#MacronLeaks: Dramatizing French Runoff Election & Blame Russia One more Time

A few hours from now, the French population will be forced to choose between a Deep State stooge and a controlled opposition. That’s the best that the captured system could offer. The hackers intervened at the 11th hour. Its motive is ambiguous at best.

The French media doesn’t want a repeat of the Trump victory, of course.

Trump has since capitulated to the Deep State in his own way.
But the presence of “a name of an employee for Russian govt security contractor Evrika” in the #MacronLeaks suggests that this could be exploited by the media for another of its “Russians did it” narrative.

Remember, according to the Wikileaks’ #Vault7 dump, the CIA has the hacking technology to change the metadata of any hacking exploit so that any post-event forensic analysis would point to its enemies as the perpetrators.
The #MacronLeaks is not expected to change the outcome of the French election in favor of the Deep State media favorite Emmanuel Macron.

… and as always, the Council on Foreign Relations is relatively happy of the impending outcome.

Yeah, the French revolution might be postponed once again, to give way to the illusion of choice.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

13 thoughts on “#MacronLeaks: Dramatizing French Runoff Election & Blame Russia One more Time”

  1. The Frogs deserve what they get. They love the Krauts. Welcomed them with open arms in WWII. Now they will get to hug Merkel via her extension puppet on-site, Macron. Politically naive yellow-bellied bastards. Frogs, you are not spiritually good enough to be led by Marine Le Pen. Soon you will all be speaking Arabic.

    1. Your comment reflects post WWII sentiment. The European adhesion of WWII against NAZI forces ended about 1950. Using the post WWII (outdated) terminology, “Frogs” had withdrawn their affinity for “Krauts” when a German friend and I visited France in 1976. German folk informed me that the situation had existed for “several” years already.
      As to the election of Macron, it was recently discovered that many ballots for LePen were defective when handed out, and were automatically annulled instead of being counted. Macron supports the continued flooding of the EU with “Obama-Merkel- Maas” illegal aliens from Moslam lands. LePen supports Home-Grown Europeans instead of the string-pullers who supported Macron, who supports the continued pollution of European culture.

  2. Frogs?? Politically naive yellow-bellied bastards??
    Not constructive at all!
    Aren’t most western nations captured. Was Trump, a real choice/alternative?
    In the UK, the “City of London” interests are #1 pre/during/post faux-Brexit.
    UK Column on youtube have documented the ongoing irreversible UK/EU military integration irrespective of Brexit.
    So to use your language, US/UK have significant numbers of “Politically naive yellow-bellied bastards” in high office

      1. Palehippy I pointed out 3 things we could have discussed. It is obvious from my comment I am not buying the Macron “outsider” narrative.
        You could have shared with us information on why or how the US/UK is better than France?
        You could share with us how Marine Le Pen could thwart Macron if she gathers enough seats in their assembly.
        You could have shared with us how France’s media being controlled had blanket coverage in support of Macron the saviour.
        You could have shared with us additional information on other EU Exits to watch out for.
        In short, your disgust with the result could have provided the impetus to dig, find and share for every readers benefit. Instead you just chose to hurl a lazy insult.
        “running your stupid mouth”
        Even when I comment on vaccine-pushing sites, I have yet to get this abuse.
        Would you like to share what you have constructed or built Paleohippy?
        Maybe we can all be inspired by your achievements even if you are foul-mouthed.

  3. The biggest problem is that of most people do do not make the step to fully mistrust the main stream media (MSM) and search for themselves. They think that the government is acting for the people, while actually the governments represent banks and multinationals. What is going to convince the people when the lies are simply too big? They cant imagine that they are lied to with everything. I see this problem even with highly educated people. They still do not know that 9/11 was an inside job where nuclear material has been used (Judy Wood). People smile when you tell them that 90 % of the world capital is stolen from them and is in the hands of a small group (including the Vatican) less than a few percent and say they can do nothing about it. When you tell them about their evil satanic deeds they cant believe that because it is too big. People are kept very busy working to pay 90 % taxes from their income and when they are free from work they want to relax and not be bothered with problems of the world. Alternative media do their utmost but how can be make it more effective?

    1. Per ” tapnewswirre 96 ” 96% of total, western world media is controlled by six huge conglomerates, which are owned by a dozen elite families of the same religious ethnic group. Only 4% of the remaining media are not part of the MSM and are reliable for genuine news. The ethnic group that owns the 96% sponsored the attempted coup de´tat by the Clinton-DNC regime via MSM propaganda. The same group sponsors their stooge, Macron, while churning out anti-LePen propaganda. The final vote tally will reveal whether Frenchmen voted their desires, or toed the propaganda.

    2. test – my last comment provoked a message “this comment cannot be posted.” Nothing out of line in the comment. Is it just because it’s a few days old?

    3. Trying again to post this:
      I know. My theory is, the media need to be taken over by people who will tell the truth. That way, people can continue to read or watch whatever venue they’re used to, and will believe whatever new thing they’re being told. They can be gently eased in to realizing they were massively fooled in the past. They can be gently weaned from believing everything they read, and from needing any sort of “voice of authority” to tell them what they’re experiencing, what they believe. I just can’t see any other way of waking the sheeple up, unless there’s some mass lifting-up of the collective consciousness, as in a miraculous sea change.

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