'The Trump Presidency that We fought for and Won is over' | Steve Bannon

That’s the final verdict from resigned Chief Strategist Steve Bannon for what remains of the Trump administration. From here onwards, the Trump government would be a moderate, or a centrist, one that is controlled by the Republicans.

Bannon: ‘The Trump Presidency That We Fought For, and Won, Is Over.’

Departed White House strategist speaks to THE WEEKLY STANDARD.
6:18 PM, Aug 18, 2017 | By Peter J. Boyer
The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over,” Bannon said Friday, shortly after confirming his departure. “We still have a huge movement, and we will make something of this Trump presidency. But that presidency is over. It’ll be something else. And there’ll be all kinds of fights, and there’ll be good days and bad days, but that presidency is over.”
Although his influence with the president waxed and waned, Bannon’s standing in the Trump circle was always precarious. Among the senior advisers competing with Bannon in trying to shape Trump’s agenda, and his tone, were the president’s daughter, Ivanka, and son-in-law, Jared. Bannon pointedly voiced criticism of those in the president’s sphere whom he considered to be globalists, or liberals (or both), and the president himself plainly bristled over the early attention that Bannon got from the press (including a Time magazine cover, which is said to have particularly irked Trump).
Bannon says that his departure was voluntary, and that he’d planned it to coincide with the one-year anniversary of his joining the Trump campaign as chief executive, on August 14, 2016.
“On August 7th, I talked to [Chief of Staff John] Kelly and to the President, and I told them that my resignation would be effective the following Monday, on the 14th,” he said. “I’d always planned on spending one year. General Kelly has brought in a great new system, but I said it would be best. I want to get back to Breitbart.”
Bannon may have resigned, but it was clear from the time that Kelly became chief of staff that Bannon’s remaining time in the West Wing was going to be short… One of those, with whom Kelly is deeply in sympathy, is National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster, who clashed forcefully with Bannon over such policies as strategy for the war in Afghanistan.

No more beautiful border wall facing Mexico. Bannon’s resignation, therefore, was good news for the immigrants, but the latter and all US citizens still have to deal with the usual Goldman globalists deeply embedded in Trump’s White House.
One should ask, was the whole electoral exercise in 2016, just another ruse to pacify the so-called nationalists who were about to explode from the sheer frustration of the 8-year Obama Goldman Sachs reign?
Of course it is, and that’s because every one of you still want to be governed. It’s not for a slave to question the behavior of its master. That’s the underlying mindset that is prevalent among these filthy DC swamp creatures.
What the Trump administration would look like in the coming days would be gauged from the debt ceiling negotiation. The US Congress has been kicking the can by raising the amount it could borrow for decades. Who would lend the US this time around? Would it still be China?
Is that the reason why Trump opens the door to investigating China’s ‘theft’ of U.S. intellectual property, to extract concessions in the form of budgetary bailout?
If that’s the case, there’s a big possibility that it could backfire.

China warns Trump of trade war if he orders tech theft probe

Last Updated Aug 14, 2017 4:59 AM EDT
BEIJING — A Chinese state newspaper warned Monday that President Trump “could trigger a trade war” if he goes ahead with plans to launch an investigation of whether China is stealing U.S. technology.
In a commentary by a researcher at a Commerce Ministry think tank, the China Daily said Mr. Trump’s possible decision to launch an investigation, which an official says he will announce Monday, could “intensify tensions,” especially over intellectual property, and “poison the overall China-US relationship.”
The official told reporters Saturday the president would order his trade office to look into whether to launch an investigation under Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 of possible Chinese theft of U.S. technology and intellectual property.
Mr. Trump is expected to sign an executive order Monday asking his trade office to consider the probe. In the midst of a 17-day vacation, he plans to leave his New Jersey golf club and return to Washington to sign the order.
There is no deadline for deciding if any investigation is necessary. Such an investigation easily could last a year.

That’s the scenario that Trump is in right now, and the Goldman Sachs operatives are already stoking the stock markets down by raising the probability of a government shutdown next month to 50%.
That’s how the Deep State controls a sitting president who has not enough balls to dangle around.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

10 thoughts on “'The Trump Presidency that We fought for and Won is over' | Steve Bannon”

  1. WHEN??? Will people wake up to the FACT, that we cannot expect changes from the very people that CAUSE the problems in the first place…GOVERNMENTS & RELIGION!
    Trump was “Compromised” from the beginning, so HOW can one expect him to change ANYTHING?
    Look at all the mayhem various governments around the world are doing with all the FEAR tactics they are using to HIDE the mess they have made financially…Race division tactics…Religion division tactics (Muslims vs Christians) Class divisions…STAGED Events almost once a week to confuse the sheeple!
    And we expect THEM the FIX things???

