Trump’s First Airstrike on Syria, Tactical or Pure Madness?

Khazarian shills in the mainstream and alternative media are now saying that it was only a tactical move for Trump to approve the massive airstrikes on Syria just to make him and America looked strong in the eyes of the Deep State and China respectively, because there wasn’t really a single victim, or that the “airfield has been abandoned years ago.”
That’s the problem with people who talk too much and think less. How could Trump and America ever “looked strong” if those airstrikes were indeed targeting an abandoned airfield?
If at all, it would make Trump look stupid, right?
They also said that it was done to intimidate China, whose leader is “negotiating” with the Trump government right now. But such fireworks are very common in China.
China is not negotiating with Trump but is meeting with him from a standpoint of strength, as proven by the Bloomberg reported “sweeteners” that Xi Jinping is bringing with him.
Only morons would swallow a narrative that such provocative measure made in Syria would intimidate any leaders from outside the United States at all. Who could intimidate an economic powerhouse like China at this time?
Certainly, not a bankrupt, Rothschild dynasty subservient United States government, nor its now proven invertebrate pseudo-president.
Remember how you cried in Vietnam.
Trump apologists pretending to be part of the alternative media need to shut their pie holes together with the mainstream fake news media.

They’re just sustaining the false hopes that the “anti-Deep State” Trump has accorded them to, for a while.
It is our understanding that the Deep State has a storyline for both mainstream audience and those who have understood its inner workings, i.e. “Assad is a dictator who kills his own people” and “Trump’s move is merely tactical,” respectively.
As we posted earlier, the Homs governor himself reported at least 9 civilian deaths, including 3 children, and scores wounded, although the Syrian government confirmed only 6 deaths including 3 soldiers.
Likewise, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that there were 6 Mig-23 warplanes damaged, and no, the Shayrat airbase is one of the major military airfields of the Syrian Air Force that has been in use since the outbreak of the US invasion by proxy in 2011.

The Shayrat airbase was not abandoned, but reinforced instead.
The Shayrat airbase was not abandoned, but reinforced instead.

The reinforced hangars are what mitigated the damage to personnel and war material in Syria, not the “tactical” nature of the US airstrikes.

Shayrat airbase: One of the major strongholds of Assad’s Air Force

MOSCOW, April 7. /TASS/. The US military launched 59 Tomahawk missiles from two US Navy destroyers on Thursday on the Shairat airbase in Syria’s Homs province.
The airfield located some 120 kilometers away from Syria’s capital Damascus is one of the major bases of the Syrian Air Force.
The airfield has a three-kilometer runway and 40 hardened shelters.
The Syrian government forces have never lost control of the airbase since the outbreak of the civil war in 2011.
According to media reports, the Russian aerospace forces occasionally used Shayrat as a stopover base since 2015.

If there were only 23 missiles hitting their targets, what happened to the other 36?
Did the Russian S-400 successfully intercepted them?
It looks like they did, just like what happened to the Israeli F-16s that were hit weeks ago.


Tactical or not, Trump’s first exercise of manhood through the 59 Tomahawk missile airstrikes inside Syria did not achieve its goals of sending shivers on the spines of Assad and the Syrian people.
It also made the US position among the community of nations looked ridiculously untenable…

So, how intimidated are the Russians now, Mr. Trump ?
Putin ordered the suspension of any direct contact with the Pentagon to coordinate safe military overflights within the Syrian airspace.

Russian Defense Ministry to suspend communications hotline with Pentagon as of April 8

MOSCOW, April 7 /TASS/
About an hour ago, the US military attache in Moscow was summoned to the Defense Ministry to get an official note, which said the Russian side was suspending as of 00:00 hours on April 8 the observance of its obligations under the memorandum of understanding on prevention of incidents and ensuring of flight safety in the course of operation in the Syrian Arab Republic,” he said.
Gen. Konashenkov refuted US media reports claiming Russia had decided to keep the hotline open.
He said the Defense Ministry had sent an appropriate notification to the Pentagon via military diplomatic channels earlier on Friday.

