Trump Succumbs to the Deep State, Days are Numbered?

Barely a month into office, Donald Trump succumbs to the pervasive onslaught from the mainstream media and the Soros-funded Crowds on Demand protests.
With Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s unceremonious exit, the MSM is gloating as “Trump’s White House burns”. They won this round, and will be more emboldened to continue what they were tasked to do – destroy Trump to preserve the swamp.
The headlines from the Rothschild media could never be more celebratory.
After Flynn’s early departure, The Swamp establishment wasted no time in doubling down the Trump, and is now shifting its story to establishing a rift between him and VP Mike Pence.

U.S. President Donald Trump knew for weeks that national security adviser Michael Flynn had misled the White House about his contacts with Russia but did not immediately force him out, an administration spokesman said on Tuesday.
Trump was informed in late January that Flynn had not told Vice President Mike Pence the whole truth about conversations he had before Trump took office with Russia’s ambassador to the United States, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said.
Pence learned of the “incomplete information” that he received from Flynn when news reports surfaced late last week, spokesman Mark Lotter said on Tuesday.
Flynn quit on Monday after Trump asked for his resignation, and the president hopes to pick a new national security adviser by the end of the week, Spicer said.

These latest pronouncements from the White House spokesman reveal a lot about the true character of the Trump administration:

  1. The White House spokesman Sean Spicer doesn’t have enough spice necessary to mitigate the aggressive probing of the media;
  2. There’s no carefully crafted counter-propaganda strategy, and no aggressive effort against the Deep State;
  3. Trump’s cabinet is so weak at the core, or he doesn’t have full control of the entire team. Why would he be? It was assembled for him by the same conscripts that’s been lording it over Washington for a very long time.

VP Mike Pence, like many other members of the Trump cabinet were cherry picked for him by chameleons. It is therefore an impressive victory for the neocons at this early. Now, this will provide an opening for Mike Pence to assume power from “impeachable” Trump, as Congress seeks to investigate the whole matter for possible violations of the Logan Act.

Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader, had called for a wide-ranging investigation. “The truth and consequences of the Russia connection: the American people deserve to know the full extent of Russia’s financial, personal and political grip on President Trump and what that means for our national security,” she said.
“Flynn’s resignation is a reflection of the poor judgment of President Trump and demands answers to the grave questions over the president’s involvement. By what authority did Flynn act and to whom did he report?”

Analysis & Conclusions

The Western media made a parallel between Trump and Philippines’ Duterte during both presidential campaign trails. However, the similarity was only up to their common propensity to talk off the cuff. The actual approach of how to deal with the swamp exactly is totally different.
Just after the elections, the incoming Duterte government was already hard at work from a remote office in his hometown in Southern Philippines. Obviously, Trump was doing it in the luxury of one of his towers.
The would-be Duterte cabinet members were already shuttling back and forth to see what immediate changes and measures could be implemented in the first 24 hours. These are former secretaries of past administration who are proven experts and nationalists in their approach, as well as socio-political activists from the full spectrum of our society.
Duterte himself handled the local and foreign media, Western politicians who are embedded in the EU, the UN and even in the White House, “like a boss.” He was persistently passionate. He continues to inspire people to be assertive against graft and corruption, to act on their own towards a common goal of not only ridding the society of its worst elements, but of helping the less fortunate among the communities.
Donald Trump, on the other hand, was too “executive”, signing executive orders here and there, as if the paper and ink alone could do the hard work by itself, as if the paper and ink alone could undo the massive filth that’s been left over by his predecessors. Most notably, instead of prodding people to act, he loves to pander to them.
His first black eye was how easy it was for the courts to suspend his signature immigration suspension, or the “Muslim ban” as the media is calling it. That alone already betrays the lack of hard work and preparation on the part of the Trump legal team.
But the most glaring difference between Trump and Duterte is the failure of the former to effect a quick preventive mass arrests of personalities who are already identified as responsible for high crimes. In the case of Trump, he failed to institute the arrests of those who were directly responsible for the WTC 9/11 controlled demolition, the treasonous and fraudulent activities of the Clinton Foundation, the unexplained expenses at the defense department, and many other high crimes, the massive body of evidence of which are already available on the net.
Why can’t he order the arrest of Sen. John McCain who was seen personally holding logistic and tactical conference with the ISIS leadership?
mccain confering with isis leader al bagdhadi
mccain with isis

