Priebus Out, Gen. Kelly In: Swamp Draining May Start Soon

You’re fired! The Donald just said this to Apprentice Reince Priebus, who was suspected of leaking White House secrets to the Deep State media and Congress. The latter’s replacement is Homeland Security Chief John Kelly, who is expected to start draining the swamp in earnest.

What this means is that, Trump is officially severing ties with the Republicans who rejected his Obama Repeal bill, rammed the anti-Russian sanctions on his desk, and keep him from fulfilling his campaign and inauguration commitments.
Add to this is both the Bannon and Kushner camps like Gen. Kelly.
Let’s see where this is all going then.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

8 thoughts on “Priebus Out, Gen. Kelly In: Swamp Draining May Start Soon”

  1. The complexity of the situation in DC is mind numbing. While I see positive changes happening, I also see the big names still avoiding the law. I sincerely hope that this country returns to the original Constitution and DC regains the respect of the populace. However, having researched the depths of control the Shadow Government has, I keep having a feeling that all sides are ultimately being controlled by the same people behind the scenes. I never thought I would see this here, and worse yet see how brainwashed the general public is. When I talk to others almost every single person throws up their hands in defeat within a few minutes, stating “what can we do about it?” This defeatist attitude is a large part of the problem. Thanks Geopolitics for continuing to provide great informative news. I have spread your website link all over the Internet the past few years.

  2. He’ll do anything BUT draining this so-called swamp. The Lord won’t let him.
    University of Massachusetts, Boston (BA)
    Georgetown University (MA)
    National Defense University (MS)
    One world educated, spreading the “Global War on Terror”.
    Dis-unite the states.

  3. GOVERNMENT/ Religion…Is the “Swamp” and use their old tried and true method of mind control via “Problem-Reaction-Solution” to confuse the “Sheeple”…Expecting THEM to clean a swamp is like trusting a Fox to protect the chickens in a hen house!

  4. When one “Remembers” What resides IN a Swamp WHO in their right mind would want to live there in the first place?

  5. To drain the swamp Trump needs to get rid of that born again idiot Mike Pence
    All Pence wants to talk about is Israel pronounced Isreel
    The Israelis are not the descendants of Abraham
    Abraham was an Arab
    They have not gone home
    They do not belong on Palestine
    Refer: Ilam Pappe and Shlomo Sand
    This whole mess has to be sorted

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