The Ongoing Philippine Revolution is Catching Fire

Asians learned a lot from its experience with Western intrusions over the last 300 years. They’ve been duped and swindled of their historical assets, not just once, but multiple of times during this period, and all recent clandestine attempts at subverting the ongoing BRICS Alliance-led global reformation for purposes of usurping again their growing geostrategic influence, have all been averted.

For those who have been following this website from the very beginning, it’s very clear that our humble purpose is to encourage the people to take tangible action towards individual emancipation.
One cannot have real freedom without ever fighting for it. If others are claiming to be fighting it for you, it must be a scam. And we have fallen victims to these people for the last several years.
We’ve given them the benefit of the doubt, but most, if not all, of them fell short of our minimum expectations.
Historical Background
Asians learned a lot from its experience with Western intrusions over the last 300 years. They’ve been duped and swindled of their historical assets, not just once, but multiple of times during this period, and all recent clandestine attempts at subverting the ongoing BRICS Alliance-led global reformation for purposes of usurping again their growing geostrategic influence, have all been averted.

There is now a solid ASEAN regional consensus to repel all coercive interference from the outside, in parallel with its active involvement in matters of combating terror in some parts of Mainland Eurasia.
Being of significant geostrategic importance to the US government, the recent unequivocal statement of pursuing an independent foreign policy of the Duterte government has dealt a huge blow to the geopolitical ambitions of its former colonial master. Certainly, this would result to numerous attempts at assassinating the Philippine president, color revolution, or a military coup, like what happened to at least five non-conformist leaders in the past.
More than a hundred years ago, we saw the assassination of the leader of the Katipunan who rose up to remove the Spaniards, Gat. Andres Bonifacio, in the hands of the elitist Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, just as the revolution was gaining the upper hand.
This was preceded with a firing squad of Dr. Jose P. Rizal by the Jesuits, and followed by the CIA assassination via plane crash of Ramon Magsaysay.

