Sabotaging The Donald Trump Presidency, All Systems Go!

The establishment is moving heaven and hell just to prevent a Donald Trump presidency, 9 days away from his inauguration, giving more credence to the latter’s 4-year term as being anti-establishment.

The fake news mainstream media, Hollywood — now the harbinger of cultural dystopia, the Nazionist intelligence community, and the military industrial complex, they are all doing their best to ruin the day if only to project to all those in the know that they still wield so much power over the First World, or what’s left of it anyway.

Military Industrial Complex

Like we posted yesterday, the military industrial complex has been developing another conflict in the East China Sea. pitting South Korea and Japan against China through a submarine-hunting tripartite naval exercise.

In parallel with this, the Pentagon has sent US troops to Poland and Lithuania to confront the “growing Russian threat”. The troops are being augmented by “2,800 battle tanks and other pieces of military equipment.”

US troops deployed to Poland in response to ‘Russian aggression’

10 January 2017
US troops have begun arriving in Poland under a planned Nato operation to reassure the alliance’s Eastern European allies in the face of mounting Russian aggression.
American soldiers landed in Wrocław, home to a key Nato and Polish air base in south-west Poland.
The troops will be followed by around 2,800 tanks and other pieces of military equipment which are being transported by land from Germany.
Nato’s latest deployment along Russia’s western border falls under Operation Atlantic Resolve, a mission designed to demonstrate to Moscow Washington’s commitment to defend allies in Europe.
Atlantic Resolve was launched in the immediate aftermath of Russia’s annexation of Crimea, which sparked fears in the Baltic nations that Vladimir Putin was planning a similar land-grab there.
Under that banner, the US Army in Europe has been conducting training operations since May 2014.

They know that we know that all of these are just a false pretext to start a military intervention with, but they just don’t care, for as long as they can move enough personnel and equipment to start a little war, that’s all that matters.
What they did to the late President John F. Kennedy with the “Bay of Pigs,” they will do the same to Trump. These people are very notorious for recycling the method over and over again.
The only difference is, now they are more blatant.

100s more US tanks & military hardware arrive in Europe to keep ‘peace & freedom’ at Russian borders

Another shipload of America military hardware has arrived at the German port of Bremerhaven to reinforce US commitment to its allies against the perceived Russian threat, and ensure Europe remains “whole, free, prosperous, and at peace.”

The delivery of US Abrams tanks, Paladin artillery and Bradley fighting vehicles mark a new phase of Operation Atlantic Resolve. Over the last few days 2,800 pieces of military hardware and 4,000 troops have arrived at the port.
The delivery marks a new phase of continuous American presence in Europe which will now be conducted on a nine-month rotational basis.

“This is a methodical effort on the part of the Allies to go and say to all those, who would threaten peace and security in Europe, to say that no, we are not going to allow that,” US Air Force Lieutenant General Timothy M. Ray declared. “Let me be clear: This is one part of our efforts to deter Russian aggression, ensure the territorial integrity of our allies and maintain a Europe that is whole, free, prosperous, and at peace.”
“What is significant about this deployment is this brigade combat team is bringing all of their equipment from the States,” added Deputy Commanding General of the US Army Europe, Major Tim McGuire, who explained the deployment enables the US Army to build “additional readiness” and as well as boost combat preparedness of its NATO allies.

What this all means is that, even if Donald Trump will be successfully inaugurated into the White House, they won’t need his approval anymore because these war personnel and materiel which will be used to poke at Vladimir Putin is already there.
When was the last time, 2,800 pieces military hardware, and 4,000 troops were sent abroad?

Hollywood Anti-Trump Offensive

Clinton supporters in Hollywood are also taking some initiatives to destroy Trump at all cost.
Meryl Streep, to the delight of Maltese Knight Denzel Wahington, took the opening salvo when she said,

“There was one performance this year that stunned me,” she said. “It sank its hooks in my heart. Not because it was good. There was nothing good about it. But it was effective, and it did its job. It made its intended audience laugh and show their teeth.

