Spineless Trump Signs, then Complains about Congressional Sanctions vs. Russia, et al

Trump knows that the latest set of sanctions against Russia, et al, is useless, and may backfire at most, yet he still signed his name into it. That only proves that he is not the type of leader that the US war veterans were expecting him to be, and this singular event will characterize the entire administration for the whole 4-year term.
Politico said,

President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed a bipartisan bill placing new sanctions on Russia — but in a statement, he claimed multiple aspects of the legislation violate the Constitution.
The sanctions, aimed at punishing Russia for its interference in the 2016 election, limit the president’s power to lift the sanctions without congressional approval and were initially resisted by the administration.
In one of two statements released almost simultaneously Wednesday morning by the White House, Trump said he supports the law’s efforts to crack down on the actions of Iran, North Korea and Russia. But the White House protested what it sees as congressional encroachment on the president’s power in foreign affairs.
“In its haste to pass this legislation, the Congress included a number of clearly unconstitutional provisions,” Trump said in one statement. “My Administration particularly expects the Congress to refrain from using this flawed bill to hinder our important work with European allies to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, and from using it to hinder our efforts to address any unintended consequences it may have for American businesses, our friends, or our allies.”

John McCain retorted,

While we can assume that indeed, there’s a war between Trump and Deep State Congress, but what if this is all by design, i.e. a system feature whereby the US president is insulated, or has full deniability, from whatever  the “representatives of the people” so desire in order to punish Russia, and all other enemies of the US?
Nevertheless, this does not remove the fact that Trump is not capable of going against Congress when the latter is wrong. But he can always complain as if he is just another man on the street.

In an article that will appear in Monday’s edition of Sports Illustrated, Golf Magazine reported this week, the president told some members of Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, before a recent round of golf that he frequents the club because “that White House is a real dump.”
The president’s reported comments were amplified by other media outlets that seized on that portion of Golf Magazine’s article. Trump, however, disputed the reporting, as he often does.
“I love the White House, one of the most beautiful buildings (homes) I have ever seen,” Trump tweeted. “But Fake News said I called it a dump – TOTALLY UNTRUE.”

Swamp or dump, they are all true, Mr. Trump. So, if you have no conviction for whatever you believe in, then you are just the same as any other of your countrymen, who are still stuck at your “Make America Great Again” speech.
Changing America requires real hard work, and taking risks, which seems nobody is willing and able to do it. At most, all they can do is identify the culprit, but are not willing to put themselves on the front lines. While the rest are just high in fluoride, and aluminum, they think everything is alright and perfect in America.
If Trump will continue to be subservient to the US Congress, and other Deep State agencies, then the Crown’s objective to destroy Protestant America has come.
Russia, in the meantime, considers the latest sanctions as a full pledged economic war against the federation.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

10 thoughts on “Spineless Trump Signs, then Complains about Congressional Sanctions vs. Russia, et al”

  1. Lmao you tards at CG, SOTN, Sorcha Fail etc were PRAISING trump before the elections, now youre acting like you knew all along he’d betray you. Lmao. Ive told you since day he’s a zionist puppet like EVERYONE is becuase theyre all FREEMASONS. His whole empire is FRAUD. JEWS control the “trump” real estate business. And all these jews are FREEMASONS. If freemasonry still exists, then corrupt government will still exist. When will u tards realize that ALL government is evil. Yes, even russia and youre beloved china. Only DECENTRALISATION like stateless blockchains provide any true hope for humanitys freedom, not trying to reform government like simply rearranging a rubix cube. So stop trying to cater to veterans bc this worship of veterans is total nonsense. More fake patriotism. Nobody should be joining the miltiary or paying taxes as it just feeds the gvnt system. And veterans specifically joined simply to take orders and get a paycheck bc theyre not the brightest bulbs in the box, not bc they had some great motive to serve humanity. Get real u tards.
    But once again, you wont publish this bc youre a defender of freemasonry, gvnt, and censorship/hypocrisy that cant handle the cold hard TRUTH.

  2. Yes, the action is distressing, since there is no verification of “Russians” having interfered with the 2016 US Presidential election.
    The available evidence reflects collusion between Hitlary Clinton and Russian business persons, in which president Trump was NOT involved. The collusion of H. Clinton (Clinton Foundation) with russian business men was not known by American voters, thus, had no influence on the vote.

