Trump Pleases Neocons & Raytheon, “Threatens” BRICS with GBU-43 Bomb Debut

Dubbed “the Mother of All Bombs,” or shortly MOAB, was dropped in the Nangarhar province, two days ago. Each GBU-43 bomb weighs 21,600 pounds and measures at more than 30 feet long and 40 inches wide. It has a blast radius of 1/3 mile, and is meant to be used for “psychological” attacks as part of a “shock and awe” campaign designed to show overwhelming force in order to intimidate the enemy.
What is unique about this latest childish display of anti-social behavior and dominance is that Trump refuses to acknowledge he gave the order to drop it.

Would you really believe that it was a local decision of the commanding officer on the ground to drop the MOAB for the first time?
Once again, we can see how one arm of the establishment does the actual harm, while the other interfaces with civilian authorities through diplomacy.
For Trump to cooperate with the whole charade, he might be thinking that he could rattle some nerves, fed his ego and pleased his Republic partymates. But no one outside of the West is really impressed what the US military has done, he must have surmised post event.
The Russians are arming the Taliban? Isn’t it that the Talibans have been working already with the Bushes even before the War of Terror begun?
If Russia wants it, they could have shoot down anything like this even before the ordnance departs from the aircraft bomb bays. No need for Talibans.
The bomb is obsolete that it must be disposed of somehow, without losing any of its production and marketing costs. That’s one motivation.
One MOAB costs about $16 million, and 20 have been produced, according to the military equipment site Reported casualties: 36 IS militants. Cost / benefit = US$ 444,444.44 per dead terrorist. Whoever gave him this idea should be fired already.
Clearly, Reality-TV Apprentice Trump is totally different from White House Apprentice Trump.
If the attack on Afghanistan caves, which were built for CIA mercenaries and paid for by the US taxpayers, is designed to threaten North Korea, as what is now being peddled as the same purpose behind the direct attack on the Syrian Air Force base days ago, then no one really is buying.
As we’ve said earlier, North Korea has already crossed that Rubicon towards a nuclear exchange with anyone who dares to push it into a corner. And it doesn’t matter who actually wins that war, in the end. It’s how much damage it could inflict on both sides, and the world at large.
What we can deduce from such display of arrogance is that there’s really nothing left for the warmongers to do. Every erect being with sanity left in oneself is not listening to what the warmongers are saying, not anymore, and that’s a torture for these people who always want to be at the center of the world’s attention.
Boredom and desperation out of their financial defeats everywhere, are not really a healthy mix. Dropping bombs, and the loud cheering of the media, that used to be so good to hear. Not today.
‘We are sending an armada to eliminate the North Korean menace,’ Trump proclaimed. “No, it’s riskier than Syria,’ Xi cautioned.
Trump even had the gall to tell Xi that the US military has just dropped bombs on Syria over the “most beautiful piece of cake,” as if to threaten his guest with the same attack in the near future. But instead of blinking, China is reportedly massing as many as 150,000 People’s Liberation Army [PLA] to the Chinese-North Korean border.
On the other hand, Rex Tillerson’s bold visit to Moscow was meant to placate the Russians from doing anything aggressive towards the US position in Syria, by making all sorts of promises of cooperation to finally achieve peace, the usual shallow and worthless State Department lines that we have grown tired of already, while the US “armada” confronts North Korea, before the South Koreans elect a new president that is projected to be unfriendly towards American interests in the region.

Even with the previous Park Chung-hee administration, she was already hesitant to toe the US administration’s line. She must have been subjected to an extreme pressure before she finally approved the installation of the US THAAD missile defense system on its soil.

Incidentally, according to recent reports, the disgraced Park may have also benefited from the use of the property on which the highly provocative installation in located.
Just like Park Chung-hee who benefited the THAAD installation in South Korea, Donald Trump has also seen his Raytheon stocks skyrocketing after unleashing 59 Tomahawks into Syria.
CNN reports,

Tomahawk maker’s stock up after U.S. launch on Syria

by Paul R. La Monica
Raytheon, the company that makes the Tomahawk missiles used in the air strikes on Syria by the United States, is rising in early stock trading Friday.
Investors seem to be betting President Trump’s decision to retaliate against Syria after the chemical attack on Syrian citizens earlier this week may mean the Pentagon will need more Tomahawks.
The Department of Defense asked for $2 billion over five years to buy 4,000 Tomahawks for the U.S. Navy in its fiscal 2017 budget last February.
Nearly five dozen Tomahawk cruise missiles were launched at military bases in Syria from U.S. warships in the Mediterranean Sea late Thursday.
Raytheon (RTN) wasn’t the only defense stock rising Friday either. Lockheed Martin (LMT), which partners with Raytheon on the Javelin missile launcher system and also makes Hellfire missiles, gained nearly 1%.

Here’s the President’s most recent FEC disclosure showing his Raytheon portfolio, among others…
[scribd id=315632622 key=key-Ja1h3WoZUjm2BiGgQrRT mode=scroll]
He loves the outcome in Syria so much that the “mother of all bombs” must be put to good use now.
It should be easy by now to evaluate the true merit of Western “democratic ideals” which conveniently served as the moral front for the hegemonic tendencies of the high and mighty people who preached them, just by looking at the economic situation in the Philippines, United States and the EU, and compare them all with the massive economic rise of authoritarian China.
While the recent display of military strength may be good for Trump, it certainly will not put America at any geopolitical advantage, quite the contrary.

After Xi Leaves U.S., Chinese Media Assail Strike on Syria

By Jane Perlez April 8, 2017
BEIJING — With President Xi Jinping safely out of the United States and no longer President Trump’s guest, China’s state-run media on Saturday was free to denounce the missile strike on Syria, which the American president told Mr. Xi about while they were finishing dinner.
… Mr. Shen added that many Chinese were “thrilled” by the attack because it would probably result in the United States becoming further mired in the Middle East.
“If the United States gets trapped in Syria, how can Trump make America great again? As a result, China will be able to achieve its peaceful rise,” Mr. Shen said, using a term Beijing employs to characterize its growing power. “Even though we say we oppose the bombing, deep in our hearts we are happy.”


So, instead of pleasing The Donald, Xi offered his host some bits of Oriental wisdom. The same NYT article concludes…

… Business leaders had expected the Chinese to announce investments in the United States that would create jobs, as a way to offset some of Mr. Trump’s complaints about the countries’ trade imbalance. But Mr. Xi made no such offers, at least publicly. According to an account in Xinhua, the Chinese invited the United States to participate in a program it calls One Belt One Road, an ambitious effort to build infrastructure projects across Asia to Europe, for which China hopes it can attract some American investment.
“The Chinese did not want to create the impression that Xi went to the U.S. to make concessions to Trump, that would come across as weakness,” said Yun Sun, a senior associate in the East Asia Program at the Stimson Center in Washington.
… “It will be Trump who will have difficulty explaining to his voters what he got from the Chinese,” she said.

This means that for China and the rest of the BRICS, peaceful cooperation is the only way to move this planet forward.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

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  1. The placement of the wings on the missile shown in the photo does not coincide with its alleged contents. Either the photo is inaccurate or the description of the contents of the missile is a deception.

  2. The Roman Armies thought bows and arrows were not the weapons of real men…wonder what they’d say about our ‘real men’?

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