74th ANNUAL GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS -- Pictured: Meryl Streep, recipient of the Cecil B. Demille Award at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 8, 2017 -- (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC)
74th ANNUAL GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS — Pictured: Meryl Streep, recipient of the Cecil B. Demille Award at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 8, 2017 — (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC)

“It was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter. Someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back. It kind of broke my heart when I saw it. I still can’t get it out of my head because it wasn’t in a movie. It was real life.”
Streep was referring to Trump’s remarks during the campaign, when he appeared to mock New York Times reporter Serge F. Kovaleski, who has arthrogryposis, which visibly limits the functioning of his joints.
“And this instinct to humiliate, when it’s modeled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, it filters down into everybody’s life, because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing,” the actress said.

In the field of bigotry, Donald Trump is always vulnerable, and this will be exploited for maximum damage.
More actors and actresses will be dramatizing their anti-Trump sentiments, scripted or otherwise, until Trump’s inauguration is averted, or he is removed from office.

Cher, Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry to March Against Trump in Washington DC

Katy Perry arrives at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit Gala, celebrating the opening of Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology on Monday, May 2, 2016, in New York
Some of the most famous female supporters of Hillary Clinton will be joining the Women’s March against Donald Trump the day after his inauguration, including Cher, Katy Perry, and Scarlett Johansson.
Amy Schumer, Julianne Moore, Frances McDormand, America Ferrera, Debra Messing, Uzo Aduba, Patricia Arquette, Danielle Brooks, Diane Guerrero, Padma Lakshmi, Olivia Wilde, Constance Wu and Zendaya are also planning to attend. Organizers are claiming that there will be over 100,000 women participating in the Washington DC march. In their First Amendment permit application with the National Parks Service, they estimated 200,000. Nearly 250,000 people have expressed interest in attending on their Facebook event page.
“Since the election, so many fear that their voices will go unheard,” Ferrara said in a statement. “As artists, women, and most importantly dedicated Americans, it is critical that we stand together in solidarity for the protection, dignity and rights of our communities.”

Another actor is taking extreme measure.
George Clooney is now actively aiding the propaganda machinery known as “White Helmets” in order to revive the anti-Assad terror regime, and resume the destruction of Syria.

Homeland Security Covert Offensive

Behind all the drama, the Department of Homeland Security, in cooperation with the outgoing Khazarian spokesman Barry Soetoro, has taken a more covert approach at ensuring that this should never happen again, and has effectively hijacked the entire electoral system by classifying it as a “critical infrastructure” that it has a mandate to protect.
This should prevent any state intervention of all national elections in the future. The future includes anytime soonest that they can remove Trump from power.

Obama Regime Moves To Federalize Elections

Paul Craig Roberts
The federal government does not have the constitutional authority to administer elections, only to set the date. The Obama regime’s designation of elections as “critical infrastructure” seems to have no function other than to put in place a way to prevent voters from overthrowing an entrenched establishment, as the establishment fears the voters did when they elected Trump president.
The disturbing question is: Why do it now after Trump’s election? Could there be a plot to rescind Trump’s election on the basis of the ongoing lies that Trump was elected not by the voters but by Russian interference? Federalization can be used to remove the states from the picture and prevent the states from challenging an establishment coup against the voters.
US elections are decentralized in the hands of the states. There is no national network that would make hacking possible. The Department of Homeland Security can make suggestions to the states for improving the security of elections without declaring federal authority over the elections as “critical infrastructure.”
This is a disturbing development for which explanation and reason are lacking. Trump, if inaugurated, can overturn it or use it to ensure his reelection. Moreover, this last minute act of Obama is based on nothing but the false allegations of Russian interference. Despite the total absence of any evidence, the Obama regime continues to insist that the election was tainted by Russian interference, and the presstitutes repeat the lie as if it is true. For a media that ridicules “conspiracy theories,” it is certainly hypocritical for the presstitutes to be hyping the Russian hacking conspiracy.
What is the point of this lie to which the Obama regime and the presstitute media are committed? Is it merely to throw mud at Trump? Or is it to lay the foundation for a coup?
Mike Pence, an admirer of Dick Cheney, is a strange choice for Trump’s vice president.

By making this choice, has Trump set himself up for removal?

