The US Presidential Election 2016 is Just Another Brick in The Wall

The US Presidential Election 2016 is revealing vested interests at every level.
During its early years, the American Republic served as the beacon of hope for all peoples who were tired of feudalism and monarchy. The concept of equality and freedom resonated loudly and passionately to the inner longings of industrious immigrants hoping to make it big in the Land of Milk and Honey.
That was a long time ago.

Today’s America is a melting pot of plutocratic ambitions, cultural degradation, pornography of terror, and a drag race towards materialistic self-destruction.
Ironically, it also holds humanity’s unhampered march towards a Utopian future if only the majority of its people decides to pull a trigger against The Criminal Syndicate controlling all branches of its government and institutions.
Lately, we have been informed that the intelligence White Hats were moving in to thwart Hillary Clinton’s ascension to the White House. This is to pave the way for a Donald Trump presidency.

The basic assumption is that Trump is not part of the Establishment. He is so rich, he doesn’t need anyone financing him during the whole campaign. If that were the case, how did he make it to the Republican primaries when the two party system is fully controlled by the Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations?
Aside from the intelligence White Hats, the militia groups have also grown by 650% since Trump begun his journey to the White House. The Oathkeepers are in it, too.
“We’ll have somebody who cares for Americans once again.”
But, who are the Americans that must be cared for?
Are they helping those who are laying down their lives to prevent the Dakota Access Pipeline from destroying the hallowed ground of the Native Americans?
Or, are they only motivated to help today’s Americans like the Bundys?
Are the militias siding with The Donald only because he’s going to build a nice, beautiful wall to ward off Mexican illegal immigrants, or the Middle Eastern Muslim refugees, like what Israel is currently doing?
Surely, the US government is so happy about it, it is giving more billions to the Rothschild’s pet project.
Yes, the immigrants are stealing American jobs after they were displaced from their own countries by the very Corporations which control the US government.
So, why not the American militias and Oathkeepers moving in directly against the already identified personalities running Corporate America to stop the latter from destroying those peaceful and productive countries around the world, so that the flood of refugees and immigrants would stop?
Through the selfless efforts of unarmed whistleblowers, there are now a massive trove of evidence that the entire Washington leadership is engaged in grave acts of high treason,
… and should all be put in the firing squad, or at the minimum, inside a FEMA camp.
Yet, all of these armed groups of “Patriots” could do is make a video that advertises their supposed covert actions to counter the Clinton coup.
We have seen similar videos in the past which claim that there is a systematic effort to bring down the top bankers who benefited from the people’s $15 trillion bailout, and yet only the potential witnesses were being suicided, and the wolves are still there in their comfortable seats dictating the affairs of the world.
Assuming that Donald Trump reaches the White House, is he going to remove these Zionists and Nazis from power?
Or, will he be populating his government with corporate vultures just like all of his predecessors?
Did he issue a statement supporting what the Native Americans are fighting for in Dakota?
Yes, we don’t know that yet, and we must give him our benefit of the doubt. We must give him enough time to walk his talk for the next 4 years.
What’s pretty clear direct from the horse’s mouth is that “$50 trillion jobs” from the shale gas industry, “clean coal,” and the Keystone Pipeline will be resumed during the Trump presidency.
The phrase “$50 trillion jobs” is of course a misrepresentation considering that the bulk of that figure is the profit of Corporate America, not the take home pay of the workers.
Chances are, most of the American electorate today just don’t care about the Native Americans anymore because they are also suffering from the falling US economy which is self-inflicted. Self-preservation first before the welfare of others.
In short, Trump’s task is just to restore the faith of the Americans to the very same system that is already there, i.e. Corporatocracy.
Restoring the faith in the system only requires removing all of those who are giving it a bad image. The Big Power behind the façade can surely afford to sacrifice all of them. Other than that, the bigger plans will continue, e.g. digitized fiat currency and mass surveillance, towards a Technocratic Dictatorship.
So, whatever you do, don’t lose your sight at the big picture.
The unaccounted trillions which went to the black projects are more than enough to pull the entire planet from its maldevelopment into a world of massive prosperity and abundance, where disease and old age are already a thing of the past, just like politics, religion and money.
Bear in mind, that all of these scientific advancements are the sum total of all our collective efforts, and not by the Oligarchy who are just sitting there in their fancy world deciding, in their idle times, who lives and who dies.
The ongoing US presidential campaign is just another brick in the wall which separates us from our true redemption.
It is so funny and sad when one realizes that there are only few Old Men standing between humanity, and the beautiful future that is already waiting for us to grow some balls for – that same future that we wish for our children to have, and for which we truly deserve after all the tireless work we have expended from the very beginning.
So, why are we still entertaining all of these half-measures being put forth by their own agents of pseudo-resistance?

