Duterte Withdrawing from Useless ICC, Joining Russia-China “New Order”

Being a recent recipient of the Western threat of ICC “crimes against humanity” investigation and trial for his war on narcopolitics, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is planning to withdraw from the International Criminal Court, of which recently Putin has signed Russia’s withdrawal from.

With reference to the List of Indictees and Convicted of the ICC [here], Africa has the monopoly. This, and the absence of any case filed against the perpetrators of the “war of terror” strongly indicate that the ICC is just a tool for regime change for the purpose of exploiting the targeted countries of their resources.
Duterte would be absolutely right to withdraw from the ICC, considering that even the United States and Israel are NOT signatories to the Rome Statute which gave rise to the International Criminal Court. Why?
Because the United States is the military arm of the West.
This setup, i.e. projected disconnect, insulates Western institutions from the genocidal crimes of the US military, giving pseudo-moral high ground for the EU politicians to continue accusing others of “crimes against humanity,” just like they are now doing against Duterte’s war on narcopolitics.

In addition to the planned ICC withdrawal, Duterte has also expressed his unequivocal intention to be “the first to join any new order that China and Russia are planning to establish in the future.” This is obviously the latest iteration to his previous “separation from the United States” policy pronouncement.
The Duterte government continues to enjoy a “very good” performance rating based on the latest Social Weather Stations survey.
THE NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION under President Rodrigo R. Duterte bagged a “very good” net satisfaction rating from the public in his first three months in office, according to a Social Weather Stations survey that bared top marks in the areas of “campaigning against illegal drugs” and “promoting human rights.”

Results of a Sept. 24-27 survey among 1,200 adults nationwide — with sampling error margins of ±3 points for national percentages and ±6 points each for Metro Manila, “Balance Luzon,” the Visayas and Mindanao — found 75% of respondents satisfied, 17% undecided and eight percent dissatisfied with the national government’s general performance.
That yielded a +66 (% satisfied minus % dissatisfied, rounded off) net satisfaction rating which the SWS classifies as “very good.”
The country has also posted the highest economic growth in the region, this 3rd quarter.
According to Bloomberg,
Philippines Posts Strongest Economic Growth in Asia at 7.1%
The Philippine economy grew at its fastest pace in three years last quarter, underscoring the nation’s resilience to global risks as investment surged and consumers spent more. Stocks gained.
Key Points

  • Gross domestic product increased 7.1 percent from a year earlier, the Philippine Statistics Authority said in Manila Thursday. The median estimate of 15 economists surveyed by Bloomberg was 6.7 percent
  • Compared with the previous quarter, GDP rose 1.2 percent, in line with economists’ estimates

Undeterred by risks such as Donald Trump’s protectionist ambitions and President Rodrigo Duterte’s rants against the U.S., the Philippine economy is set to expand more than 6 percent until 2018 to rank among the fastest-growing in the world, according to economists surveyed by Bloomberg. Last quarter’s growth exceeded China’s 6.7 percent and Vietnam’s 6.4 percent in the same period. India, which posted growth of 7.1 percent in the second quarter, is yet to publish GDP data for the three months through September.
Gifted with a young population and backed by $50 billion of revenue from remittances and outsourcing, the Philippines is getting an additional boost from Duterte’s $160 billion-infrastructure plan aimed at creating jobs. Projects include at least $1 billion of contracts to build an airport and a railway to transform a former U.S. military base into a commercial hub.”
President Duterte is attending the APEC Summit in Peru this weekend. He’s said to be taking an “unusual route” to the venue in order to avoid landing in the US which once denied him of a visa.

“Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte made clear last week that he’d rather not travel halfway around the world to attend a two-day Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. This year the annual meeting takes place Nov. 19-20 in Lima, Peru. Duterte said he dislikes long-haul flights.

He’s been persuaded to attend, yet instead of flying through Los Angeles—a typical transit point between Manila and Peru, and one that will be used by Filipino journalists covering the event—he’ll make New Zealand his pit stop, according to his administration. That could add about six hours to his flying time, depending on a few variables.”


Here’s his full pre-departure speech.

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  1. Well, get in line, Filipinos!! Chalk up another country with love for the American people and loathing for their government.

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