Here’s the full DHS statement regarding the reclassification of the US Electoral System…


Statement by Secretary Jeh Johnson on the Designation of Election Infrastructure as a Critical Infrastructure Subsector

Release Date:
January 6, 2017
For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
Contact: 202-282-8010
I have determined that election infrastructure in this country should be designated as a subsector of the existing Government Facilities critical infrastructure sector. Given the vital role elections play in this country, it is clear that certain systems and assets of election infrastructure meet the definition of critical infrastructure, in fact and in law.
I have reached this determination so that election infrastructure will, on a more formal and enduring basis, be a priority for cybersecurity assistance and protections that the Department of Homeland Security provides to a range of private and public sector entities. By “election infrastructure,” we mean storage facilities, polling places, and centralized vote tabulations locations used to support the election process, and information and communications technology to include voter registration databases, voting machines, and other systems to manage the election process and report and display results on behalf of state and local governments.
Prior to reaching this determination, my staff and I consulted many state and local election officials; I am aware that many of them are opposed to this designation. It is important to stress what this designation does and does not mean. This designation does not mean a federal takeover, regulation, oversight or intrusion concerning elections in this country. This designation does nothing to change the role state and local governments have in administering and running elections.
The designation of election infrastructure as critical infrastructure subsector does mean that election infrastructure becomes a priority within the National Infrastructure Protection Plan. It also enables this Department to prioritize our cybersecurity assistance to state and local election officials, but only for those who request it. Further, the designation makes clear both domestically and internationally that election infrastructure enjoys all the benefits and protections of critical infrastructure that the U.S. government has to offer. Finally, a designation makes it easier for the federal government to have full and frank discussions with key stakeholders regarding sensitive vulnerability information.
Particularly in these times, this designation is simply the right and obvious thing to do.
At present, there are sixteen critical infrastructure sectors, including twenty subsectors that are eligible to receive prioritized cybersecurity assistance from the Department of Homeland Security. The existing critical infrastructure sectors are:

  • Chemical
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Communications
  • Critical Manufacturing
  • Dams
  • Defense Industrial Base
  • Emergency Services
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Government Facilities
  • Healthcare and Public Health
  • Information Technology
  • Nuclear Reactors, Material, and Waste
  • Transportation Systems
  • Water and Wastewater Systems

Entities within these sectors all benefit from this designation and work with us closely on cybersecurity. For example, we have developed joint cybersecurity exercises with numerous companies within the communications, information technology, financial services and energy sectors to improve our incident response capabilities. We have also streamlined access to unclassified and classified information to critical infrastructure owners and operators in partnership with information sharing and analysis organizations. Moreover, many critical infrastructure sectors include assets and systems owned and operated by state and local governments, such as dams, healthcare and public health, and water and wastewater systems.
Now more than ever, it is important that we offer our assistance to state and local election officials in the cybersecurity of their systems. Election infrastructure is vital to our national interests, and cyber attacks on this country are becoming more sophisticated, and bad cyber actors – ranging from nation states, cyber criminals and hacktivists – are becoming more sophisticated and dangerous.
Further, our increasingly digital and connected world has reshaped our lives. It has streamlined everyday tasks and changed the way we communicate. But, just as the continually evolving digital age has improved our quality of life, it has also introduced an array of cyber threats and implications.
Cybersecurity continues to be a top priority for DHS, as it is for state and local election officials across the country. This designation enables the states, should they request it, to leverage the full scope of cybersecurity services we can make available to them.

# # #

Whether the Donald Trump presidency is inaugurated on January 20th, or not, the machinery to unseat him is already in place. It would be a bumpy ride for The Donald, the entire United States, and for the rest of the world.
Surely, the Trumpian Camp has already anticipated these things to happen, that’s why he surrounded himself with a Russian private security group, among others.

FBI Comey’s Offensive

In order to maximize the impact of all these attacks on Trump, the highly compromised head of the FBI is thinking that this should be the best time to grab the headlines once again.
He is now “raising the specter of a new political scandal in Washinton DC after refusing to answer a question on whether Trump is under investigation over reports of his perverted sexual acts in Russia.”

Is FBI Investigating Trump Over Moscow ‘Golden Shower’ Orgies?

