The Uninvited US Military Drops Leaflets Warning Syrian Military Not to Advance, But Retreat

In one of its most blatant display of arrogance, the US military has been dropping leaflets warning the Syrian Army to refrain from advancing their troops towards al-Tanf road, and demanding that the latter should instead retreat from its current position.
The US military has fired upon the Syrian military after it has gone so near to their position, about 2 weeks ago. The US military are in Syria uninvited, to rescue the Syrians from themselves, just like the Iraqis and Libyans before it.
According to reports both by Leith Abou Fadel of Al-Masdar and from SouthFront, the leaflets were dropped after the Syrian military had advanced to the Shehmi area, which is located about 55km from the city of Tanf. The leaflets not only warned the SAA to stop advancing but demanded that it withdraw to the Zaza triangle.
The images can be seen at the SouthFront website in the article “US-Led Coalition Drops Leaflets Warning Syria Not To Approach Al-Tanf Town.
According to local sources cited by SouthFront, the leaflets contained sectarian expressions.
Syrian TV reported that the SAA has managed to advance in and around the Scientific Research area of the eastern desert of the Suweida countryside. The Syrian military was also able to repel an attack launched by the Western-backed terrorist group known as the Free Syrian Army in the same area.
In addition, SouthFront has reported that the “US-led forces” used Switchblade suicide drones in order to target the SAA positions with Grad missiles south of Zaza.
The move toward Tanf is significant because it puts Syrian military forces moving toward U.S. and U.K. Special Operations Forces stationed at the same location.
The base, located at al-Tanf, has been operational for around a year.
As RT reports,

The area is of substantial strategic importance to the regime, as controlling it would help re-establish a road link with Iraq to the south.
In June 2016, Russian jets, providing top cover for the Syrian military, bombed the base. No casualties were reported.
In April, the base reportedly came under attack from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).
The UK government refused to comment in line with its long standing policy relating to Special Forces operations.
The US has reportedly warned against further encroachment on the base and it remains unclear how foreign troops would respond to contact with Syrian forces.
The precise disposition and number of UK forces in unknown though they are likely to be either British Army personnel from 22 SAS or Royal Marines from the SBS – Britain’s so-called ‘Tier 1’ operators. Other units that operate under the same ‘no comment’ umbrella include the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG), formerly the 1st Battalion of The Parachute Regiment, which supplies additional troops to SF operations and the shadowy Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR), which provides expert close surveillance capabilities.

The possibility of a direct Syrian clash with US/UK forces and thus a Russian clash with US/UK forces is now becoming very real as the Syrian government does not seem ready to allow the US and UK to simply invade and occupy any more territory than they already have.
By now, it should be clear that the presence of the FSA in the Tanf area is nothing more than ruse designed to provide a tar baby for the Syrian military to fire upon – going under the guise of “moderate rebels” – which will then allow the West to scream that Syria is attacking moderates, violating agreements, and threatening American soldiers, and thus justify some type of U.S./U.K. reprisal.
Still, it appears that Syria and its Russian allies may be reaching the end of their patience with America’s arrogant invasions and chest thumping in Syria. The obvious strategy for the Syrian military is to lift the siege of Deir ez-Zour and retake Raqqa before America, Kurds, or America’s Kurdish terrorist forces are able to do so and thus begin choking the ability of terrorists to move back and forth, supply, and direct military efforts against the Syrian government. After the immediate goal is reached, the SAA will be tasked with surgically removing the cancer inflicted upon the country by the United States.
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4 thoughts on “The Uninvited US Military Drops Leaflets Warning Syrian Military Not to Advance, But Retreat”

  1. That’s a good one an uninvited, aggressor who sponsers terrorists, wants the sovereign country to leave them there, Assad, Putin, warn them once then Toast em!
    Make sure M,Cain is visiting 1st.

  2. Jewnited Snakes of Amerisrael love to play around with paper: if theyre not using it as money, or issuing bogus legal appropriations, theyre dropping it on their enemies to scare them… Thank israel for the free toilet paper and keeping fighting terrorism.

  3. “Scripted” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Thursday – June 1, 2017
    Many have asked me to report on Trump’s Paris Agreement pull out today. Which, while interesting, is not actually relevant because the USA can’t even leave the Paris Agreement until November 4, 2020.
    That’s exactly one day after the next Presidential election in 2020. And Trump’s chances of being politically relevant after June is suspect at best, let alone 3 years from now.
    Trump is toast. Burnt orange toast. But that lump of ugly toast is making brutally embarrassing decisions/press conferences nonetheless.
    And we are but RV collateral damage–the awakened few who know not to panic and yet can only sigh in silence with our advances knowledge.
    So everything Trump did today structurally is meaningless. But from a PR standpoint it’s more absolute chaos to fuel his raw ignorance fire.
    But isn’t this what Trump always does–upset everyone for no reason and ultimately accomplish nothing.
    So why drop the Paris Agreement pull out bomb today? And why did Comey announce he’s testifying in the Senate exactly a week later that will show Trump obstructed justice? And why we’re 10 subpoenas handed out today to move the Trump impeachment forward just an hour before DJT spoke in the Rose Garden?
    Because it’s all scripted folks. Drip by drip by drip. Everything. And everyone.
    The NPTB are syncing up Trump’s exit just as we are to enter the sovereign financial arena.
    It’s so obvious now. Embarrassingly so. Painful to those who know it’s all one big charade.
    Look the GCR has already happened. The RV has already happened. The resignation of Trump has already happened. ISIS and Daesh have already been defeated. Iraq and Syria are already liberated. Palestine and Israel have already come to peace terms.
    So what’s left? Yup… currency exchanges for T4 & T5 level citizens of the world. The liberation of humanity. Ho-hum historic stuff. Matters nobody but us even cares to know.
    This FACT is still mind boggling to me.
    Notice how today is June 1, 2017 (8). Notice how the market shot up the last two days over 21,000. Notice how the mass media is suddenly peppered with distracting news stories not focusing on financial matters. Notice how Trump’s international Paris Agreement news conference happened to go down heading into the first full weekend of June. Notice how Paul Ryan has dropped out of sight, fading into the background, waiting his turn to lead. Notice how Trump is the lead story on every national newscast and blog site… yet nothing changes but his spiraling approval ratings.
    It’s all scripted. And I mean all of it. Performed on cue to perfection.
    The contrast of what’s real and what’s really happening is absolutely astounding.
    Trump maybe the orange stain left on our Republic as we swap out governments, currencies and Supreme Court judges, but is there any question now that our largest sovereign competitors, and biggest debt holders, have full control over our nation’s fate?
    Trump just being President, even for a few months, demands that we stare directly into our past sins and beg for future mercy.
    This is why Russia is laughing. This is why China is laughing. This is why the whole world is laughing.
    America really screwed up over last century, letting cabal wolves into the political, judicial and military hen houses, and we’re the generation now being humiliated daily, on a global stage, so that it will never happen again.
    It would be funny if it weren’t so historically shameful.
    This while Quan Yin and the Chinese & African Elders quietly free the world and release their endless economic mercy safely. Humbly. Anonymously.
    It’s both the greatest and worst time to be an American. So heavenly miraculous yet earthly embarrassing. Polar opposites in June. Who knew?
    The Elders did. All along. And they scripted our transition, feeding it to us month by month, week by week, day by day, and now hour by hour.
    Our blessings truly now equal our burdens. But I suppose that’s just the new normal for an awakened life as a human angel.
    God is with us.

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