This means that anything radar visible object flying without proper permission over Syrian airspace will be shot down, including that of the US.
Also, Prime Minister Medvedev seems to welcome a nuclear war with the US, this time around.

America’s Syria strike ‘on verge of military clash’ with Russia – PM Medvedev

RT, Published time: 7 Apr, 2017 19:26
The US attack on an airfield in Syria has been conducted “on the verge of a military clash” with Russia, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said, adding that President Trump has been “broken by the US power machine” in just two-and-a-half months.
“Instead of an overworked statement about a joint fight against the biggest enemy, ISIS (the Islamic State), the Trump administration proved that it will fiercely fight the legitimate Syrian government,” Medvedev wrote on his Facebook page.
The prime minister stressed that to pursue this goal, the US is eager to act “in a tough contradiction with international law and without UN approval, in violation of its own procedures stipulating that the Congress must first be notified of any military operation unrelated to aggression against the US.”
The missile strike in Syria has revealed that the current US administration lacks independence and hangs on the Washington establishment that Donald Trump used to strongly criticize during the presidential race and his inauguration speech, Medvedev added.
“Soon after his victory, I noted that everything would depend on how soon Trump’s election promises would be broken by the existing power machine. It took only two and a half months,” Medvedev wrote.
“Nobody is overestimating the value of pre-election promises but there must be limits of decency. Beyond that is absolute mistrust. Which is really sad for our now completely ruined relations. Which is good news for terrorists,” the prime minister concluded.

So, it’s not only that the Pentagon had violated international laws with its recent airstrikes in Syria, yet failed to achieve any military advantage except helping CIA Daesh terrorists control a rich oil field in the area, which incidentally, did not materialize either, Trump himself failed to exercise even the simplest norm of decency expected from a “leader of the Free World,” whatever that means.
To prove a point, the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s frigate, Admiral Grigorovich, returned to the Mediterranean to operate in the region in accordance to the “changing military situation.”

Admiral Grigorovich Frigate
Admiral Grigorovich Frigate

In early-March, the Admiral Grigorovich replaced the Smetlivy frigate as part of the Russian naval task force in the Mediterranean.
The ship carries eight Kalibr-NK cruise missiles, a Shtil-1 missile self-defense system, an A-190 100-mm artillery system, anti-aircraft guns and torpedoes. It can also dock a Ka-27 (or Ka-31) helicopter.


The crews of S-300 and S-400 air defense systems have also shot down cruise missiles launched by an imaginary enemy during an air defense drill held in Russia’s eastern Buryatia republic, according to the Eastern Ministry District press service, on the same day that the US warships were delivering their missiles to Syria.
When countries don’t want to go to war against you, it doesn’t mean they are already intimidated. They just don’t see the point. It’s called Wisdom in the East.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

11 thoughts on “Trump’s First Airstrike on Syria, Tactical or Pure Madness?”

  1. Being that the US tyranny is controlled by a Khazarian fifth-column, I would go with Maurice Samuel’s assessment of what their attitude is:
    “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever.” –Maurice Samuel, “You Gentiles”
    or the Samuel of the Torah:
    As the Torah/Old Testament commands: “Now go and smite Amalek, and exterminate everything that is his. Don’t pity him, but kill man, woman, infant and nursling, ox, sheep, camel and ass.” [SAMUEL 15:2-3]
    Destruction IS the ultimate goal.
    One is not a true American until resident in the ADL’s database.

  2. Did any soldiers die in this lynching or was it all just a big show?
    Chris, you can’t convince any educated person outside the Klan that “the Jews” want to murder everyone. They have their psychos same as everybody else. Dredging up wars from thousands of years back isn’t any argument. What were your ancestors doing in 2000 BC?