Senator McCain Lied About Meeting With ISIS Leader
Senator McCain Lied About Meeting With ISIS Leader

This act alone could have sent a very strong signal for more would-be whistleblowers and armed volunteers to come out in the open and support the decisive action to rid the swamp of its filth. This could have sent the enemies scrambling for cover earlier in the game, which may include actually eliminating each other as panic ensues. But Trump is too decent for the dirty job at hand. The element of surprise is absent as he concentrates more on the double-talk, rather than action.
In the case of Duterte, of course, he started with the massive closure of drug laboratories, and the 24/7 manhunt operations against identified drug lords and runners, and with parallel proactive visits to drug pushers and users which prompted their more than a million voluntary surrender to date. The country, of course, was already prepared for the collateral deaths that will ensue as the corrupt police officers involved in the drug industry need to rid themselves of the rats, i.e. vigilante killings.
Another glaring difference between the two leaders, and probably the most important, is that in the first few weeks and months of Duterte’s tenure, he made an effort to visit the military camps which are spread all over the country, to inform and educate the soldiers of who the real enemies of the state really are, e.g. CIA, US State Department, 5th Columnists, Catholic Church and others. As expected, these speeches were making headlines around the world.
In addition to that simple, yet very effective tactic of winning the hearts and minds of the people, is his personal visit to every soldier or a cop, who was killed in action, in order to express his personal sympathy to the family of the fallen, and to extend presidential assistance including free scholarships for the children, salary extension, or a job in the government for the widow. In short, he is replicating what he had done in his city for 21 years on a nationwide scale, and that takes a greater amount of effort and resources.
Indeed, the loyalty which can be derived from these simple acts is what is causing shivers down the spine of his political enemies, while at the same time attracting more support from the population. The enemies of the state, i.e. the remnants of narcopolitics, can be arrested once the reimposition of the death penalty is passed through Congress.
In contrast, Donald Trump’s acceptance of the resignation, or the firing of Security Adviser Michael Flynn is not only a show of weakness, but a big blow to his own supposed desire to bring in the CIA and the Chiefs of Staff under his control through the National Security Council.
This brings us to a lot of questions: is he really for making America great again? Or, is he just another “pressure valve” that is tasked to release the increasing public pressure away from the corrupt system, or the swamp, for the time being?
Is the Dealmaker, the real deal himself?
In his first 3 weeks in office, Trump displayed only mixed signals, one after the other. We thought it was simply his game and strategy. But with his decision to let go of Gen. Flynn, it looks like he folded up this early. It looks like he has no strategy of his own at all. Maybe, that’s the reason why he needed one in Steve Bannon.
Even with this Flynn exit alone, the first narrative was that the latter tendered his resignation to spare Trump from disgrace, yet later on the White House spokesman insinuated that he was fired due to an ‘eroding level of trust’ [here]. But isn’t it the predefined function of Gen. Flynn to establish rapport with Russia, in the first place?
President Trump should have stood by on the side of Gen. Michael Flynn, at all cost. It turns out, he faltered at the end. Reality TV is still much different than reality itself, he should realize by now.
This is a war of wits, guts and propaganda. Trump should not be doing it on his own via Twitter, and not by twitting alone. He must go out there and rally the people. He must not be too thin-skinned as to what the media are saying every now and then.
At the very least, somebody should have started rallying the other 50% of the American people who voted Trump to counter the Soros-funded demonstrations. Or, those who voted Trump are mostly couched potatoes who don’t like to explore how they can contribute to the “draining of the swamp.”
Or, they do want to contribute something, but since Trump is sending confusing signals early on by appointing pro-Israel cabinet members,