Emilio Aguinaldo

Consequently, Gen. Aguinaldo appointed himself as the 1st president of the new Philippine Republic. It turned out, Pres. Aguinaldo was a puppet of the United States. His presidency marked the beginning of a systematic US plunder of the country.
Another president, Ramon Magsaysay, was also assassinated via plane crash in 1957. He was considered as the “President of the Common Man.”
Fast forward to 1986, the combined Jesuit-CIA-Manila Oligarchy instigated the Yellow Revolution, which successfully overthrow the Mascosian dictatorship which paved the way for an unhampered 15 years of massive privatization of government-owned utilities, the most critical of which, i.e. energy generation, water supply, mass media, either went to prominent families, or to some West-controlled corporations, where Vatican corporate fronts are also deeply invested until now.
edsa people power 1986
Between mid-1998 and early part of 2001, the poorest of the population saw a glimmer of hope under president “Erap” Estrada, but the Oligarchy was quick enough to dislodge him through an impeachment, subsequently installing Gloria Arroyo. The latter’s term of office was itself put under constant Oligarchy threat when it was clear that China is threatening the local monopolies with large investments in infrastructures and communications, the very same thing that the Duterte administration is pursuing during his visit to China.
Pointing to his own experience, now Mayor Erap Estrada is warning his countrymen to see the bigger picture…
In a telephone interview with The STAR, Estrada also called on Filipinos to support the President’s war on drugs, despite criticisms from the US and other Western nations.
joseph-estrada“The Philippines is a sovereign country. The US should not interfere with the purely internal affairs of the Philippines, particularly on President Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs,” Estrada said.
He recalled that when he was president, the US tried to meddle in his all-out war against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).
Estrada stressed it’s the President’s duty to prevent the country from becoming a narco-state where drug lords dictate on officials.
“What will happen if all the elected officials like governors, congressmen, mayors and others are funded by drug lords? What will happen if we will allow narco-politics to reign in the country? These officials will be beholden to the drug lords and they will just say, ‘yes sir, yes sir,’ to all their orders and interest,” Estrada said.
“All peace-loving Filipinos should throw their all-out support to the campaign of the President against illegal drugs. Not because the US is helping us, we will just allow it to interfere in our internal affairs. We are a sovereign country. We have our own Constitution. The President is right with what he is doing,” the mayor said.
In a statement released by the Manila Public Information Office (PIO), Estrada voiced his support for Duterte’s veering toward China. Unlike the US, China has never interfered in Philippine affairs, the former president said.
gloria_macapagal_arroyo_wef_2009The Arroyo government would have installed, in cooperation with ZTE, Corp., a national internet broadband that covers the entire country, but the PLDT-Globe duopoly sabotaged the whole plan using a crying patsy, Rodolfo Lozada, claiming he was about to be assassinated for having known too much about the highly corrupt transaction, which was later on proven to be of no basis by the Supreme Court, leading to the recent release of the now Congresswoman Gloria M. Arroyo, while the former government employee cum crying patsy, Lozada, is now facing corruption lawsuits.
The skillful CIA-Vatican machinations about our local politics is at the core of our maldevelopment. We are deliberately made to crawl on the mud in exchange for some “American junk,” and to make us constantly subservient to the “good graces” of the Europeans. They have rigged the entire system, i.e. political, economics, education, mass media, and cultural, gravely in favor for just one section of our society, i.e. Spanish mestizos, the descendants of the conquistadors.
Most noticeably, these conquistadors have cornered 80% of the national budget for decades, making the infrastructure projects to be concentrated only in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Both the Visayas and Mindanao regions were purposely left out.
The rise of a Duterte within that same corrupt exceptionalist system is a huge anomaly. Until now, their own mass media and so called experts could not understand what just happened, and what will continue to happen in the immediate future, unless they act again to prevent it. They are reportedly planning to remove the president, but all attempts are unsuccessful so far. The 400 tycoons who went with him to China is proof that the Oligarchy is disunited.
Being the first “texting capital of the world,” the nation immediately embraced the social media like a virus. The socio-political consciousness immediately expanded like a firestorm. Our own website statistics are showing that they are now ready to accept “conspiracy theories”, dig exotic technologies like HAARP, and above all, they are now laughing at the “Bobo,” or stupid journalists fronting the mass media.
The Duterte Phenomenon 2016 is the Resumption of the Revolution in 1896

The campaign baller band worn by Duterte during the campaign period was auctioned and able to fetch P1 million from Mr. Johnny Sy, a businessman attending the PH-China Business Meet and Greet event.

