You leave my country in 24 hours | Duterte told EU Ambassadors

After the Human Rights Watch Advocacy director John Fisher warned over the weekend that the Philippines might be removed from the UN Human Rights Council because Manila is “seeking to evade its international responsibilities” by rejecting recommendations to improve the human rights situation in the Philippines, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte unleashed an ultimatum for all EU ambassadors to leave the country.
“Now the ambassadors of those countries listening now: tell me because we can have the diplomatic channel cut tomorrow. You leave my country in 24 hours. All of you. You must have taken the Filipino for granted,” an angry Duterte said in his speech in Malacañan.
“Do not come to this country again, we do not need you. You want to expel us? You try,” he added.
Meanwhile, European parliamentarians early this week visited the country and cautioned that the Philippines risks losing the General System of Preference (GSP+)—a preferential trade deal that allows 6,200 of its products to enter the EU duty free—if it fails to immediately stop the killings and supposed political persecution of critics.
But Duterte was unfazed by the EU parliamentarians’ warning as he slammed Europe anew for supposedly interfering in Manila’s domestic affairs.
He also said the Philippines could let go any trade perks that EU has granted, adding that Southeast Asian countries and China could forge a free-trade agreement.
“You are interfering in our affairs kasi mahirap lang kami (because we are poor). Magbigay kayo ng pera (You give assistance) then you start to orchestrate what things should be done and which should not happen in my country,” Duterte said.
“You bullshit. We are past the colonization stage. Don’t fuck with us. We ASEAN members can export to each other. We could also have tariff-free [trade],” he added.

While the EU interventionists were busy diverting attention from their own handicap and bankruptcy, legitimate think tanks are providing various fora for the Philippine foreign ministry to tell the world about what’s really going on inside the country.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

12 thoughts on “You leave my country in 24 hours | Duterte told EU Ambassadors”

  1. Man I love this Guy, UN fail to do any good, about Israels nuclear programme & genocide of Palestinians, & illegal occupation, yet pick on Philippines cause they stand upto Rothschilds UN, Then Eu attack him what does he say ? F^&K OFF Love it. Go make your bank National Duterte!

  2. f-ck the communist EU tyrants.
    and f-ck the n-ggers and pak-s that have invaded europe and are now treating it like their own country/culture/buffet.

    1. The Pakistani’s, Indians and Blacks that you so crudely call naggers you refer to were sent here to combat the Germans and Italians as well as help break up the Ottoman Empire during the so called “great wars”. They helped save the Queens arse.
      Now maybe we should not have done that and perhaps we would not have a royal family then hey.

  3. Yes nationalise the banking system their and trade with Africa, trade with Asia – enough of the hypocrisy from the west and Europe. What is going on in the middle east and parts of Africa are directly to do with the meddling of affairs by the west and Europe.
    Many more leaders should follow this guys example.

  4. Just yesterday, Duterte officially terminated the Philippine National Police’s ‘Oplan Tokhang’ i.e. the war on drugs. Why? Because the pig-insect cops have been caught red handed time and time again of planting evidence, abusing their authority, and you guessed it, dealing drugs. When Duterte launched the war on drugs, I honestly thought he’s gonna clean house and I would have been extremely happy if dead cops litter the streets of Manila, everyday. Sadly, this is not the case. Its them, the cops are the ones who failed Duterte. Its not EU, its not the human rights activists, its not the media. Its the cops, the stupid police are just too fucking corrupt.
    The three biggest crime syndicates in Philippines are Congress (upper & lower), the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), and the Philippine National Police (PNP).
    Always is, always will be.
    I’ve lost my faith in Duterte, I don’t think he’s a bad person though. Its just that the government is just too fucking corrupt. Its fucking corrupt to the bones. And you won’t hear him talking about the country’s banking system because as he say, finance is not his forte. So he’s relegated all power and authority to his childhood friend Carlos Dominguez – Chairman of Department of Finance, sadly the fat fuck is an NWO piece of shit.

  5. GREAT!!! HOORAY!!! The world is starting to awakened to Zionist/Khazarian FAKE JEW control grid (USA included!)…WAIT till they find out that this planet’s ENTIRE History has been high-jacked by the FAKE JEWS…The REAL Ewes(Jews) are the BLACK Races…Who’s actually the historic ISRAELITES!!!
    WATCH this: “Out of Darkness”

  6. I agree with Duterte on everything except for his bigilante tratment of drug users. Drugs should always be a health issue not a criminal one. Considering Big haram are the biggest pushers going the only solution is to totally legalise all drugs – remove the blacl market and increase consumer awareness via Erowid and Psychonautwi. THere will always be drug users as it’s the fastest way to Moksha/Samadhi/Nirvana/Bliss/Gnosis/Enlightenment etc

    1. There will always be users because there will always be idiots. If ain’t weed, coke, or meth, they’re gonna find something else to sniff inject and get high on. Its what idiots do. I agree that the only solution is to legalize all drugs and let the idiots sniff as much as they want ’till brains pop out. Don’t do anything, don’t treat them, don’t save them and let mother nature do her work. And in less that a decade, there will be a lot less stupid low IQ subhuman rejects on the planet.

      1. Drug addicts do resort to heavy crime to support their addiction and live for the next fix only. They need to be stopped NOT by legalized drugs but by force, cold turkey isolation and, when the gnawing stops, education, AA, acupuncture, biofield medicine i.e. Reiki, Reconnective Healing, prayer, Cranio sacral Therapy, etc… whatever helps with a healthy mind reprogramming that would lead the people to integrate themselves in society where they may actually end up being of service to society instead of a burden.
        Human traffickers use heavy addictive drugs to enslave their victims and lack total compassion and need to be stopped not by reason, not by legalizing drugs but by force. So do the pushers. And so do the Big Powers behind the crimes.
        President Duterte used what was needed at a time when the Filipino society was being thrown into chaos by crime, corruption in every echelon of the government; and to think that the Deep State of the US and EU dare criticize him is unconscionable… unless those snakes’ pockets are suffering in the process.
        There’s a reason why 80% of the Filipino population voted for President Duterte. Those are the people who love their country and are tired of seeing their loved ones spiraling down to the bottom of the abyss.
        Finally, someone with common sense and compassion for his country is doing what is necessary despite being surrounded by a bunch of corrupt Goliath’s.
        My prayers go to him and to his great people.
        Nick Marini / credentials can be used.

  7. Are the days of Western BIGOTED dominance ending?
    Duterte, you are a BRAVE man.
    May you be completely successful for the Philippine people

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