Iraqi Armed Group Will Be Targeting US Commandos Soon, Here’s why…

The battle for the recovery of Mosul against ISIS is winding down, but Iraq is not happy with the US assistance it is receiving, and some segments of the Iraqi forces are now contemplating on attacking the US forces that are already there in Iraq.
Here’s why…
While they are trying their best to eliminate the scourge of ISIS in Mosul, a US military aircraft was secretly transporting ISIS away from harm and into a new target, multiple Arab news outlets have reported.

Iraqi militia group says it will target US troops after it defeats ISIS

Paul Antonopoulos – 21/03/2017
BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:16 A.M.) – Jafar al-Hosseini, a spokesman and senior commander of Iraq’s Kata’ib Hezbollah militia group, has said that it will target US forces after ISIS are defeated if they do not leave Iraq.
“If the US forces refrain from leaving the Iraqi territories after annihilation of the ISIL terrorist group, the Islamic resistance of Iraq will target them,” al-Hosseini told the Islamic republic news agency on Tuesday.
He then went onto highlight how the US has protected and supported ISIS.
His remarks came after a senior Popular Mobilization Units commander disclosed that the US troops have helped ISIS chief commander Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi escape the western part of the city of Mosul in Northern Iraq, Fars News reported.
“The US forces have paved the way for ISIL [ISIS] leader (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) to flee from Western Mosul to al-Qayravan region,” the Arabic-language al-Sumeria TV quoted Javad al-Tayebavi as saying earlier this month.
“Our intelligence unit has confirmed that al-Baghdadi is moving between al-Qayravan and al-Hazar region in Southern Mosul,” he added.
Meanwhile, Kata’ib Hezbollah created a unit with the aim of liberating the occupied Golan Heights from Israel and return its sovereignty back to Syria, as reported by Al-Masdar News.
“After recent victories (in Syria), we have established the Golan Liberation Brigade,” al-Moussavi, the Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba movement’s spokesman, said at a press conference, as quoted by the Tasnim News Agency.
He added that “if the Syrian government requests, we are ready to take actions to liberate Golan.”

Several weeks ago, the US-backed Kurdish forces allowed the safe passage of ISIS militants out of Raqqa, to pave the way for US occupation of the city. This is part of the Plan B partitioning of Syria, after the Russian-led armed intervention successfully removed ISIS from the city of Aleppo.
The Trump administration has recently released a statement saying that Assad is preparing to launch a chemical attack again on his own people, which would give the United States “legitimate” reasons to attack the Syrian government again.
The New York Times itself declared that,
“Several military officials were caught off guard by the statement from President Trump’s press secretary…”

Some Pentagon officials are wary about the mind conditioning being done to prepare for another regime change war in the Middle East.

He got his intel from the Israeli psychopaths, whose only objective in life is to gain more territory than they will ever need.

It didn’t matter that Americans chose Trump over Clinton. But this planned US ground invasion in Syria will certainly break the camel’s back.
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3 thoughts on “Iraqi Armed Group Will Be Targeting US Commandos Soon, Here’s why…”

  1. Fantastic news, on the Road to Eliminating, the Jew Scourge, Golan Heights will be retuned to its rightful, owners, by INTERNATIONAL LAWS. After Nuttyahoo, tries to sell it to his JEW criminal friends Rotschild, & Murdoch..
    B,R,I,C,S & Peace ! Fantastic!

  2. “US military aircraft was secretly transporting ISIS away from harm and into a new target” – ive said many times, Usa is a crazed insane rabid dog roaming around looking for anyone to wage war with to take the edge off its own suffering. There is no hope put to put it down and then put down its master who is breeding this army of animals. They were made insane by their handler israel and jew traitors within their own congress. Soorcha faal and all theother religious nutjubs and fake alt-media are staging false circuses to rally ppl behind trump as an innocent victim of the media while covering up for his shameless and insane aggressions around the planet. All a mossad psyop – NOTHING in the media is true.
    Think: if the dems were truly serious about taking down president tramp they would be exposing his ties to ISRAEL and warmongering with russia/china/nk/germany or his illegeal bombing of syria 2 months in to his failed presidency. But they dont. They focus on a narrow band of russia hysteria or healthcare specifics. Showing that BOTH SIDES ARE CONTROLLED OPPOSITION BY MOSSAD FOR ISRAEL – even the “patriots/truthers” on social media – everyone from fox news and dailyfail to mark dice to bpearthwatch to roundsaturnseye even to wikileaks/JA whom are shamelessly circling the mossad barrell now jumping onto the cnn bandwagon and never mentioning israel. Their leaks were never revealing or sensitive, it was just news to the people and used for political purposes, and most of their support (ie for seth rich, reality winner etc) has proven to be a giant psyop to serve israel and their chosen guy trump.
    I woulndnt be surprised if a fake “chemical attack” gets framed on iraq instead while satanyahu is now suing palestinians over “attacks in israel” – the perpetriators suing the victims for daring to resist. All the while the people are kept satiated with the usual ‘cnn as whipping boy’ angle, or the standard multicultural/marxist rich vs poor angle in uk and europe..
    And as for the pedophilia, yes its institutional. All sex work is controlled by the FREEMASONS. Again ive said this ad nauseum. The jews control politics and money, freemasons as the second rung on the ladder, serve the jews by supporting thier “needs”. Ie the recently removed vatican pedo Cardinal George Pell said “he had come from a strongly pro-Jewish family” – coincidence that the child raping pedophile gangster globalist is a JEW connected to the P2 FREEMASONIC lodge? Remember Berlusconi and his rapist prostitute bunga bunga parties – is a P2 freemason.
    Notice how in the uk, the big fashion modelling shows are all done litearlly in the grand masonic lodge in london. And nobody bats an eyelid – being a sex slave is cool in multicultural cucked europe now. Also notice how all “models” on theinternet are always dressed in or surrounded by BLACK AND WHITE (the masonic checkerboard).
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    Also, as a side: freemasonry is a RELIGION, yet they refuse to classified as such, thus they can get away with hiding behind corporate or chairitable laws while having every trait of being a church (“lodge”).

    1. And every intel chip in nearly every computer on this planet is manufactured in Israel. They have got us traced already.

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