True accounts about the Philippine Revolution against the Spaniards and the Americans in 1896 onwards are now being shown on the big screens. We need more movie producers doing the same materials so that offline audience can see the bigger picture of what’s really going on in the country.
The recent visit of the president to China which saw the signing of major investments on infrastructure projects and telecommunications, which should enhance interisland physical and digital connectivity, something that the local Spanish Oligarchy didn’t want to happen ever, in pursuance to their continued “divide and conquer” strategy, since our Datu Lapulapu cut off the head of the first European invader, Magellan, in 1521.
The Duterte Phenomenon is breaking all established norms and challenging suppressive taboos from politics to religion. Political correctness is being shattered one cuss word at a time. The local Vatican infrastructure trembled when their money laundering, pedophilia and chronic hypocrisy were all exposed in response to their church-wide campaign against Duterte prior to his election.
rodrigo-duterte-insults-barack-obamaHis academic failure earlier on is now serving him well. He wasn’t properly “institutionalized,” that he can afford to think independently from the norms, and even from his own cabinet secretaries who, like him, are all constantly hard at work. His presidential family is the best team we ever have.
The mainstream media love to quote him literally, since they could do nothing better. Worse, these robots even went to extreme lengths of splicing his long monologues, because the method serves their employers’ agenda.
But the people have learned a lot of their own history from the last 3 months, just by listening to many of his elaborate diatribes against the Exceptionalist West. Those off the cuff verbal retaliations, which are mere token summations of the people’s condemnation of all the sufferings inflicted upon them for almost five centuries by the same people now criticizing the efforts to rid the country of drugs, crimes and narco-politics, will continue to underscore the importance of taking real actions now that we have the momentum.
Duterte’s noisy strategy is working, the US State Department doesn’t know how to respond. If he is assassinated now, the world would at least know why. And so, in the last few days, nobody in the West would have thought that he will do the unthinkable.
The Philippines will now chart its own course away from the corrosive diktats of the West, and as equal among nations on Earth, which even China and Russia have expressed their own commitment not to intervene in any of its internal affairs, but only in matters of mutual progressive developments and regional security.
This major pivot away from the 113-year old Western containment which, no matter what Duterte’s lieutenant would say afterwards, cannot be undone in the foreseeable future. Yes, there may be some pockets of resistance to his radical decisions and pronouncements back home, but the merit of his actions today can surely be felt later on. All visionaries like him know that.
In the meantime, his able lieutenants can only be more diplomatic to attenuate the full impact of the president’s statement…
But we knew how the president went on to show Obama and the rest of the ASEAN leaders, some pictures from the US Archives about how the US mercenaries massacred hundreds of women and children in the crater of Mt. Bud Dajo in 1906, only hours after he apologized for calling Obama a “son of a bitch.”
This means that once the other half of the population has gotten over with their Hollywood brainwashing, the country will be able to complete its Pivot to BRICS in no time. This is, of course, not directed at the good people of America, but against the foreign policies of their corporate government.
This ongoing Philippine Revolution, as inspired by the Duterte Phenomenon, will be long, and will be fought hard in honor of those who died valiantly during the struggle of 1896 onwards, for the survival of the nation and the welfare of the next generations.
Our only hope is for the rest of the world to see this as an inspiration to do something with what they already have right now, just like the few Americans below:
The Philippine Revolution 2016 is Your Revolution, too
Even if we won this one, the enemy of humanity will just move on to the next target. The Western military industrial complex is currently building a drone base in Africa. That will be their next battleground, after their impending defeat here in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The region has been subjected to Ebola bioweapon attack earlier purposely to remove the population in areas of great importance to the mining companies.
It is for this reason that all peoples around the world need to get on board now. We must seize the moment when leaderships of highly populated and highly industrialized countries are rising up to the root cause of the world’s problem.
Don’t ever think that nobody reads your social media post, because they will. And when you have struck the right chord, it will spread like wildfire. And in time, you’ll see that your own little revolution will continue to grow much larger than you would have ever imagined.
Most of all, remember that courage is contagious. You need only look at Duterte to see that this is already happening now as more and more in the alternative media are catching up to the Duterte Phenomenon.
This has always been the case all throughout time. All it takes is one passionate visionary leader, and a few good generals to change the course of history.
For some time now, we are seeing major yet covert military actions in the Middle East between two large factions vying for planetary control. This hybrid war being directed against the age old enemy of humanity is headed by visionaries who would rather act silently, and just let the outcome do the talking later on. While successfully keeping our common enemy constantly at the disadvantage, the rest of the population is mostly kept in the dark.
When these silent visionaries are assassinated, nobody will know what they have done until they’re gone. Who would have known outside of Libya that Muammar Qaddafi was a good leader, giving free healthcare, free education, and a visionary for planning to use a gold-backed currency for Africa?

