Catalan President Chickened Out; Catalans Outraged

Catalans have risked their lives during the referendum days ago to express their collective desiresfor self-determination. But just as they are getting ready to celebrate their victory at the ballot box, its own president bowed down to enormous pressure from the Spanish government.

The people are right, freedom has been postponed for so many times.
It’s time to press on hard now, or never. Power is never given, but taken.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

12 thoughts on “Catalan President Chickened Out; Catalans Outraged”

  1. Honestly, what is this crap? Is this supposed to be an analysis of the situation? Because it contains no information other than void propaganda claims and shows a complete lack of understanding of the situation. I am sure your readers will appreciate some more serious contents in your blog, regardless of the position you take in the conflict.

  2. Tsipiras must be so relieved. There is a new poster boy for cowardice now. I’ve lost respect for the Euro-pee-ons. Really, how does one make sense of their choices??
    Merkel, Macron, Rajoy, May and all the unelected sick fukcs in Brussels. What the fuck is wrong with these people??
    Its a tragedy really. Whatever the joomanjis did to these once proud people, I’m not sure anymore, it’s like they’re under some kind of a very powerful Talmudic spell.

    1. Yes it is called too much of the good life. We in Europe do not give a flying ‘F’ just as long as oil is supplied and all our favourite chocolates etc.
      I agree with you, totally disappointing – perhaps it was something that was slipped into his back pocket.

      1. Ain’t life a motherfucker when you know the truth? Same with Japanese and S.Koreans, these people would eat rocks if their governments told them to. Only thing they cared about are their stupid stocks and interest rates. Fucking Japan bitching about DPRK when they still can’t even find Fukushima’s missing cores, coriums, spent fuels and whatnots. Nips will kill the entire planet to ‘save face’.
        The worst part is when you realize that the only thing you can really do is watch in horror as shit unfolds.

  3. i am highly suspicous of this catalan ref. It has israel written all over it jsut like the kurdish “independence” and the US border wall initiative.
    My hunch is that jews want catalan indepdendence simply to take control of the barcelona, as it is the biggest ecnomica area in spain, and even the whole of europe. Israel needs the money now that jewmerica is running low on funds and simply cant afford to send 10million PER DAY to a first world terrorist state.
    I challenege anyone to prove me wrong or actually explain to me IN DETAIL, FROM BEGINNING TO END, what cataln vote was even about.
    Simply saying “they wanted independence” doesnt count/mean anything…Some ppl on twitter replied 2 me saying its bc they want to stop giving spain a cut of its busuiness, but then spain could easily de-volve political issues like birtain did to scotland while still retaining good ties and some economic relations. While others say its bc catalans are a race of ppl that were sick of being persecuted by franco’s regime, but again, that doesnt hold water.
    This catalan ref has also made me highly suspicous of julian assange and wikileaks. Are they mossad? Bc out of nowhere they went from their usual hacking leaks to mounting a full frontal mobilisation, using the typical jewish “we’re being persecuted!” tactic, when there is evidence that says otherwise. They didnt even put this much effort into supporting brexit or sweden, and Assange lives in britain and had charges by sweden!
    The whole thing is very suspicuous to me and needs explaining….

    1. PS. On top of that, Assange, at the same time, made absolutely NO fuss over merkels reelection (much to the dismay of the planet) nor to macrons election which was blatantly rigged by a rotshchidl banker/puppet.
      So again to conclude: catalan vote is suspicious, and I think wikileaks and assange have exposed their bias during these events…

    2. Weird though that Britain announced that they recognise Catalan as an independent country – well what happened to Scotland etc – they have devolved but that means nothing when there is no control of your own resources and how you spend it.

  4. “The consolidation of the states into one vast empire, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of ruin which has overwhelmed all that preceded it.”
    – Robert E. Lee

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