Khazarian Offensives are failing on Several Fronts

Be it in Syria, or Ukraine, the Khazarian offensives to establish their foothold on those territories are being met with fierce resistance.

The recent economic blockade imposed by Kiev madman Poroshenko is being dealt with head-on by the independent republics in Donbass, Eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine Will ‘Cease to Exist’ in 60 Days (VIDEO)

Matthew Allen
Earlier today we wrote — with a large dollop of schadenfreude — about Poroshenko’s desperate and probably final attempt to keep his throne: Running to the Hague with evidence of Russian “terrorism”.
The laundry list of woes facing Ukraine is extensive. But its most recent problems stem from the ongoing ultra-nationalist blockade of Donbass.
Being the sad pork chop that he is, Poroshenko has allowed the illegal blockade to continue, resulting in a nationwide energy crisis and untold millions in lost tax revenues.
Meanwhile, the Donbass republics have declared open war on the oligarchs, even the “friendly” ones, which basically means that the Golden Rule in Ukraine, “Thou Shall Not Harm Oligarchs”, just went straight out the window.
In other news, Washington seems less and less interested in funding Kiev’s war against the people of Donbass.
Things are not looking up for Poroshenko — or his “Revolution of Dignity”.
According to the leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, if Kiev doesn’t reverse course, Ukraine will “cease to exist” in 60 days:
Every day there is another nail in the coffin of the country formerly known as Ukraine. In a maximum of 60 days, the state won’t exist anymore.

Israel and Turkey’s ambition to carve their own territory inside Syria has just been sabotaged by Russia.

End Game: Russia Unites Assad, Kurds to Push Turkey out of Northern Syria

Rudy Panko Sun, Mar 5, 2017
Ankara is trying to carve up Syrian territory in Idlib — and it looks like they might get away with it. But Moscow has shut down any dreams Erdogan might have had about seizing Manbij and the surrounding countryside.
For those who missed it: Yesterday it was revealed that Russia had mediated a deal between the Kurdish Manbij Military Council (MMC) and Assad, in which the Syrian government would take control of the region.
Russia swooped in and united the Kurds and Assad, while Washington and Ankara were busy squabbling over who should control Manbij.
It was a brilliant move, but one that didn’t materialize out of thin air.
Russia has always been interested in uniting Kurdish YPG forces and Assad in order to push Turkey and its “moderate” rebels out of northern Syria.
Here’s what we reported (via Al Jazeera) back in November, 2015:
Losing control of the northern countryside of Aleppo would be a setback for the opposition. Turkey, too, would lose influence.
But Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to be eyeing an even bigger victory. He called on the Assad government and the political wing of the YPG to unite. This has still not happened – at least not officially.
But Syrian Kurdish officials have said they are ready to work with anyone fighting ISIL, and anyone who works for a united, secular and democratic Syria.
Such an alliance would change the battlefield and the balance of power on the ground.

Still in the vicinity of Northern Syria, the city of Manbij has also been recovered while Ankara and US can’t agree on a common objective.

U.S. Special Forces have arrived in the Manbij countryside to enforce a “Demarcation Line” in northern Syria and protect Kurdish fighters from Turkish-backed “moderates”.
The American military has been active in this region of Syria for quite some time.

Russia took the opportunity…

Pentagon was reportedly worried about a Turkish offensive on the city because it would undermine the ongoing SDF offensive against Raqqa, since the YPG forces would move back to Manbij to defend the city.
Here’s the Russian Special Forces operations in Palmyra…
These counter-offensive operations are not without cost to Russia and Iran.

Iran has confirmed the deaths of two Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Ground Forces officers in the latest Palmyra battles. Captain Ahmad Jalali-Nasab, who was attached to the IRGC-GF Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb unit (Qom province), was announced killed in Palmyra on Dec. 13.

The Syrian war will continue to drain IRGC resources. The Guard can sustain its current model only as long as it can find foreign fighters and Iranians to volunteer.
The Syrian war will continue to drain IRGC resources. The Guard can sustain its current model only as long as it can find foreign fighters and Iranians to volunteer.

The following day Hassan Akbari (photo 3), a Brigadier General or Brigadier General Second Class, was also declared killed. Akbari was a veteran of the Iran-Iraq War and was leading a sabotage battalion in Syria, according to state-affiliated Iranian media.

A Russian military envoy driving through Syria was struck by a radio-controlled bomb, causing Russian Maj. Gen. Pyotr Milyukhin to lose both legs and one eye.

While advancing toward the Tiyas airfield near the Syrian city of Homs, Milyukhin’s convoy was besieged. The major general is currently under the care of medical doctors at Russia’s Main Military Clinical Hospital, RIA Novosti reported. Hospital officials would only disclose that Milyukhin was in the intensive care unit and was placed “in the 56th department.”
The Russian Defense Ministry announced on February 16 that a radio-activated landmine intended for a Syrian military convoy killed four Russian service members. The ministry noted that two other Russian servicemen were injured in the blast. This explosion is thought to have produced Milyukhin’s injuries, Kommersant reported. Four of the six troops in Milyukhin’s vehicle lost their lives, the daily paper said.

But the most profound damage of all is inflicted on the Syrian children…

Imagine a world without the Khazarian psychopaths.

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