  3. A True American Patriot here… Definitely Tactical… He did give them a heads up, zero lives lost… Trump is not a killer…. the guy is a genius, regardless of what the corrupt Rothschild media says about him…. Putin, Trump, Xi, the UK and the other Super Powers are playing a methodical game of chess against the Oligarchs. This little charade gained America/Trump some positive praise from around the world…it alleviated the idea of collusion with Russia… and it brought Americans a little closer with regards to political parties… even the silly libs, Schumer and Pelosi both said Trump was justified… LOL. Trump and the other anti Rothschild leaders know exactly what’s going on… the meeting between Xi and Trump couldn’t have gone any better… and the meeting with Rex and Putin is till ago… if Russia was really upset with America/Trump, I guarantee they would not be meeting with Rex. Putin is a patient leader, as well as Xi, as well as Trump. Finally the “good” World Leaders of the world are fighting smoke in mirrors, with “positive” smoke in mirrors. For centuries, the Rothschild Oligarchs have played smoke in mirrors and slide of hand… and now we’re giving them a little taste of their own medicine.
    Being an American, I’ll be the first to say, Trump is not a polished politician, far from perfect, but that’s what makes him great, and why we elected him President… and none of his peeps are tied to the Tri-Lateral Commission, or any of the other Oligarch platforms… UN, Buildabergers, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Club, Committee of Foreign Affairs, etc, etc… we actually have a President with the stones to go toe-to-toe with the Evil that’s been plaguing the world since inception. For Americans to take back our country, is not going to be an easy feat, but we are winning… Trump WILL be elected again with overwhelming majority… do another 4, and then my theory is Evanka will be the first Female US President… and yes, Jerod is a jew… but they’re 2 types of jews, innocent ones caught in the middle… and the corrupt, Zionist, Rothschild ones…. just like any other race.
    The Rothschilds own 80% of Israel via the the balfour declaration… which stinks for the innocent jews in Israel…but Trump, Putin, and the rest of the Anti Rothschild Leaders know this… but they have to methodically remove them… this is why Trump wants to move the US embassy to Jerusalem so we can keep a closer a watch on things… I think it’s a great idea, and we should do it sooner than later.
    As american, to those who speak hate, and negativity towards Trump… please give the guy a chance… he means well… and he’s only been in office a short period of time. He will make some honest mistakes, as all good leaders have… we’re human… but the one thing he is not… is a Rothschild Oligarch. He has the support of every Super Power Country / anti Rotchschild countries… if he was on the wrong side of the fence, this would not be the case… there’s absolutely no way in the world he has fooled every world leader… and to think differently is just silly… doesn’t make sense at all. The Good Americans who are not blinded /fooled by the corrupt media… support Trump 100%… he gives us hope…. and It’s apparent that he gives the rest of the anti- rothschild world leaders hope as well. So please, let’s be positive, hopeful for a better tomorrow… the negativity towards the guy does nothing for the greater good of humanity… we have to believe. Until there creditable evidence that Trump is on the side of the Oligarchs, I think we should give the guy a chance… I mean, there is not one shred of creditable evidence he’s on the wrong side of the fence… it’s all been Rothschild Globalist propaganda to delegitimize him. I’ve studied history since it started… since the very beginning in ancient Samaria… I’ve studied every pharaoh, other world leaders, and every American president, and I know who each American President paid allegiance to… and in all honesty, I have tried to connect Trump, but the connection just ain’t there… or has yet to present it self… so until I see otherwise… I’m whole heartedly rooting for the guy. It’s actually really easy to trace the corrupt lineage… you just have to reverse engineer the Rothschild blood money… everything evil stems from those jackalopes… lol. Me personally am really looking forward to the next ten years in the World… as we stir away from a Rothschild NWO… I sleep much better at night knowing the world is finally waking up.
    Much love to all of you! I, and most all Americans want the same thing all the other normal folks of the world want… peace, and freedom from financial enslavement. Together, we will win the fight against the Oligarchs…… and then humanity will finally live free of the Rothschild enslavement.
    Kindest regards,
    US Patriot (Jason) 🙂