    1. You spoke from my heart. Looks like everyone will have to feel personal pain to make a move. What a terrible, sick mess they imposed on us… We actually let them do it, by silent consent.

      1. TRUE, that is for SOME Beings here because they were “Programmed” by the system to be “Forgetful” of Who They Are…Fortunately MOST beings will be assisted to make the cut…NOT so for the “Dark-Ones”…THEY will be REMOVED Forever.
        Its just sad to see so many “Deceived” ones at this time that are suffering by the system.

  2. Pure evil surrounds our every movements. With the lies and deceit of every nation one wonders exactly how this will end. If we do not do anything, then will the entire population of this planet be annihilated by use of chemical or biological warfare – will we have “The Hunger Games” in reality?
    Would we want this and do we have a choice?

  3. bannon didnt resign – he was fired TWO WEEKS AGO. And bannon has always been an ardent supporter of ISRAEL. That alone disqualifies any credibility. He’s just another aggressive alt-righter shill like stephan molyneaux and alex JEWnes. Kushner is next in line to be fired, and thats a good thing. Kushner too is a hidden globalist israeli mossad stooge.
    “No more beautiful border wall facing Mexico. “ – You mean a wall like ISRAEL has and whose idea it came from and who most likely would be run by zionist jews that will no doubt have “terrorist” attacks commited to it by “failure in security” just like the twin towers and fukushima were run by JEWISH/ISRAELI security firms? You mean a wall that would be funded by taxes and be a giant blackhole that would further destroy the countrys finances while enriching a few corrupt sycophants?
    And you blame all this on the “immigrants” instead of the ((real)) culprit??
    And funny that you were promoting Trump, then gradually turned and are now acting like you knew all along. LMAO. You intel agents are too proud and brainwashed to see your own hand. Youre just another intel agent that doesnt have a clue. More information than common sense, while using inflammatory zionist rhetoric against those that question you like calling them “armchair warriors” (im using quotes from the other websites in your network all run by the same ppl which i know your behind).
    “that’s because every one of you still want to be governed” – so youre admitting youre trying to start chaos on the streets? Especially after youve been promoting gvnt reform and the giant ‘BRICS’ government?? Proof of another failure in foresight that you dont have a CLUE.
    ….And youre defense of china is wayy out of line. they HAVE been stealing US technology to enrich themselves for decades. China is no miracle or beacon, they simply STOLE the american factories and middle class and used its profits to control the us economy via all the gvnt bonds it bought up. Thats not progress, thats economic TRANSFER. Id like to see china do what it did WITHOUT the technology or factories it stole from the us and europe. The fact that china is getting defensive and retaliatory in response shows it has much to hide and doesnt want this truth to come out to take the rug from the zionist/masonic alt-media.

    1. @Karl
      Looks like some else has NOT been fooled into believing that the BRICS alliance is an angel to rescue us. Thanks Karl!
      I look forward to the day when MONEY becomes redundant as a tool for the bankoholics to control us!
      Donald CHUMP (Trump)was a fraud from the get go…That explains WHY his picture was on the cover of the “Economist magazine”…He was always PART of the problem with this country.
      When we get WISE to the so-called “Jews” that control this country, we will SEE REAL changes.

      1. THE TWO NWOs
        The key to understanding the globalists’ strategy in implementing the New World Order is to understand that there are actually two NWOs: a Western-fronted decoy New World Order and a BRICS-fronted real New World Order. Once you understand how and why the globalists created them and played them against each other, all of the confusing information floating about the mainstream and alternative media will start making sense.—-more here http://redefininggod.com/understanding-the-nwo-strategy/

  4. @Karl
    You must understand the rational of Larken Rose’s reasoning about “The Myth of Authority” and WHY Government & Religion are two peas in a pod (Mind control)
    Thanks for the intro site “Redefining God”… Excellent description of HOW the trickery of the so-called elites are trying to “Seduce” mankind into the so-called “Real NWO”
    Its really nothing more than the old “Problem-Reaction-Solution” BS painted with another color!

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