Sputnik 04:05 11.01.2017 (updated 06:24 11.01.2017)
During a Senate hearing on alleged ‘Russian hacking’ of the recent US election, the Oregon Democrat brought up media reports claiming that the incoming Trump administration has extensive ties with Moscow, and directly addressed the FBI director.
“My question for you, Mr. Comey, is, has the FBI investigated these reported relationships, and if so, what are the FBI’s findings?” Wyden said sternly at the beginning of the exchange.
“I would never comment on investigations, whether we have one or not, in an open forum.  So I can’t really answer it one way or another,” Comey responded shortly. Wyden seemed unfazed that Comey dodged the question and quickly moved on to the next line of inquiry.
“Will you provide an unclassified response to these questions and release it to the American people prior to January 20?” the senator said.
“I’m sorry, will I?” a shaken Director Comey said, requesting clarification of the question. Upon elaboration of the question, Comey provided no color of the situation. “The answer will be the same as I just gave you, I can’t talk about it.” With the same persistence and determination displayed during the 2013 hearing, Wyden pressed on.
“I think the American people have a right to know this,” he said at a noticeably elevated volume. “If there is delay in declassifying this information and releasing it to the American people and it doesn’t happen by January 20, I’m not sure it’s going to happen.”
Comey’s refusal to comment on whether the president-elect is under a secret investigation coincided with several media outlets publishing reports, accusing Donald Trump of engaging in “perverted sexual acts which have been arranged/monitored by the FSB.” Even the outlets that published the reports underscored that not only they are unsubstantiated, but contain multiple factual errors. Nevertheless, the New York Times, CNN, Buzzfeed and others published a dossier that allegedly has been circulating among lawmakers, journalists and officials in Washington DC for weeks. A summary of these reports was even presented to President Obama and Donald Trump himself.
The memos were allegedly compiled by an anonymous source, who claims to be a former British intelligence officer. According to him, the Russian government has been nurturing Donald Trump as a potential president for “at least 5 years,” offered him lucrative business opportunities, supplied with intelligence and arranged for “perverted sexual acts” to be able to blackmail the president-elect.

Screenshot of Memo Compiled by Anonymous Source on Donald Trump
Screenshot of Memo Compiled by Anonymous Source on Donald Trump

Specifically, memos claim that the FSB hired a presidential suit in Moscow’s Ritz Carlton Hotel where Barack and Michelle Obama stayed and invited prostitutes to defile their bed by performing “a ‘golden shower’ (urination) show” in front of Mr. Trump.

All of the above, are hugging major broadsheets on the sidewalks and are consuming most of the airtime across all the mainstream media networks around the world. Trump is bad. Putin has interfered  in US elections.

Russia, for its part, deny having any compromising information against Trump and Clinton, and call the whole exercise as mere “bluff.”

The Kremlin has no compromising information on Trump. This report does not correspond to reality and is nothing but an absolute fiction,” the deputy head of the Russian presidential administration, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters on Wednesday.
This is a total bluff, an absolute fabrication, complete nonsense,” he said.


Yet, it’s worth mentioning that just after Trump’s win in the Electoral College, the US stock markets continue to rise, and a renewed optimism at the US small business sector is being felt.

U.S. Small-Business Optimism Index Surges by Most Since 1980

Vince Golle January 10, 2017, 7:00 PM GMT+8

  • NFIB gauge jumps to 105.8 in month after presidential election
  • Expectations for business conditions are highest since 2002

Optimism among America’s small businesses soared in December by the most since 1980 as expectations about the economy’s prospects improved dramatically in the aftermath of the presidential election.
The National Federation of Independent Business’s index jumped 7.4 points last month to 105.8, the highest since the end of 2004, from 98.4. While seven of the 10 components increased in December, 73 percent of the monthly advance was due to more upbeat views about the outlook for sales and the economy, the Washington-based group said.

This is what the 1%ers are obviously wary about, i.e. losing financial control over the 99% of their slaves.
Here’s Donald Trump taking the offensive, an hour ago.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

8 thoughts on “Sabotaging The Donald Trump Presidency, All Systems Go!”