… and he’s being too noisy about Iran and China — two countries which haven’t said anything provocative, obviously the least of all his problems, they simply don’t know where to start.
The irony of it all is that those who are taking the action, who truly believe that they are on the right side all along, are themselves marching with the Soros funded groups. What they haven’t realized yet, is that they are part of a color revolution to remove the “only hope” they have at this time.
The direction to which Trump is navigating is simply too abstract. The Trump administration should show leadership, direction and should inspire people to volunteer and contribute their efforts to counter the paid for protests.
He could create a new agency which facilitates the dissemination of the real news by actual citizens, to counter the corporate propaganda which embodies the mainstream media. Citizen journalism, and online discussions should be encouraged, or institutionalized, rather than censor and classify them, because the strength of a populist regime rest ultimately on the people. Empowering them with a legitimate platform to participate in governance should be considered under this presidency, if it aims at winning the narrative at the very least.
A better mechanism would be that which generates real jobs for the long haul.
The only redeeming fact about the whole thing is that almost everyone at the very top are being exposed for what they truly are. The neocons and conscripted media have revealed their cut-throat methods in the process.
But this is more than just a game of exposure. In fact, the problems of America are much bigger than the Philippines, so the situation requires a more expanded, more involved, more aggressive approach from every sector of the society.
All of the enemies and traitors of America must be put where they should be — in high security remote prisons, or deep underground. Because if America could do that to some Third World leaders, why can’t it do the same to itself?
Above all, the highly coordinated display of power by the non-elected entities, i.e. the Deep State, over the new government, and the gross incapacity of the Trump government to respond more appropriately against it, only suggest that America does not qualify to be a global leader anymore.
As it stands today, America has, foremost, a leadership problem, and is fast imploding by itself due to its collective inaction.
It’s time for the militia to rise and take the necessary steps. This is not going anywhere.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

17 thoughts on “Trump Succumbs to the Deep State, Days are Numbered?”

  1. Just as Hitler couldn’t be killed, most real evil has to destroy itself by hubris. Trump was allowed to win because the Clintons self destructed like that.

    1. The Clintons are, were, and always (since the late ’70’s) have been THE most corrupt gov. & power couple within the entire Democratic Party apparatus- as was re-founded during and after the Civil War by none other than August “Rothschild’s Shoeshine” Belmont. Look it up, please. What has “changed” since then?

      1. Team Trump (actually it is still more like a rump team at this time, due to Democrat-NeoCon obstructionism), it seems to me, is still ahead at this early juncture- like 21-10 (or 3 major scores to 1 and a half), and is basically letting the ‘tards and other propaganda victims punch themselves out and poop their little-boy or little-girl diaper/pants.
        Of course the game is not over yet- we’re still in the first quarter- though the pace has been fast, and sloppy, with lots of turnovers (both teams looking pretty bad to be frank).
        The Swamp just scored a pick-six on a very questionable call by “the” (corporate media) officials- straight out of the KGB or Stasi playbook of (probably illegal) surveillance-fishing expedition-blackmail ops. PSYCHOLOGY is the name of the game for them (if not its evil twin Psychiatry- i.e. Dr. Morell’s sabotaging)… I’m talking about “Minions”-… trying to push Trump into a “Ronald Reagan”/lobotomized T-Rex type role. They just love (doing) things like that- like a pig in shit to those microbes. Empires (most of which are of course evil) could not run without them.
        Team Trump, for its part, has scored fast with bringing industrial jobs back, killing the monstrous (unconstitutional) TPP scheme, and likewise “Obamacare”… but not so much since the first couple minutes/weeks, as the full team hasn’t even shown up yet, and the Swamp’s front 7 (with crooked corp. media/’officials’) have really been harassing them…almost certainly in ways that are illegal/against the law. The name of the game for them is- or at least should be- CRIMINALITY… as it is preposterous for anyone to suggest… (after 4-5 administrations of “Bush-Clinton Dynasty”- itself an outgrowth of ‘Watergate’s sandbagging of Richard ‘the last nationalist’ Nixon)… that D.C.- never a pristine place to begin with- is not up to its nose in ‘globalist-imperial’ (formerly [before Obama] known as ‘white collar’) criminals. It is not certain to what degree (-a la Sergio Leone-) Trump [as opposed to his honorable teammates on *Team* Trump] should be chasing them down, a la Duterte. But he should damn sure call a (criminal) spade a spade.
        That’s why he got the citizenry’s attention (making other candidates look like wind-up toys), and that’s what he was elected to do in the first place. Let us not pretend otherwise. The Bush-Clinton (“globalist”) Dynasty *is over*. See the film “Minions” is you want to know what the 1% and their lingering special privileges really stand for at this point.
        As for the rest of us, the “silent majority”, we don’t want a martyr or T-Rex. We want that damn thing drained. We’re sick of them- all the charlatans and poseurs and teleprompter readers, like some third-rate evil empire of ‘Hollywood East’. The “You’re Fired” man was hired to fire them. It’s real simple. “Can you operate without a teleprompter- yes or no? Can you straight talk? If not, then you have no business in this town, other than criminality (parasite-dom). And don’t bother crying with the ‘axed’ ‘crucified’ or other poor baby metaphors- the white collar parasites have all feathered their nests (if not their egos) and will have pretty much as much money out of D.C. (or in D.C.’s Swamp2.0 private sector) as they did with their proboscis/snouts in… What’s this big (corp. media) myth- in a nation with approx. 16% either homeless, in prison, or on food stamps- that these (former) elite types ‘can’t bear to live’ in peace on ‘only’ $100,000 per year, with all the stupid TV and internet postings that they want? (Someone pls. correct me if their average pension/soc.sec.$ is less than that). Really.
        P.S.- Dr. “CIA Psychiatrist” Steve Pieczenik pointed out in an interview earlier today that the last 3 presidents “haven’t even known what a nation-state is”- but were, rather, more like filling in charts in a global-imperialist system. We might as well have had 24 years of John McCain (“McInsane” as we used to call him a decade ago. And it hasn’t gotten any better with age.)

