From Dealmaker to Butcher Trump in 77 Days!

Much worse than all his predecessors combined, Donald Trump has decided to be a more efficient butcher than the Bushes, Clintons and Obama by unleashing at least 59Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian Army airfield, based on what we already know as a chemical false flag attack in the rebel-held province of Idlib, merely 77 days into office.

That’s a record breaking feat for The Donald, considering that it took 260 days for George W. Bush before launching massive airstrikes on the caves of Afghanistan.
State Secretary Rex Tillerson, just like his CEO, quickly backtracked his “Assad will be decided by the Syrian people” position to…

“There is no doubt in our minds, and the information we have supports, that the Syrian regime under the leadership of Bashar al-Assad are responsible for this attack,” Tillerson told reporters in Florida.
“It is very important that the Russian government consider carefully their support for Bashar al-Assad.” Tillerson added.

Is that a threat against the Russians, Mr. Tillerson?

Initial evaluation of the damages on the airfield indicates that there were no lives lost, but that may not be the objective after all.
Western media has called Trump’s aerial offensive “surgical” so that it could maintain its “moral standing.”

After a volley of 59 US Tomahawks into a Syrian airfield, ISIS terror foot soldiers launched a powerful offensive on the same target — eastern countryside of the Homs Governorate, effectively resuming the US Air Force’ role of providing air protection for Daesh terrorists on the ground, during Obama’s term.

ISIL launches offensive near military base targeted by US missiles

By Leith Fadel – 07/04/2017
BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:50 A.M.) – The Islamic State (ISIL) forces in the eastern countryside of the Homs Governorate launched a powerful offensive this morning, a local military source informed Al-Masdar.
Capitalizing on the U.S. missile strikes, the Islamic State stormed the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) checkpoints near the strategic town of Al-Furqalas.
According to local sources, the Islamic State has yet to make any gains near Al-Fuqalas, but without necessary air support, the situation could worsen in the coming hours.
The Shayrat Military Airport is one of the Syrian Air Force’s most important installations in the fight against the Islamic State due to its proximity to the Palmyra and Deir Ezzor fronts.

Is that a Pentagon strategy to maintain the “Trump, not a Clinton” image?

Details of the damages incurred by Syria is slowly coming to the fore…
“A Syrian military source said the strikes led to “losses” as missiles hit airstrips, hangars, control tower and ammunition areas.
Homs Governor Talal Barazi said US missile strikes serve the goals of “armed terrorist groups” and Daesh, reiterating that the “aggression” will not prevent the Syrian government from “fighting terrorism.”


Two-faced Khazarian Erdogan, for his part, said Turkey would like to participate in the ongoing US military operation,

… while Israel is expressing elation of the latest US actions in Syria.
John McCain couldn’t be happier, too.


Once again, the US government is waging a one-sided war against the wrong enemy, and nobody from inside America is lifting a finger on it.
Is this really the change that the American Patriots are expecting from their Trump?
Only stupid US war veterans would do, we surmise.
But in digressing, why would these veterans concentrate on some street level pedophiles when the mission should have prioritized the Deep Swamp?
Please don’t tell us that eventually that would be the case. There’s a truckload of evidence everywhere to justify their assassinations on sight.
In contrast from quickly sending Tomahawks into the Syrian soil even without congressional authority,  not that he won’t get it, Trump promised to deal with Susan Rice “at the right time.”
So much for draining the swamp of Washington DC.
It’s all lies and deceptions all over again, and guns at the hands of the “brave and patriotic” Americans are only good for showing off.
So, what has changed really?

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

26 thoughts on “From Dealmaker to Butcher Trump in 77 Days!”

  1. Still puzzling how people can still believe that the psychopaths they pretend to “elect” don’t have the same Khazarian fifth-column strings attached to them as the previous puppets.
    Like a Shakespearean play in one of its hundreds of guises: Same words, same outcome. What is worse, their lives, and that of their loved ones, are at stake in the the perennially staged play they ever expect a different outcome from. As if Hamlet reigns, Romeo and Juliet marry, and the latest AIPAC bowing puppet with “some dark, undiscovered stain” is going to shed his strings.
    The play ends the same as before: More lies, more tyranny, more war, more young cannon fodder, more division, more poverty, and more “resulting chaos.”
    The first step to the restoration of Liberty is to leave the theater.
    One is not a true American until resident in the ADL’s database.