Imagine what a loud mouth like Duterte’s could contribute to the efforts of China, Russia, and Iran in toppling the most vicious, most arrogant US State Department and the Khazarian Criminals behind the facade. So that, it wasn’t really surprising at all when the Russian ambassador readily jumped at the latest opportunity to engage the man constructively when Duterte said,
“I will also go to Russia to talk to Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world —China, Philippines, and Russia. It’s the only way.”
Of course, he’s not referring to “the world,” but the Old World Order.
Here’s how the Philippine president can be very effective…
“… by directly taunting the CIA, as he did last week when he said “You want to oust me? You want to use the CIA? Go ahead,” the president may have removed the favorite US short-cut of dealing with intransigent rulers.
The biggest threat to the US is the loss of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, reached under Duterte’s predecessor, which allows the US to rotate ships, aircraft, and personnel through five Philippines bases, an arrangement seen as crucial to projecting U.S. military power on China’s doorstep.
Meanwhile, every attempt by the U.S. to raise questions about Duterte’s campaign against drugs, in which more than 3,000 people have been killed since he took office in June, has only made him angrier: he has derided Obama as a “a son of bitch” and said he should “go to hell.”
“It doesn’t seem to help to say anything because the minute you say something, he just lets loose his barrage of obscenities,” said Murray Hiebert, deputy director of the Southeast Asia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “I think for the U.S. to just blast him constantly is probably not very effective.”
Now, if he is constantly doing his thing, he might be able to wake more people up, encourage more countries to join in the fold of the Reformists, and hopefully bring down the Khazarian Criminal Empire for good.
US Losing the “Pivot to Asia” Fulcrum
The geostrategic importance of the Philippines cannot be overestimated. It is a major doorway to Southeast Asia, where $5 trillion of physical trading passes by annually, and the fulcrum by which the Clinton “Pivot to Asia” doctrine was formulated upon.
The Chinese government fully understood that, and the top officials of the Bank of China have acknowledged the same even during the recent signing of the some 17 trade and infrastructure development agreements worth $24 billion, recently.
So that, it is so easy to speculate that since it is to China’s geostrategic advantage to help develop the country, most economic projects in the Philippines from here on will be underwritten by Bank of China, and to some degree by any of the three BRICS infrastructure banks, i.e. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank [AIIB], Silk Road Fund, New Development Bank [NDB].
Any possible attacks of whatever form on the Philippines will be repelled just the same by this newly reestablished alliance, as the Chinese have more to lose to the Western aggressors, than we are. Indeed, we are already seeing this covert intervention most notably with the recent HAARP attack directed towards Luzon, which could have inflicted the same damage as Typhoon Haiyan in late 2013, but have fizzled out right away without significant loss of life, i.e. 13 casualties only as opposed to 8,000 in 2013.
Interestingly, the recent typhoon is said to be “the most lightning filled storm” according to one witness. It might be the HAARP signals wrestling each other out, i.e. a separate HAARP signal can be directed at the eye of the storm, or the LPA, to raise its temperature up and neutralize the storm. Ultra-high HAARP voltage and low pressure gas with high moisture content won’t go together nicely, hence the lightning discharges.
Moving Onwards
Our immediate concern now is his scheduled visit to Japan next week. Although he’s very popular with the Japanese people, the CIA might move to eliminate him while he is in the country. We know that there are already some movements towards this direction, here and abroad.
We just hope that the Japanese people remember what had happened to them on March 2011, which is just a repeat of the massively devastating attack on Indonesia which wiped out 120,000 lives in 2006.
Japan, for its part, is going for bilateral talks in settling their territorial dispute with China, as their visiting Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida told Duterte early on.
When a CNN reporter asked Duterte, upon his arrival from China, whom he prefers between Clinton and Trump, he responded, “My favorite hero is Russian President Vladimir Putin.”
Vladimir Putin happens to have issued a very stern warning after the United States sabotage the last bilateral ceasefire…
If the two countries, China, and Russia could work together to provide security and ensure the Philippines’ military and foreign policy separation from the United States, that would mean a total checkmate for the Khazarian Criminal Cabal here in Asia, because the Chinese Navy is already in Vietnam just a day after Obama’s recent cozying up with the Vietnamese leader, as we have mentioned earlier.
Chinese military personnel will participate in activities with the Vietnamese Navy and will also meet with Hanoi’s provincial leaders. This will be the last stop for the Chinese fleet on their way home after visiting Myanmar, Malaysia and Cambodia, according to Senior Colonel Wang Hongli, commander of the task force.
Read more:
Indeed, there’s a lot at stake here as the ongoing hybrid war against the Khazarians is reaching new levels of cooperation, and not winning this battle now will surely make everyone miss the opportunity to see the same future that the people living on the Venus planet are already experiencing right now.