      1. Thank you Dr, I’m an optimist, but also a realist…. and I truly believe we can change as a human race, we already are… and for the first time in history we are literally witnessing the change of power… from Globalists back to the Nationalists… from Evil folks, to good folks… I truly believe this with all my heart. I’d be the first to admit if something was a mist… but it’s just not there…. this is truly “change” happening.
        Since the beginning of time, greed and power has controlled the world… and “doubt” was most certainly warranted… BUT NOW…. there is hope. There’s no more land to conquer, or resources to steal…. the Super Powers have come to their senses, and realize, there’s more to life than “greed”… all resources are spoken for so we’re evolving into a much more civilized race of humans…. Every anti Globalists leader/country has Trump’s back, has America’s back… this is a monumental pivot… never before has this happened. So for those who continue to doubt Trump and his intentions, it really makes zero sense… there’s just no way Trump has fooled all of the worlds most intelligent leaders/countries… ZERO chance. So, what should that tell us… that he is in fact fighting the “good fight”… along with Russia, China, the UK, Hungary, India, South Africa, Brazil (BRICS), and all the other smaller Anti Rothschild countries.
        That being said… what I believe is happening… is we’re fighting fire with fire, we have to… all the Anti Rothschild Leaders have to create mass appeal for the Nationalist Movement… and to do that, especially for the US, we have beat the corrupt media/globalists at their own game. Now of course, the Oligarchs know exactly what we’re (Anti Rothschilds) we’re doing, hints why you heard on CNN, they’re putting out that Trump is a double agent for Russia… which is totally True.. for once they’re telling the truth…. but now the shoe is on the other foot and the Globalists are being called the conspiracy theorists… LOL I love it! Trump is a lot smarter than people give him credit for… I believe if you doubt Trump, then you’re doubting every Super Power (anti Rothschild) Leader/country in the world. I think the rest of the world was waiting on the US to bring in a Anti Globalists president…. and now we have one…. it was crucial for “the movement” that America was on board because we are such a super power, world economic player…. America was the last piece of the puzzle to actually pull off “the movement”.. to complete the circle.
        I honestly believe Putin/Russia is actually the savior of America… if they didn’t put out the “truth” about Hillary, America would of voted “wrong” again and we would of all been in a lot of trouble… PUTIN SAVED AMERICA! Thank goodness! LOL The US, western society has always been lied to by the Globalists, that Russia was our enemy and they’re evil… and in reality, it’s just the opposite… Russia is our friend, our savior. The Globalists would love nothing more than to go to war with Russia (WW3)… but now that will never happen…. both Putin and Trump are patient leaders, and too smart for that… we’re good!! The world is now headed towards the light… LOL and the Rothschild Globalist Era is now coming to an end. Now, the EVIL will continue to fight and lie of course, to try and create hostility/division amongst us as they always have, but “WE” (the world) all now know what’s going on and have the upper hand.. and now we have “good” world leaders in place who say “NO” to globalist ideology… and that’s all it will take… the Globalists are finished in this world.
        I can’t wait till Trump goes after the Federal Reserve… and he will… he’s just not ready for that battle yet… once he establishes mass American Approval, he’ll drain that swamp and get America out from under the Rothschild oligarchs once and for all… it’s a chess game… and think he’s doing exactly what he needs to do.
        We will see…. I’m hopeful! 🙂 … and a little advice to the journalists… you need to learn from our “now” leaders… “patience”.. don’t be so quick to judge Trump / Putin… if an event happens, let it play out some… you have to remember, we’re now using the “globalists” tactics to beat them at their own game… it’s the only way to take back control / mass appeal… a little smoke & mirrors is necessary.
        Kindest regards,
        US Patriot (Jason)

    1. Excellent points Jason. Every elected leader needs time to adjust to their office. It certainly appears the media is making considerable dollars keeping the anti-Trump story on the front page. Your mention of BRICS tells me you put a considerable amount of time into understanding how President Putin undermined the NWO.

  4. Now we have WAR. China’s President was in the USA at the very moment of the attack in Syria. Tha proves you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about ancient cultures like the Chinese.

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