  2. SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! He IS the STUPIDEST President there EVER was…OR…SOMETHING ELSE is going on with this…It will be VERY interesting to see WHAT transpires from this in the next FEW days.
    Because NO World War will be allowed by the “Cosmos”!

    1. Unfortunately, the deity who is supposed to oversee this experiment seems to be just as inept as our earthly leaders. We’re on our own. Always have been.

    2. I agree! WORLD WAR is NOT ALLOWED! Ppl are sometimes not aware that it takes the WILL of ALL – which is GOD in a way for things to happen, in the collective unconscious….. that is the way that everyone, humanity, all creatures, the universe learn what they’re all about… probably nothing will happen from this, it was like a blind shot in the dark which landed nowhere, like he just did it not to do anything, but to LOOK like he was doing something….

  3. Every President except Martin Van Buren is a Royal Bloodlines Member. There was no suitable male during Berens time. There is a much larger thing going on, and the answer is inside. I don’t watch news, and only post here because this page seems to tell it like it is. There is a fundamental truth that new science is backing up. We create our reality. By watching news, we project that negative PROGRAMMING and reinforce the reality. They even put it right in the open, shows are programs, and lineup of shows are called PROGRAMMING. Understand now? The way to stop this is to carry love, forgiveness ,and service to others at all times. Hold the image of a world of peace and harmony with abundance for all in your mind at all times as if it is already true. Universal Law of Attraction is real and the Universe will give us what our individual and Collective Conciouness believes to be true. No more wars and poverty, only an Earth renewed and all truly equal, that is my reality, join me and create it.

  4. The attack on Syria by president Trump´s appointed generals reminds of the NATO destruction of Libya and Qadaffi. The same basic reason is displayed; their leadership does not follow the CIA-MOSSAD directives of DC.

    1. What sleazy propaganda…not surprising since men can’t even find the mustard in back of the refridgerater.

      1. That’s right, Deanna, so you women step-up and help us out. So far we only have Hillary, Susan, Huma, Valerie, et al and you see how that worked out.

      2. I don’t think this should be about men vs. women, this is about everybody…. this is about light vs. dark, good vs. evil…. they want to divide us – divide and conquer, if they have us fighting amongst ourselves, that’s half the battle….

  5. “Once again, the US government is waging a one-sided war against the wrong enemy..”
    This is true. Trump vowed to drain the swamp in his campaigns but now it is clear that the Swamp aka the Deep State aka the Shadow Govt has taken over, possibly by blackmailing him. Trump is no saint as he has many skeletons in the cupboard. A 13 year old girl claims he raped her. .
    The sneak attack using 59 cruise missile last night has taken Putin by surprise but he should warn the US to cease and desist and shoot down all future US cruise missiles fired into Syria or Russia will be the next victim as NATO troops and tanks are now on Russia’s border.
    And President Xi should cut short the summit with Trump and go home because now that Trump is compromised by the Swamp, he can no longer be trusted.
    As for the DPRK, they should get their nukes ready to confront Trump and Mad Dog Mattis or else it too will be destroyed like Libya and Iraq.

      1. Rob above is so incredibly wrong… and you are partially correct… it will be Xi, Putin… AND Trump, and the UK that will fix the world… I’m absolute certain of this. Trump would not be getting the world praise he is if he was on the wrong side of the fence PERIOD… just wouldn’t happen. Trump has the approval of every Super Power country, as well as all the countries that are ANTI Rothschild. We are entering a new Era of World Consciousness. “… you can’t fool all the people all the time” – Abraham Lincoln. It was only a matter of time until the world caught on to the Rothschild Oligarchs who have been running things for centuries… its karma… they are now reaping what they have sown… technology and the instant sharing of information, along with their own arrogance, and obvious corrupt media has OPENED the eyes of the general public…The Globalist reign is has come to an end, and a new POSITIVE World is being rebirth in front of our very eyes… we are literally witnessing/living the most exciting/positive history our world has ever seen.
        US Patriot

        1. Thanks for your response.
          My guess is that we will learn the extent to which your prediction is accurate, within the next six months.
          My professional and personal experiences motivate me to stand back and watch.

  6. Has anyone informed president Trump that Syria is a sovereign nation, just as the USA is a sovereign nation? Has anyone informed president Trump that neither Syria nor the USA is the property of the israeli, terrorist leadership ?