Yes, there are other habitable planets within our own solar system, and in other solar systems out there, and the relevant authorities are gradually disclosing this paradigm shifting reality through numerous announcements of “newly discovered Earth-like planets” during the last decade alone.
But the best proof of the existence of advanced civilizations, millions of them in our Milky Way galaxy alone, is the intercepted unencrypted NASA transmissions, the photographs and videos of Billy Meir-ET close-up encounters, and the sworn statements of witnesses deeply involved in black projects of the shadow government.
There’s a beautiful world waiting for the Earthlings to wake up from this long nightmare. We will continue to be put under extensive quarantine until we’ll be able to sort this thing out.
We must defeat the criminal group that’s making this future of prosperity and abundance impossible.
We must fight wherever they are, and in whatever institutions they are embedded within.
Most importantly, we must fight them even within the confines of our own mind.
In that video we can see how scientists and researchers are trying to convince a few politicians from Washington DC corporate government, that’s been put up there by the same industrial complex protecting the very secrets which could topple them for good.
Bear in mind, we have yet to see a single politician without the technical understanding who’s been contributing directly to our physical well-being, much more with our collective advancement. And certainly, the power behind the government will never allow the Whole Truth to come out in open.
We need to use another venue, some other ways of dealing with the problem of disseminating the Whole Truth, where everybody who has the privilege of seeing the introduction such as this, should not stop at this page alone.
We must bring the fight out in the open. Don’t be wary of being ridiculed while you are spreading your truth. That’s a very small price to pay for a truly brighter future for our children, and for the very survival of our species.
This writer has had his own encounter about six years ago, prompting him to start his own little revolution from then on. Now, the site statistics have grown larger, thanks to our avid supporters who continue to keep us going.
As some of you might already know, humanity has reached this same advanced stage about 50,000 years ago. But we have failed to sustain progressively. We chose to bomb each other out.
The basic facts about the technology that’s been presented in the video are all true, although the scientists involved were not at all times aware of what exactly they were doing as per the bigger picture. Obviously, they were all duped that the technology they have assembled will be used for the betterment of mankind. 70 years had passed, and we know now that’s not the case.
The accumulated scientific knowledge was kept under wraps by the Priesthood that wants to preserve its privileged position of power.
Certainly, some photos used were edited to portray some verifiable facts, but we would like to underscore the fact that the conclusion made at the end of that video is simply untrue, based on the notable interventions of the Russian-China alliance throughout Eurasia, and now in Southeast Asia.
Therefore, all that’s shown in the above Orion Conspiracy video should be subjected to one’s own discernment, as one must do with all the materials everywhere, bearing in mind that the enemy is cunning and can sacrifice some of their assets, and long held secrets, for purposes of advancing to their next intermediate objective.
Why would they tell us that the Roswell Crash in 1947 did not happen?
Who would not want us to believe that the said crash did actually happen, in spite of the verifiable documentations available, and the first-hand witness testimonies already on file?
Nevertheless, this writer can only rely on his own experience with “them” when they responded to his question if what he’s planning to do was the right thing, and one of those objects in trianglular formation moved to his right — that was enough for him to start this endeavor six years ago. We hope that during these short years we have contributed to your awakening.
While it’s not for us to claim that we have influenced president Duterte’s geopolitical views, it was the very first time the word “geopolitics” was ever uttered by a local politician publicly, and this was during his “Miting de Avance” in Luneta, or the speech before the election last May. It may just be purely coincidental, but almost all of our views, and the actions that we have said must be taken which include pivoting towards China and Russia, are all shared by this president, and that amazes us profoundly.
Prior to Duterte’s ascension to the presidency, nobody here, not even one broadsheet, is talking about the BRICS, and the revival of the ancient Silk Road. We are expecting to hear more local discussions about it now.
In fact, they are now trying to play catch up before losing their audience completely.
So, if you haven’t seen your flying saucers, yet, then maybe you need to start looking up. And if you really care enough and have the time, please support all efforts at defeating all corporate government imposed secrecy around the world.
Also, you might want to consider joining our own little Philippine Revolution, which could help disabled the capacity of the Khazarian criminal gangsters to sustain their highly destructive industrial military complex.
We are very optimistic that we can pull this one off with the real Masters of the Art of War, this time around.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

