Khazarian Desperation at All-time High, Want Surface WW3

“I want to be clear to those who try to oppose the United States and do us harm, and destroy our way of life. We’re gonna beat you, and beat you harder than you’ve been beaten before.” – Gen. Mark Milly, US Army Chief of Staff

From financial and currency wars to high-octane media propaganda, the Western elite is losing big time.
Their grand plan for a Greater Israel in Syria, which is just a small segment of their ultimate Technocratic Dictatorship plans, has been rendered dead on its track when Russia, and its allies, intervened just before Syria falls completely to the “moderate rebels” known as Daesh Islamic State, or Al-Nusra, or Al-Sham, Al-Capone, Al McCain… the name keeps changing as the weather.
Are these people really just wanting war for the pleasure of it, or there’s more to the frustrations?
Yes, they are actually protecting something. The key phrase here is, they don’t want somebody to trample on their “way of life”. That’s right.

They don’t want to lose all that. But they are in debt, that’s the problem.
The Western Oligarchs are submerged in a thick mud of unpayable debts. And the lenders are asking for the settlement of these obligations. Instead of paying what the West owed to the East, they chose to print more paper money and continue leveraging what physical economy they already have. That’s the rationale of the massive move to digitized the currencies in America and in Europe.
That’s unsustainable. Sooner, rather than later, the western industrial, manufacturing sector will cease to operate when no more raw materials are available due to its inability to pay with asset-backed currencies. We got a preview of that earlier this year, when the Baltic Dry Index plunged to its all-time lowest showing most of the cargo vessels were all docked in port.
The BRICS is demanding that they’ll be paid in gold for their products. That’s when the West decided to drop a tactical nuclear bomb into one of China’s busiest seaports.

That’s the reason and more why China did the unthinkable in the recent G20 Summit in China…
G20 'staircase snub' for Obama
To summarize, here’s the bigger picture why the Khazarian Oligarchs are so desperate for war, other than the covert geopolitical and military operations that’s been going on behind the scenes:

  • Systematic Fiat Dollar Dumping. The Chinese Yuan currency has just been adapted to the IMF SDR basket of currencies. But unlike any other SDR currencies, the Chinese Yuan is backed up with real assets, i.e. gold and the humongous industrial muscle of China;
  • Philippines’ Pivot to Russia and China. Instead of using the UNCLOS Tribunal favorable ruling on the West Philippine Sea issue, the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will be visiting China’s Xi Jinping later this month, in order to formalize the two countries’ bilateral engagements in economics, e.g. digital communications and road/railway projects; the Philippine President was also invited by the Russian Prime Minister Medvedev for possible economic and military agreements. This is a big blow to the US plan to use the Philippines as the fulcrum by which the Khazarians will hit China geopolitically and militarily.
  • The Entire ASEAN Community opted to engage China peacefully through the establishment of a Code of Conduct in the West Philippine Sea, in gross defiance to the White House’s diktats. This is keeping with the Oriental tradition of resolving issues through bilateral talks instead of saber rattling as is the perennial case with the West since the day they learn how to weaponized the firecracker into gunpowder.
  • Increasing Japan and Russian economic interactions. Japan and Russian industrialists are establishing tangible engagements through railway projects and nuclear research.
  • All economic sanctions against Russia is not working. Instead of crashing the Russian economy so that the Russian people will rise to topple Vladimir Putin, all western sanctions provided the impetus for Russian unity even stronger. The same unity which failed the Khazarians to capitalize on Adolf Hitler to destroy the Russian Empire, now they have failed again as Putin sent all 5th Column NGOs to where they came from.
  • The IMF Is Worried About the World’s $152 Trillion Debt Pile which is inaccurate considering that:
    • US debt is at $200 Trillion in 2013 [see video below]; US net worth is estimated conservatively at negative $60 trillion and plunging!
    • UK debt is at ‘Apocalyptic’ £6 trillion UK debt; Debt to GDP ratio is 900% and counting!
    • Deutsche Bank $14 billion crisis threatens meltdown beyond German borders
    • Questions over spate of ‘suicides’ among Deutsche Bank executives raised

Add to all of the above is the unaccountable $6.5 trillion Pentagon budget. Certainly, the same situation motivated the Bushes to attack Saddam Hussein and looted the gold in Iraqi banks. The same thing happened to Libyan Muammar Qaddafi a few years later.
It is also of note that during the Great Depression in the 1930s, it is the Philippines which was used by the United States to prevent itself from completely crashing,

When the Americans defeated the first Philippine Republic and made the Philippines a showcase territory of the United States, the country saw a redevelopment under the American system. Economy as well was re-developed. The Philippines saw the growth of the economy once again after the war as the Americans built new public schools, transportation, reform system, boutiques, offices and civic buildings.

When the Great Depression happened in the United States, the Philippines on the other hand wasn’t affected. Instead, the US relied on the Philippine economy throughout the depression era.

So, there must be a surface World War 3 to reset the world order back to where there’s no credible resistance yet.

A massive NATO training exercise is underway in Scotland, sparking safety fears from anti-war campaigners in the country.

Concerns Raised Over Massive NATO 'War Games' in Scotland

Around 5,700 military personnel, 67 aircraft and 31 warships and submarines are taking part in the bi-annual event. Unmanned Warrior 2016, the Royal Navy’s first major exercise using drones and robots, is participating in the wider Operation Joint Warrior event.

Read more:

They can wish, but they won’t be allowed to do so.
The degree of unity within the Global Resistance Movement is rock solid, pervasive, and it continues to strengthen even more as the days pass by.
The fate of the world would be a lot better if America could install a more respectable leader than all those who came after John F. Kennedy.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

10 thoughts on “Khazarian Desperation at All-time High, Want Surface WW3”

  1. Give me freedom or give me death, but not this ugly way of lifestyle. None can really hate this kind of freedom they want to give us all.

  2. Makes me wonder where all this is leading to. If its WW3, then all bets are off, if its something else then I’m afraid its not very clear what the game plan is. But what ever the outcome, I think that more people are waking up and that’s encouraging. Continue to Fight the Good Fight, after all we don’t have much of an alternative.

  3. NATO needs to be restructured..One, Israel for an occupied country has to much power for a tiny stolen state. If it was a credible organization the usa should be charged with war crimes and Obama should be locked up for illegal drone strikes and killing kids and woman. Should be penalised for being in Syria illegally. Should be charged with war crimes for Ukraine take over of legal government. Porshenko should be locked up for war crimes and not being the real elected president.

  4. LS…
    Mark Milly… You dumb fuck ! Be the time you are back home also your home magnetron will be out of order. Kaput ! Like the rest of your boy toys

  5. Look at the long list of sovereign bonds that the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has defaulted on since 1954…!! PRC demands the USA honor its debts – but PRC does not honor its own sovereign debts – in violation of WTO and IMF rules. Then look at who sits on the PRC’s Central Bank Board of Directors, and Nout Wellink in particular, the former President of the Bank of International Settlements. How would you like to borrow money from the world of investors and never have to pay back the loans…? that is the PRC’s game plan since 1950. In 1787, the Wellink family of money changers, located in Amsterdam – loaned John Adams one million Dutch guilders to the United States so the newly formed central government could consolidate all the debts of the 13 former colonies. When they loan – they always get paid back; when they borrow from the global market – they never pay back. If I am wrong, please correct me.

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