      You appear to want to believe in fantasies.
      The Constitutional Republic of the United States of America may have been a sovereign nation at inception, but that is not the point. It was replaced with the constitution of the United States Corporation by the District of Colombia Organic Act of 1871.
      POTUS Obama was the President of a Corporation, as is POTUS Trump. The US Corporation is ruled by the figurehead Monarch of Britain, currently Queen Elizabeth, and the USA has always been a Crown Colony owned by the Crown (Rothschilds), not owned by the Monarchy.
      The Paris Peace Treaty of 1783 ended the American Revolutionary War, and the American Colonies clearly lost the war and paid reparations to King George III of Great Britain and remained Crown Colonies.
      Reliable intel sources reported that POTUS Trump was blackmailed by his handlers into ordering the U.S. airstrikes on the chemical weapons warehouse at the empty, abandoned military airbase near Homs, Syria, and the alleged poison-gas attack by President Assad on his citizens was a False-Flag PsyOp. Nobody was injured or killed in the alleged attack by Assad.

      1. You are partially correct, The British Empire/Rothschilds have been running things, around the world and the US with the Federal Reserve… but their reign is now over in the US, and is ending across the world as we speak… however, Trump is NOT the president of Corporation, he is the President of Nationalism… Trump is not a Globalists as you are stating… he opposes the Rothschilds… hints why the majority of the World approves of him… if he was a Rothschild Oligarch… Russia, China, the UK, Egypt, and a ton of other countries would not be supporting him like they are.
        You were close on your hypothesis, but yet so far away my friend… Trump is a Patriot of the Republic of the United States of America, anti Rothschild. As mentioned in another comment I left below, the US will NEVER have another Globalist president… they are finished in the US… and in the rest of the world for that matter.
        The writing is on the wall… I feel you’re getting in your owns self way thinking Trump is part of the Rothschild Globalists… you have to ask yourself… why in the world would a billionaire run for President and risk his own life? Seriously…. Both Trump and Putin are crusaders against the Rothschild Oligarchs… if you don’t know this, you really need to read more. I have much love for you, and I will pray for clarity for you my friend.. STAY POSITIVE… TRUMP is “American’s Knight” fighting the good fight against the enslavement of the NWO/Rothschild groups.
        U.S. Patriot

  7. God is telling all of us, without distinction, that man is not to be trusted. His glory will get all the credit for bringing us safely through this.

      1. The truth about WHO Jesus really was, is that he was an ET sent here to REMIND Us WHO “WE” REALLY ARE…A VERY BIG clue is simply found by looking up the TRUE meaning of the word HU-MAN/WO-MAN (GOD-MAN/WOMB-GOD-MAN)
        The Entire history about Jesus about has been grossly mangled by the Roman empire that morphed into what is called “The Vatican” today.
        An EXCELLENT narrative about this can be found at: CaesarsmessiahDoc.Com
        Actual too, is the fact that the real truth about WHO WE ARE was written right in the bible itself though, mis-interprated at Genesis 1:26-27 where it is very clear when read word for word…WE ARE GOD…a PART of God.
        Very soon this will be made true via “The Cosmos” also known as OUR “Galactic Family”.

      2. Good point….. is that what she means? This time it seems she means ‘MAN” as in Universal Man, the other time it seems she meant ‘man’ as in regular human men….. flip flopping…

    According to Alex Jones and at least one independent news outlet, the mainstream media are publishing lies about the U.S. military strike with 59 Tomahawk missiles on a chemical weapons depot at an airfield in Syria. It reportedly was a false-flag operation. The children were forced to read their lines from teleprompters. No one was injured or killed.
    VladimirPutin earlier had warned POTUS Trump about fake news from U.S. corporate legacy media to provoke a conflict in Syria or Iran.
    Please verify your sources of information on this story.
    Donald Trump Ordered Strikes On Empty Air Base To Send Clear Message
    Natasha Channel
    Apr 7, 2017
    This air base is empty, no one is there, and fake news is lying already Donald Trump wanted to send a message to the world and he just did.

  9. Everyone needs to be very careful these days in what they re-gurgitate from who-knows-what-kind-of media sources… as the majority of it (in the macro sense) seems to be primarily aimed at assuaging certain prejudices within the target demographic. Yea, that’s sad & sick, but it is also mostly what They do to stay in business these dayz- both “mainstream” and “alternative”.
    Here’s at least one trustworthy (citizen news) source, in regards to China and Asia geopolitics: Peter Lee at Newsbud. Yes, there are still honest men who know what they’re talking about (and women, too- f.e. Sybil Edmonds.

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