  3. Growing up in Jersey in the late 50′ and 60’s I have always looked at what the Donald was doing as a guide for myself preparing for my role in economics and my own pursuit of money making for my family and the businesses I would soon create once I moved to California. I knew the hype of the elections was going to turn out to be the business as usual once he was placed in office by the Rothchildes who control the earth! Every person I speak with in the streets does not hate nor have anything against Russians or Putin at all. The people who do however are our government rulers under the control of the jewish lobbies and corporations who dictate on a daily basis how , what, where, and when we are to believe in our short controlled lives as the slaves of the jewish masters tell us, instead as a free society with a choice and voice in our personal decisions in life. I knew would fold and go against much of what he promised in the election and that’s why I am not shocked. He better obey the jews or face a JFK ride through Dallas !

  4. WHEN?…Will people WAKE-Up to the FACT that you cannot expect the very people that CAUSE ALL the world’s problem to FIX the same problems??? Trump IS one of the problems…Thus cannot do a damn thing about ANYTHING! (Laugh!!!)…OH!…Except obey Zionist orders! (Laugh!!!)

  5. Today there are over 4200 religions all created by the satanic vatican…most used to start wars as none agree in principle.
    INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “Prison Planet” 8/5/17
    Subject: Current Intel 8/5/17
    Long ago ‘Advanced Creatures’ came to our planet and created systems of enslavement for their benefit.
    The Capitalist / Corporate De Facto slave system is one example.
    War…Bankruptcy…Nepotism…Poverty…Secret Technology and Hidden Agendas are now being seen as part of this intentional facade…that protects a small number of corrupt elite (who take advantage of mankind’s ignorance & apathy) for their own benefit.
    There is a new paradigm occurring (GESARA) with true freedom and sovereignty for all global nations.
    Most ‘mainstream news’ about the Presidency…War…Poverty…Religion and Political Views are just ‘a distraction’ while these projects are nearing completion.
    Over 100 investigations are ongoing of those who tried to bring socialism into the U.S.
    The old system and it’s minions are being eradicated quietly (behind the scenes) for the benefit of all humanity.
    ‘Secret Hit Squads’ have begun ‘active operations’ now to eradicate surface bad guys. (deep state / cabal)
    There are 3-Main Teams…5-Auxiliary Teams and 6-Support Teams.
    All Assassins & Deception Experts. (Spooks)
    During the current recess in Congress many will receive ultimatums regarding their status and activities.
    Failure to comply is not an option.
    The stench from the underground tunnels after the extermination operations last week was so vile that many forces were sickened.
    Some Extraterrestrials give off a pungent odor that is very repulsive to humans.
    The United States…Russia…China…India and Great Britain have been secretly working together to end all wars. (GESARA law)
    In the near future our military will withdraw from overseas bases and relegate their activities mostly to the home front. (800+ U.S. bases worldwide)
    Long before the Roman Empire there was a meeting held in Tehran, Iran where participants decided that Islam, Christianity and other religions would be structured so that they would be at odds with each other.
    Investigators found documents of ancient treaties and agreements to that effect.
    Today there are over 4200 religions all created by the satanic vatican…most used to start wars as none agree in principle.
    Each group thinks they are the only ones going to heaven…they are right and all the rest are wrong. (going to hell which does not exist)
    Hell is a fictional fabrication by the vatican…using ‘fear of death’ to control people. (fear is the lack of understanding)
    There is no death…as we are immortal spiritual beings. (you can’t kill spirit)
    We have been stuck in a cycle (26,500 years) of reincarnation by these Alien Creatures who took over the earth long ago. (this really is a prison planet)
    This is why nobody could ascend from earth 3D. (this will now change)
    Investigators are now finding that it is the district level in the American court system that is very corrupt beyond what was initially thought.
    Some ‘Contract Administrators’ (Judges) have already fled.
    The Extraterrestrial involvement in the workings of earth and the ‘Secret Space Program’ will eventually be revealed to the public.
    Some of it is being done on ‘Ancient Aliens’ and other programs currently being broadcast.
    When the ‘New Technology’ and ‘Discoveries’ are announced…be aware that the bad guys have had it for decades and used it for themselves. (not intended for us)

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