16th 9/11 Anniversary Celebrates the Neocons' Comeback to the White House

Yes, that’s essentially true. The neocons which brought the Americans into the endless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are back in the White House! This revelation comes from the former Trump strategist Steve Bannon himself.

“The Breitbart News executive chairman clashed in the White House with national security adviser H.R. McMaster, who represented the foreign policy views of the Bush foreign policy establishment. Bannon’s absence in the White House was almost immediately felt when Trump’s first speech without Bannon as his chief strategist, which was about increasing America’s involvement in Afghanistan, was heralded as a “classic neocon speech,” with some fanboys even saying that neocon Paul Wolfowitz is now president.”

In short, America is not only caught up in the age old Left and Right paradigm still, but the war criminals themselves, who were responsible for the deaths of at least 2,996 Americans when the World Trade Center towers were purposely brought down, have not been brought to justice yet.
More deaths due to cancer from toxic chemical exposure remain unacknowledged to this day.
A lot of those who voted for Trump are still expecting that he can do the job he set himself up during the campaign. But all of those rhetorics may just be for winning the 2016 election.
Another related Breitbart article says,

Bannon said his belief in how much economic nationalism can unite Americans of all races and backgrounds was why he told President Donald Trump that he thought he was going to win the election after the Access Hollywood tape was released. Some of Trump’s advisers thought he had no chance and even urged Trump to drop out of the race. The Breitbart News executive chairman, though, said he told Trump he had a “100%” chance to win the election if he just doubled down on the economic nationalist message.
“That’s why I told him, ‘Double down,’ every time [on the economic nationalism message],’ Bannon recalled. “And on that day that’s the first time and only time he ever got upset with me. He goes, ‘Come on, it’s not 100%.” I go, ‘It’s absolutely 100%.’ And I told him why. They don’t care [about locker-room talk].”
In the end, Bannon was right, as Trump shocked the world and the political elites on election night, as his economic nationalism message galvanized Americans who had not voted in presidential elections because they just got sick and tired of voting for candidates who only appealed to the 3.8%.

So, far all legal efforts to seek redress for 911 attacks have been shunted by the US authorities themselves.

“The Attorney General of New York, who had the ability and legal right to go and investigate — did nothing (to investigate the role of the US government in the attack.)” – Mike Berger, 9/11 Truth spokesman

Until the crowd realize that they are far more powerful than the rabble-rousers, they will never be free.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

5 thoughts on “16th 9/11 Anniversary Celebrates the Neocons' Comeback to the White House”

    1. In this article there is talk about more financial control – what he is hoping to do is bringing in a cashless society under the pretence of thwarting terrorism. If it is the banks/rothchilds etc behind all of these attacks then it will make no difference but to only imprison us further.

  1. “Raze Your Gaze” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – September 11, 2017
    Imagine the USD turning off. Just off, off. Suddenly.
    No liquidity to function. Anywhere in the world where the USD is exchanged.
    No nation on the new financial system will even recognizes it soon.
    Ask Bitcoin how being a bogus currency feels in China.
    Businesses will freeze. Supply chains will halt. Public transportation will stops. Governments will shut down even though they claim they are open.
    Just like that.
    A military take over plan is then put into play. Now has it been authorized to begin, 100% yes.
    On a specific day, at a specific time, without notice — right here in the good old US of A.
    Don’t think such a thing can happen on precious American soil?
    Think again.
    It’s wise to raze your gaze because it’s coming folks. Fast. In fact, it’s already begun wink wink.
    The war ends in September. Consider yourselves all forewarned.
    God is with us

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