Trump’s Extreme Vetting Sold as “Muslim Ban” by MSM; Not All Muslims are Buying it

Trump is banning all Muslims from entering into the United States — that’s the single line that’s been repeated all over the airwaves, and yet the details are not about banning all Muslims from entering the fabled Land of Milk and Honey.
What we are seeing here are some problems which can be expected when some radical changes are being implemented, e.g. immigration personnel may wrongfully think that this is indeed a total ban on Muslims, such that the Trump government needs to clarify later on.
But the intention is pretty clear: Trump wants to fulfill his campaign promises, i.e. executive tasks, in the soonest possible time, in much the same way as any corporate organization should.

Objectively, it’s too early to render judgement on what the Trump government is trying to do for America and the world. Yet, scores of organizations seem to be acting in unison in condemning his initial executive orders which sought to protect the integrity of the country and of its people.
It’s very clear that it’s only the usual noisy mainstream media, in cooperation with a few Open Society Foundations that are making a mountain out of a small hill. The rest is comfortable with it.
Here’s why:

  • Multinational companies are adjusting the travel schedules of their personnel; Instead of complaining and making all sorts of protests, they sought clarification;
  • Obama has implemented the same protocol during his early years, yet not one medium said a word about it;
  • Independent Muslim organizations support the measure of carefully profiling immigrants from the initial 7 countries which are now under terror attacks, before being granted entry, and
  • The immigration suspension is only temporary, i.e. 90 days, or until a better vetting policy is in effect.

It is our understanding that once the United States military will step in aggressively against ISIS, Al Nusra, etc. in Syria, Libya and Iraq, those terrorists will try to enter the United States, just like they entered the EU posing as refugees.
But, why can’t the protestors see it that way?
Normally, the voters would usually give the newly elected leaders a grace period by which they can prove themselves worthy of their positions, but this one is a huge anomaly, and the only explanation is that some groups are in panic of losing their power over the masses.

They are all in panic because they are already in the advancing age and they are losing their Empire which took them years to build. But it’s not about Donald Trump – that’s where they got it all wrong.
It’s the people waking up to the whole social engineering schemes that they have devised all these years, which resulted in the ascension of a Donald Trump to the White House. Except for the TV audiences in the US, no well-informed adult is buying it anymore.

We can see a parallel between Trump’s immigration suspension, and the impending extreme vetting to Duterte’s drug war, where the latter has been accused of overstepping his authority.
One thing is clear in both cases, effecting radical changes in the real world is not always a smooth ride, since there is more than one interest at play.

With some level of rationality, we can see that it’s not Trump being racist yet.

So, let’s just keep our vigilance and find out where this is all going.

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3 thoughts on “Trump’s Extreme Vetting Sold as “Muslim Ban” by MSM; Not All Muslims are Buying it”

  1. The same owners of 96% of the western world media continue to drive the campaign that supported the congress-crooks from California who vetted BHObama to be eligible for the POTUS slot, Obama´s subterfuge for over ten years, Hitlary Clinton´s subterfuge since 1974 and the Bush-CIA setup of Nixon, the Clinton Crime Foundation, the DNC subterfuge, the fake news that Russia hacked the DNC, and the attempt to reverse the selection of Donald Trump for the presidency. For underlying details, read pages 70-75 of the semi- autobiography of former MOSSAD agent, Ari Ben-Menashe, “ Profits of War Inside the Secret U.S.-Israeli Arms Network”.
    The current, continued scapegoating of the Islam element of “Goyim”, by the Jewish families that own 96% of western world media, continues the effort of ISIS. The MOSSAD commanders of ISIS, MOSSAD´s proxy army – which is composed of “Goyim” mercenaries – is used to murder other “Goyim”, e.g. Arab Moslems and Arab Christians. Removing “Goyim” from the heart of the Middle East, in order to fraudulently rename the entire area “Israel”, is the ultimate goal of the society of narcissistic religiosity, identified as Judaism. Although, one segment of Judaism, led by world-renowned Rabbi, Henry Siegman, counters the evil of the land-grant of 1948, fraudulently named “Israel”. The revival of Ben-Gurion´s terrorism of 1947-1948 via MOSSAD´s proxy army, ISIS, and the continued murders of Arab Moslems and Arab Christians is supported by the owners of 96% of western world media, but is countered by the Rabbi Siegman entourage.
    The identity of the owners of the 96%, is provided at the following link_

  2. Of course, it’s nonsense…many Muslims from the Philippines are nurses and doctors here…they have families that visit. Then there’s Indonesia and Malasia, also Muslims who are nationals of many western countries…professional people, businessmen and women.
    The ACLU is losing its street cred with intelligent people over this obvious polemic.

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