  2. I watched and listened to Robert David Steele and he said Flynn had to go as does one more person. They are not serving the White House or the people. Now I do not think Trump is Hitler I think other people are not able to see that We the people needed a new direction to our government witch is really out of touch with the people. He has not been in office long enough for people to judge if its good or bad. I think we need to give him time and I believe he will come out of this okay If he listens to people in the know.

  3. Afraid the unnamed writer of this item is right. Dave Hodges has been making similar noises recently about M Pence. This is a setup to oust the Don. He had the moxie to get in, but not the cojones to maintain the attack. I began to worry about his choice of colleagues as soon as VP came up. More and more poor choices followed. So it remains for some really smart and wealthy person with a harder nose to come to the aid of the pissed majority. (Before we are all vaporized or in chains.)

    1. Then again the masses are coming over- to the realization that corp. media cartel (a.k.a. ChArlIe’s “Mockingbird”) is evil [prob. due to its ownership-finance structure], and that with DT we have elected a tribune. This is not rocket science. Most may still be slow to get it.

  4. I was under the impression that he was going to make this a win by doubling down on the opposition. Taking down the CIA drug cartel & preparing for Pizzagate is no mean feat. If he has no support from the alt press then he is on his own.

  5. The ONLY thing that will “Clean the Swamp” FOREVER is the coming “Cosmic Event”…World governments are way too corrupted to carry out this kind of clean-up…unless they turn on their “Mother”…The Vatican!

  6. I almost forgot to add…President Duterte is the ONLY leader to address the Vatican as it truly is, quote: “Full of BS”!

  7. It’s amazing how the right can fall for the Trumpster just as the Liberals fell for the Obama Deception. Only prove the Liberal/Conservative paradigm is a fraud evolved to serve the interests of Our ruling class.
    Anyone could have known that Trump was BS from the beginning. We knew it. How can anyone think a billionaire is going to buck the system that props him up and protects his interests? He is part of the swamp.
    The Trumpster is also symptomatic of the crumbling political infrastructure.

  8. Trump is of low morals and sleazy character, he only gambles for himself, and not America. A con-man, and a coward to boot. I saw it coming years ago, and it will play out like I knew it would. The Zionist controlled clown will provoke start a war with Russia, and America will lose. That will be the end of the “West”.
    Literally the last pages of the Bible now, better get ready for the Satanist NWO taking control. We are entering the final stretch.

  9. Trump sure is a big disappointment. Not surprising.
    He has a Christian Fundamentalist connection from somewhere
    Trump is making a fool of himself with respect to Iran and North Korea and this from a man who claimed he was against the Iraq war(s)
    The Zio Pence is a big worry. A God damned goofball. Some of these people think they have to set the stage for Christ’s return. Crazy stuff
    Hitler turned his economy around 6-7million unemployed to almost full employment in 3 years. And it was not military spending which did it. It was industry, roading and infrastructure. What a guy.

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