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  1. Perhaps the best bit of journalism speaking the truth of our situation on this planet. It brings the promise of hope and with it peace for humanity. Its message brings an inspiration of the courage that is needed to the world that I have been blessed to read it. I am a person that lives in the USA and looks forward to the downfall of the Vatican, Crown and Washington D.C. end and dreams of a new world where we live in the reality of peace and prosperity for all the people of the Earth. Let it begin and last forever.

    1. On the subject of Flat Earth and advanced technology, the following video is expansive in its information.
      The narrator states the ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY available to man today, does not come from ET but was RESEARCH STOLEN from Nikola Tesla.
      Nikola Tesla, Flat Earth, Schumann Resonance & The Aether (FULL PRESENTATION)

  2. There is apparently a NIHILISTIC AGENDA in America to construct SYNTHETIC hybrids as a means of occupying/DOMINATING the USA by placing “these” HYBRIDS in positions of so-called power.
    Gene spliced transhuman hybrids, part human, part machine, part alien ET will “apparently” possess quantum based AI psi power but, will be UNENCUMBERED by a soul or, conscience.
    The AIM……
    1) 90% DEPOPULATION.
    2) THEFT of Sovereignty……National and UNALIENABLE Individual.
    Courtesy of the RKM and their DRACO “dons”…..prima donnas !
    ‘Americas Alien Invasion’
    The article is written by Dr Preston James.

    1. Reference the RKM…..VISUALLY CHALLENGING “dracos” ….DOMINATING Earth…..and MANKIND.
      I dislike negative scenarios so I am, with a little TREPIDATION going to quote the Bible.
      Just remember the so-called “catholic church religion” is around 1500 years old whilst, there are artefacts on Earth said to date back….. 400 MILLION YEARS.
      The “catholic church” is therefore DIVORCED Imho, from the creation story by a period of 399,998,500.00 YEARS !
      Although, one must assume, the VATICAN has books/documents referencing Mankinds creation otherwise there would be no record of this in the Bible ?
      King James Bible Genesis Chapter 1 ……
      [26] And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.
      THE PRIME CREATOR says….
      [29] And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
      THE PRIME CREATOR has GIFTED MANKIND …ALL SEEDS….no mention of ….Monsanto …. !

  3. I never saw a mention of Marcos definitely a downer in Filipino history, any reason ? Like my father once told me ” if I know your friends, I know you ” . I see no drug lords just a bunch of dead poor people some I am sure were just addicts or maybe not even involved with drugs. It’s open season if you want somebody dead just do it and put a sign on them DRUG DEALER case closed. LOL. If things get real bad and Trump gets elected expect mass deportation of Pinoy OFWs but then of course China will hire them at pennies on the dollar or then again maybe they won’t . Philippines should try to get there with minimal amount of help so they can design their own course.

  4. Khazarian ? Sensible ??? Since when are NAZIS sensible talk. What a joke. Should have guessed but never associated with Asia.

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