  1. “We do appreciate sensible comments…” is a wonderful caveat. I will do just that. However, the consequences may be devastating to some reputations. There is no way Mr Peskov is about to mis-represent the Russian Presidential Admin. Any statements to the contrary to Mr Peskov’s blindingly clear and unequivocal press release are therefore matters of the absolute gravest concern. Now it may be in the long term the Trump-led restoration of America is not focussed on the glory days of Rhode Is and Roger Williams but on Babylon America – he has yet to clarify. In any event St. Odille (I do not really subscribe to any allocation of sainthood to one whom I have only just come across) has said it all. Therefore realize that this lady’s prophecy is pretty much in line with true Church teaching. You should note almost 1300 years separate these two teachings. I do hope that people will now take heed.

  2. Western world media continue to lead the attack against Donald Trump, individual members of his family, and Americans who elected him. Meanwhile, the same underworld media continue to repeat the name of the alias, Obama, as though he were not voted out of office.
    No doubt the same underworld characters that own the western world media organized the female pawns of the Hollywood illuminati to parade against Trump after his inauguration. What a massive insult of the female constituency of mankind, and total debachery of femininity, led by the elite of the underworld.
    Unveiling the identity of the super-rich, elite, underworld leaders that own the western world media, uncovers the source of the western world subterfuge that pollutes all levels of life in the western world. Search the internet on the words, tapnewswire 96, for the answer.

  3. Make no mistake, the people of Europe see this as an unwanted US invasion of Europe. The USA bombastic insanity has brought nothing but war & disruption to a recently peaceful Europe. From Ukraine, The Baltics & the EU States, the USA is a hated intruder with only one ally, Merkel, the Fascist Banker puppet.
    And also be aware that if the USA thinks it can fight Russia & destroy Europe as collateral damage it is wrong. As soon as this war starts it will go nuclear & the USA will lose all its cities.
    And it is in a toss of a coin whether NATO turns against the USA to defend its homeland.
    This is a fabricated war, from an illegitimate President, created by propaganda, paranoia & banker greed. It only works in the minds of the unreal CIA/USA main stream media psychopaths.

    1. While I would like to agree with the gist of your comment, I am personally aware of the dumbed-down condition of Germans. The average awareness of Germans is related with their polit. party affiliation and whether they watch TV or not. Only the ones who are computer literate and who access the internet are aware that the German news media is controlled by the owners of comrade Merkel. They generally believe the propaganda they see on TV and hear on the news, which is carefully orchestrated by the owners of German media, who control the Merkel administration. Instead of questioning Merkel´s support of the CIA-Obama subversion in Syria, they are trained to think they need to welcome and support “the victims”. Sad to say.

      1. I winced physically while watching a recent Quadriga programme. However, I do not believe people whose entire future is in the balance and are of a German background would fail to realise that Russia WILL not allow 25 million of its citizens once again die just for mindless elite fun and games. Russia under Mr Putin is set for a historic destiny. I call your attention to Cyrus the Great and ancient Babylon. There is a legitimate comparison if you allow America to be a modernised Babylon. The difference is the radio-active ash pile vis-à-vis Darius’ relatively mild administration.

  4. Even if Trump was guilty of the stupid claims of harmless shenanigans in Russia, what about O’bama? The guy is Indonesian, and likely a Pakistanian agent, and probably other anti-American entities. All he did was follow instructions of special interests. A long list of harms never mentioned in the MSM.

  5. Hollywood stars lost me over the word “artists”. Fred Allen was right, the Oscars prove you really can pat yourself on the back.
    If all these types hate Donald Trump, he must be doing a lot right. All the biggest rascals are against him.

    1. For sure. Prior to his death, Michael Jackson revealed fear of the Illuminati, similarly Prince, and numerous others including “Madonna” who are currently alive. The Illuminati has a history, and can be traced only to destructive, subversive activities that define the organization to be an evil, occult organization that is associated with Bohemian Grove. That hollywood stars support the defamation of Trump and supporters aligns them with the Illuminati, and the owners of the western world media. Western world media “fronted” Pelosi, BHObama, the Clinton Crime Foundation, the DNC and continues to support the effort to reverse Americans´ selection of Trump for president. We are wise to remember that George H.W. Bush stated support for Hillary Clinton for president. Yet, Bush Sr. is the emeritus “Chief” of the Republican Party, similarly emeritux CEO of the CIA, as well as the Bush-Saudi Carlyle Group.
      For the identity of the owners of western world media, search the internet on the words, tapnewswire 96 .

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