse the former secretary of state.
The Jill Stein rally of hundreds of people spilled out of a large tent set up in the so-called “Free Speech Zone” in Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park, located next to the convention venue. A ferocious thunderstorm forced Stein and several supporters to a safety area under a freeway overpass.
Stein used the opportunity to make a second speech, this time with a bullhorn, for those waiting out the storm.
A recent poll taken after last week’s Republican Convention shows Stein in fourth place behind Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson with three percent of the vote, according to a RealClearPolitics aggregator.
She requires 15 percent to be included in the upcoming debates. Stein and her 2012 running mate Cheri Honkala were detained when trying to debate Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in 2012.
“I think our arrest and holding in a blacksite was just one piece of evidence of the many ways we are not a democracy,” Stein told RT. “We basically silence political opposition and we keep people off the ballot, out of the debates, and out of the media. The kind of collusion that you saw revealed in the emails that were released reveal what’s going on here with the corporate press, the Hillary campaign, and the DNC. So if that was going on with Bernie Sanders, might there also be something going on [with] other political opponents? We are a very inconvenient truth, as another woman who is actually a progressive candidate.”
The Greens will hold their convention in Houston, Texas next weekend, where Stein is expected to officially receive the nomination. Although she has yet to pick a running mate, West said he would not accept an offer if extended by Stein, since that’s “not his calling.”
Speaking during a live Periscope after Bernie Sanders’ speech, one of his delegates from New Mexico said she is now backing Stein over Sanders, while another is still undecided and will consider backing the Green Party. Neither of them said they would back Trump.
US Uncut reports,
“Should Sanders go to the DNC next week and reaffirm his endorsement of Hillary Clinton in the general election, Stein said it would be a betrayal of his principles and of his supporters’ wishes for a political revolution.
“You want to affirm a corrupt party that just dragged you across the coals? You expect your supporters, who have a vision and who voted for integrity, to follow you into this shithole?” Stein told US Uncut. “Is there no respect here for his campaign and for himself? Are they just going to pretend it didn’t happen?”
Regardless of whether or not Sen. Sanders continues to remain with the Democratic Party, Stein believes his millions of supporters will be so disgusted with the leaks that they will exit the Democratic Party en masse and join her campaign.
“I think it would be very hard for a self-respecting Sanders supporter, in light of these revelations, to take the beating and humiliate themselves and disrespect themselves, to go into the campaign and support the predator who destroyed them,” Stein said.
In response to the question of being perceived as a “spoiler,” and whether or not it’s wise to try and run against both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and risk a Trump presidency, Stein said Donald Trump’s defeat won’t come at the hands of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, saying the leaks show the DNC has no trust left with the public.
“How is Hillary Clinton going to hold a candle to Donald Trump?” Stein said. “Not only does this destroy the unification efforts within the Democrats, but this destroys Hillary’s ability to portray herself as trustworthy to the American public. They already don’t trust her.”
“I don’t think Hillary Clinton is now capable of stopping Donald Trump,” Stein continued. “You have to begin to get out [of the two-party system], and trust the momentum and righteousness of what you’re going to do and what you must do, especially when you’re looking at oblivion.”
She was quick to add that a Hillary Clinton presidency would also be disastrous for America and the rest of the world.
“It’s not just Donald Trump on one hand, it’s climate catastrophe on the other, and nuclear weapons, and expanding war,” Stein said. “What we need to really look at here is the ticking clock on climate change, which wipes us all out. All of us forever, that’s it… We must do this, we have to get out of this pit that we’re in and understand if we’ve come that far, we are going to keep going. We have a moral imperative here, not just for us in this moment, but for humanity, forever.”
Stein will be in Philadelphia to protest at the DNC with tens of thousands of Sanders supporters who have been organizing the protests for months. US Uncut will provide daily coverage of the convention throughout next week.
Tom Cahill is a writer for US Uncut based in the Pacific Northwest. He specializes in coverage of political, economic, and environmental news. You can contact him via email at [email protected].
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