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

6 thoughts on “The US Presidential Election 2016 is Just Another Brick in The Wall”

  1. It will be a shame if the USA coup & spiritual evolution /election turns into a sham. A disappointment for the rest of the world as well.
    Allegedly there are 120 nations lined up against US dominance & we wait for the USA to make the right decision.
    When the US general declared war on the world he probably was only expecting a war within his own conception of USA control. But the USA has dominated the rest of the world for too long & it has created its own weak enemies to play with.
    The infantile rhetoric & media propaganda has led the USA into a cul de sac of its own making. It will not negotiate equally & it will attack pre emptively. It lives in a fantasy of its own media delusions.
    The rest of the world has already written off the US administration as too corrupt to reform.
    Russia & China are not going to wait for the USA to attack them & steal their resources, land & wealth. If the USA had been listening instead of lying you would have heard Putin warn you that you were on the edge of WW3. There are about 30 submarines off the US coast waiting for the USA to make the right decision.
    If you don’t you are toast.

  2. CHILD SNATCHING & TRAFFICKING by the so-called US “state”.
    It Just Got WAY BIGGER: Wikileaks Bombshell Reveals Clinton Email “Where They Are Literally Pricing How Much It Costs to Transport Children”
    *Breaking Update With #Podesta29:
    FilmPolice begins to piece things together:
    High-priority: Look into Bill and Hillary’s signing of “Adoption and Safe Families Act” (hereafter, ASFA) into law. This was a conduit to take children from their families. Read between the lines:
    Of particular concern (from link above):
    Requires that States move to terminate parental rights for children who have been in Foster Care for 15 out of the last 22 months.
    Clarifies cases in which States are not required to reunite Families (Aggravated Circumstances)
    Pertinent Qs: Which individuals or organizations were in charge of the foster care programs from which children were taken? What are their relations to the Clinton regime? Where were the children transferred, and when?
    Especially pertinent: do the children referenced in the Podesta emails bear biological relationships to the alleged parents in Clinton’s inner circle, or are they ADOPTEES? Essentially, Clintons are in charge of the foster programs that are used to shuffle children to privileged buyers (doners?) for purposes of sexual exploitation, and ASFA is a legal front — that is the speculation.
    If the latter, this would explain the troubling reference to three children (with their young ages specified) being placed in a swimming pool as ostensible entertainment for party guests. This is the email, recall, with the photo attachment of the three children wearing rainbow bracelets. Here is the portion of text in question:
    “We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.”
    To suppose that these children belonged (biologically) to the parents attending the party is intellectually unsatisfying to some, for why would they (a) mention the children’s specific ages in this context, and (b) allude to the children as entertainment for the guests, and (c) so adamantly affirm that the children will be in the pool (“for sure”)?
    The quotation would make perfect sense, however, if those parents ADOPTED the children for the purpose of sexual exploitation. And if so, from what source were the children adopted? From a program that the Clintons set up with the ASFA? (Worth exploring.)
    Piece all of this together — that is, the Clinton’s strong support and madating of the ASFA — with what we now know about the Clinton Foundation used for child sex trafficking.
    ETA: Does this not seem more clear the more you think about it? Why are the Clintons and those close to them gaining positions of power from which they can control the mechanisms of child transference and abduction?
    Answer, in part, is: it is not as if they can go pick children off the streets at random. They need to SOURCE the children in a variety of bastions. They are organized.
    These agencies and laws that are set up, they are repositories for children who are easily shuffled around. They are fronts.
    There is Epstein’s island — who claims to have started the Clinton Foundation.
    Convicted child trafficker.
    Both B and H Clinton traveled to his island multiple times.

  3. Read this in NEO—
    On Trump– if by some miracle he does make it to the WH– I think America will be watching him like a hawk — perhaps better with Eagle Eyes— but I think he loves life and he’d be open to reason– and most of all I think he’d love to live and leave a legacy that he turned around the USA and got truly does make her great again. One can only hope and pray….

  4. Yes, the immigrants are stealing American jobs after they were displaced from their own countries by the very Corporations which control the US government.
    So, why not the American militias and Oathkeepers moving in directly against the already identified personalities running Corporate America to stop the latter from destroying those peaceful and productive countries around the world, so that the flood of refugees and immigrants would stop?”—–words from the post above

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